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Double static reactor
Sebastjan Fis - Tue March 22nd Sv. Peter/Slovenia
Category: Health

Double static reactor

I made a double static reactor in the shape of a sphere which balances the energies in the body. It calms and helps us find inner balance despite people’s external influences and stress. It protects us from evil forces by promoting love and joy to ourselves and within ourselves. Thus, despite habits and beliefs, we love each other more easily, and when we love each other, we are more receptive to ourselves, to our appearance, and to other people.
In the case of physical injuries, such as nerve compression or bone displacement, the flow of energy in the body is stopped and pain on the cheek of the injury and beyond. We place the ball on the injury and it acts as a bridge, helping to transfer the stopped energy until we manage to get to the chiropractor to put our bones in place and restore normal energy flow.

In case of removal of blockages; during meditation or other relaxation procedures, it is placed or moved around the chakras as desired. It helps us release blockages. Where it hurts means there is something wrong. This is how we can ask ourselves questions so that we can solve problems and release the passage of energy. Blockages can only be mental due to beliefs, bad thoughts towards yourself or others, they can be due to habits that are not in line with us or even actions.

The dual static reactor consists of a combination of basic GANSs. GANS is a nano-state gas, but it is actually an open plasma. Simply put, GANS are atoms of a chemical element, completely unbound, making them very free, active, and susceptible to the environment in the magnetic-gravitational energy scattered within it. In a way, they have similar properties to noble gases, but they represent what we can define as a new state of matter. Every bit of GANS is a little sunshine that shines and has infinite energy.

Basically, all GANSs create a plasma field that interacts with our body’s energy field and helps our body (energy / emotional / mental / physical) balance and heal various problems and imbalances.

The reactor uses two aggregate states of the four main GANS and nano GANS:
• CO2 GANS will heal and balance our blood system and emotional body, relax and reduce stress and tension, improve oxygen levels and overall energy levels. It activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system.

• ZnO GANS (due to the large amount of zinc) will accelerate the healing process and will also work at the cellular level. Zinc is a key ingredient in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in wound healing.

• CuO GANS will heal and balance the lymphatic system and the physical body in general, affecting muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves, and copper acts as a disinfectant.

• CH3 GANS gives the body energy, CH3 GANS plasma water is nutritious and will fill the body with energy. Hydrogen energy plasma water CH3 GANS becomes food for the body when plasma is transferred to the molecules of living body cells. CH3 GANS will balance the nervous system and balance and increase energy flow.

The inner sphere contains: CH3 in liquid, solid and nano form and the amino acids CH3-Fe and CH3-CO2. A little hard ZnO 80% CO2 20%. A little hard CuO. Water.
The outer sphere contains: CuO in liquid solid and nano form and amino acids. A little CH3 in solid form. A little more three ZnO 80% CO2 20%. Water.
The outer and inner spheres are nano coated.

Such a combination of GANSs in spheres allows for plasma interaction and interaction between different masses. After all, the characteristic of plasma is that the stronger one always feeds the weaker one. Reactor us and we him. He gives us what we need and takes from us what we don't need. We need to be aware that the Reactor is a living being. The more we accept, love and respect him, the more he will give it back to us. Interaction is important, because it is this interaction that helps us.

Stylo de soins (Pain Pen)
Galmiche - Sun March 20th Marignac-en-diois
Category: Health

Fonctionne parfaitement merci de tout mon coeur.Monsieur Keshe est un héro.Merci.

Works perfectly thank you with all my heart. Mr. Keshe is a hero. Thank you.

Keshe Health Unit Therapies.
Theodor Spyriadis - Fri January 14th Thessaloniki , Greece
Category: Health

Here in Greece in Thessaloniki, a Keshe Health Unit that I built for a therapist from April 2021 until now, where timid and selected patients performed treatments with amazing results, I am happy that you are treating people without drugs, I present some testimonies.

Alexandra MAVROMATIDOU, parasites after plasma treatment 4 times removed the parasites from the ear and nose.

Andreoglou Aphrodite, had hemangiomas in the liver from a young age, now 50 years after regular treatment and in regular ultrasound and computed tomography examination was not found.

Theodosia Papatheodosiou Parathyroidism with many side effects throughout the body, kidney removal, and deformity of many bones and the spine,, was in a wheelchair permanently, now walks in the house feels better, began to menstruate. We are in the process of treatment. Its thyroid values ​​dropped from 3500 units to 500

Sakis Papanatsios. Physiotherapist .. 12 years ago he had a stroke that left him with mobility problems after 8 sessions in the unit with a health helmet he got the feeling in the limbs and moves his legs and arms much better.

Kizaki Nikoleta. Chronic Inflammation in the Achilles tendon after 4 sessions the inflammation was eliminated and it no longer hurts.

Plasma water of food
Sebastjan Fis - Thu January 13th Sv. Peter/Slovenia
Category: Health

How I slowly get used to plasma water food. When cooking, I add another ml of plasma water to the ingredients I used for cooking.
After such food, of course with awareness, I am satiated for more time. This makes it easier for me to give up material food over time.
Cooked food, I indulge and share with all the inhabitants of the earth who have no food.

Plasma water bath
Sebastjan Fis - Thu January 13th Sv. Peter/Slovenia
Category: Health

Because of various ugly habits such as smoking, alcohol, watching television, and following mental habits that are not in tune with the soul; the soul of the body, the soul of the spirit, the mind ... they each go their separate ways and cause a multi-layered imbalance. To balance the physical body, emotions and other bodies (souls) is a very useful bath: where I put inside revitalized water and about 20 liters of plasma water of various gans, amino acids and salt. I also drink some plasma water and amino acids before entering the bath. It feels like I’m not in the water. But when I come out I have skin as a child and where I have had a scratch or a blow, a burn, it forms on the skin like some invisible layer of new tissue, and I also have no more tension. In water, I have to be aware of myself, the water and the plasma of the water around me and in me, and to connect with it, and to thank it ... just as it is done to connect with Magrav. It's okay for me to have such a concentration of plasma water, maybe someone would be too strong. Most likely with the latest versions of 1cup / 1life the same is achieved, only I haven't done that yet.

Sebastjan Fis - Sat December 04th Sv. Peter/Slovenia
Category: Health

It was mentioned in lectures that the virus has two functions. It can give energy or take it away. I tried to connect with the virus, talk to him.
I got the corona virus. I had a headache, bones from feet to knees (it felt like my bones were melting and becoming soft), I had a fever and no taste.
The procedure was as follows: I asked the virus to be shown to me. I told him that as an intelligent being he has two choices in this universe. If he wants, he should return to the one from whom he is alienated. That I try to live by the rules of plasma and that is that the stronger always feeds the weaker. In the interaction between him and me, I am weaker and he is stronger and I ask him to accept the rules of this game and that I cannot feed him. He stepped away from me and let me know that he didn’t want to play such a game and he walked away.
Everything stopped hurting me, I only had a fever for 2 more days because the body was able to regenerate after the damage he did. After 2 days I started getting back the flavor as well.

Drinking Keshe Water
Gina L - Tue November 09th
Category: Health

I actually stumbled onto Keshe Plasma Energy through a friend, I have been drinking Keshe Water for over a month, my physical/Mental/emotional health is steadily improving DAILY.

At this point I'm weaning off my pain meds and Elavil ( tricyclic antidepressant for nerve pain).

I have MORE energy each day, very little menopause symptoms, not craving junk/carbs and sugar.

I can feel my vibration steadily rising.

Health non hodgkins lymphoma mantel cell cancer
Jackie Ausich - Sun February 14th Texas
Category: Health

My husband was diagnosed January 2020, he started taking traditional therapy chemo and immune therapy he had a really bad time at the beginning the chemo was awful,
he continued the treatment and added cup of life one water baths 2 or 3 times a day with bottles of cup of life one and two in the bad area where the cancer was sit in there for one hour. He also cut out sugar, carbs and added curcumin pre and probiotics and fenbenzodal,
when he feels bad he takes a bath protocol and feels much better after, while he is in the bath he feels no pain at all, also comparing to others going though the same illness they have lots of skin issues due to the chemo and my husband has non his skin is perfect he calls them his magic baths lol, so far he never misses his baths and now as of today feb 14 2021 he is in partial remission, at the beginning the doctor said he would have to have a stem cell transplant and now that has all changed as he is doing so well, i will now add cuo and test for heavy metals, Thank you Mr Keshe we love you and also thanks to Mark house who is always there guiding and answering my questions

Cura de una cadera sin rodete marginal
Esteban Dario Altamirano - Thu September 03rd Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category: Health

Nací a los 8 meses, motivo por el cual tuve distintos problemas de salud, uno de los cuales era no tener rodete marginal en la articulación coxo femoral. Mientras era niño y hasta la adolescencia no tuve problemas, pero luego empecé a tener dolor en la cadera, que me hacía caminar "como un pato" al empezar a andar, y limitó mi apertura de piernas frontal, de 180 grados a 90 grados, por inflamación. Cada año me hacía un control, y luego de muchos años el médico observó los estudios una y otra vez, sin poder creer lo que veía: tenía rodete marginal, mi cadera estaba excelente! Entiendo que el plasma pueda recuperar una lesión, pero en mi caso, ese rodete jamás lo tuve! ¿Cómo salió algo que jamás existió en mi cadera? INCREIBLE! pienso que el plasma de algún modo sabía lo que necesitaba, y simplemente me lo dio. GRACIAS SR. KESHE!!! Esto parece magia!
-Esteban Dario Altamirano

(English Translation):
I was born at 8 months, which is why I had different health problems, one of which was not having a marginal ridge in the hip joint. While I was a child and until adolescence I had no problems, but then I began to have pain in my hip, which made me walk "like a duck" when I started walking, and limited my front leg spread, from 180 degrees to 90 degrees, by inflammation. Every year I had a check-up, and after many years the doctor observed the studies over and over again, unable to believe what he saw: I had a marginal buckle, my hips were excellent! I understand that plasma can recover an injury, but in my case, I never had that bun! How did something that never existed come out on my hip? AMAZING! I think the plasma somehow knew what I needed, and it just gave it to me. THANK YOU MR. KESHE !!! This looks like magic! --Esteban Dario Altamirano

Cura de un disco intervertebral reparado
Esteban Dario Altamirano - Wed September 02nd Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category: Health

Tuve una lesión en la columna que produjo un aplastamiento de unos discos intervertebrales de la zona lumbar, que produjo una leve escoliosis; como resultado, cada tanto me daba una contractura muscular del cuadrado lumbar, muy doloroso e inmovilizante. Durante años tenía ese problema, pero en el último estudio de la columna me salió que no tenía nada. El doctor revisó muchas veces el estudio, ya que él consideraba que era imposible que un disco intervertebral se arreglara solo. Sin embargo, HOY MIS DISCOS VERTEBRALES NO ESTÁN LESIONADOS, NI TENGO ESCOLIOSIS! GRACIAS SR. KESHE! -Esteban Dario Altamirano

(English Translation):
I had a spinal injury that caused a crushing of some intervertebral discs in the lumbar area, causing mild scoliosis; as a result, every now and then I would get a very painful and immobilizing quadratus muscle contracture. For years I had this problem, but in the last study of the column I found that I had nothing. The doctor reviewed the study many times, as he considered that it was impossible for an intervertebral disc to fix itself. However, TODAY MY VERTEBRAL DISCS ARE NOT INJURED, NOR DO I HAVE SCOLIOSIS! THANK YOU MR. KESHE! -Esteban Dario Altamirano