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lip accident
Mark M Erb - Fri October 28th Alexandria, VA US
Category: Health

4 year old bashed bottom teeth into lip. Wife pulled lip off teeth. Gave him sip of CO2 gans water. He asked for more of the CO2 GANS water. He cured his lip within 10 minutes.

Fractured Rib Healed with CO2 GANS
Ross Martin - Thu October 27th Narrogin, Western Australia
Category: Health

Recently I was carrying a heavy weight and ran into a door frame but thought nothing of the incident until the evening when my rib cage and on my left side started to feel extremely painful. The pain increased during the night and I was unable to get any get any sleep that night. For the next two days over the weekend there were no doctors available, so with the help of a KS pain pen which reduced the pain significantly, I was unable to last out a until visiting a doctor on the following Monday. After an x-ray he said that I had fractured a rib but not a punctured lung - he and prescribed strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, and also warning me to keep trying to breathe normally otherwise my left lung would be in danger of collapsing. After taking these tablets I found that breathing was still almost impossible - then I recalled that I had read that Mr. Keshe had broken a some ribs in an accident and he was able to remedy the situation by using plasma are technology which promoted healing so fast that it amazed the medical profession. I made up a CO2 pain pad and using adhesive tape stuck it over the painful area – immediately the agony subsided and I was able to take shallow breaths - although in doing so it was still painful. I removed the patch at night but wore it continuously during the day. The problem healed rapidly to my surprise and after a week I was back to 80% normal breathing. After two weeks experienced only a slight pain, as it was virtually healed, and I was only using the pain pad intermittently. I did not get a follow up x-ray as the first one did not show the fracture clearly due to it being a "green" break & the outer surface of the rib being still intact, thus a before and after document was not achievable.

I owe this success story to the Keshe plasma technology and am indebted to Mr. Keshe & his team for such an extraordinarily fast recovery beyond the reach of normal medical methods.

Shoulder pain, Back pain and Cup of Life
Anke van Ziel - Thu October 27th Amsterdam
Category: Health

My mom had had shoulder pain for some time just when I came home with my first selfmade pads of seaGANS... it took her sooo long to open the door cause she couldn't get out of her chair from that shoulderpain... Immediately I put it on the shoulder and told her that the pain might leave in a few minutes. It did and she moved her neck and arm and said full of surprise: 'Look how I can move now' showing the amount of flexibility inprovement and the reduction in pain. I asked her how bad the pain was on a scale from 1-10 and she said "Ten". And how is it now? "Six" she said. That was after 5 minutes. She kept using the pad continually and after 2 weeks it had completely gone while she had had it for months. It also helped with her back pain later... my father not being too keen on her using it, since she dropped one in the toilet and they needed to get a plumber to unclog the toilet :) However I convinced him that a bill like that still shouldn't sto p the back from healing :) with such a cheap and effective method .. and he agreed. I should advice them to buy the KF backpad... but for a long time I could not get through to them with anything like that... however as they are using the Cup of Life for drinking... who knows. My mother sometimes seems to be healing from an attack she had in her brain. As suddenly she started cooking again, which surprised my dad! She still wonders though who my father was... which I find quite hilarious ... when he asked 'who was there when it happened' .. she answered the midwife and the doctor.. apparently thinking of the birth and not of the intimacy that preceded that ;-) . The sequence of events is gone, the generations are getting mixed up... me taking the position of her sister... and I find that all quite unessential. When I said "Papa is my father, that's why we call him 'dad'... she looks at me land laughs like she gets it, but she is only pretending. I wonder if I should make a gans neck lace or let her slowly move out of this limited dimension as she is apparently doing... with sudden surges of a completely being there again.

Daniel Linängen - Thu October 27th Sweden, Helsingborg
Category: Technology

I'll start working with Earth Energy Grid, including: Curry lines, Hartman lines, Leylines, Underground Water Energies, Broken Earth Meridian System, Manmade Negative Energies (cellponetowers, microwave, etc..) Material Bounded Negative Energy, Vortex Portals, Spirit Energies and so on and on. Creative Earths Energy once again sustainable to still as an carbonbased living creature, to live on.

Simple Health Balance Pens
Heather Bryant - Thu October 27th Washington State, USA
Category: Health

Simple Health balance Pens ( one single straight nanowire single loop at end away from body)

Aloha Heather, Here is feedback about the Keshe's Health Balance Pens we made from your instructions and shared with members of our AOTR Family. We all feel the loving energies, which the pens transmit, and we're very grateful for the benefits we're receiving. Mahalo Nui Loa!* *Thanks from Our Hearts to Yours, S&F, Maui, HawaiiHip pain "I consider my pen one of my most precious possessions. My back and hip have been a lot of trouble this year. One night recently, the hip woke me up. I used the pen for a couple of minutes and slept for another three hours ON THAT HIP. But the biggest thing for me is the continual problem with swallowing I have had for years that has been escalating. I am sure it is and emotional psychological issue probably more than physical. Several times, including this morning, when the problem starts, I get the pen, and rather than lasting several hours as it has in the past. "Thank you for learning how to make the pens and teaching others." J, Oregon ******************************** Temperamental outbursts & Pain “I have been wearing the pen in my shirt pocket over my heart everyday in the mornings when I work for N. It has helped me to slow down and not to react to her behavior. I have also used it when I have pain from my fistula. It has worked quite well. I'm very grateful for it. Love & Light – E, Arizona (E is the caregiver for N, who often has temperamental outbursts.) ******************************** Toothache "A couple of weeks ago at around 10:00 PM one of my teeth started to ache. What do you do on a Saturday night with a toothache? There's no way you're going to get to a dentist at that hour on any night. I got out my Keshe Health Balance Pen and got to work. I aimed it directly at my tooth for about 10 minutes and the toothache went away. The next night it was still a little tender so I gave it another treatment. After about 10 minutes the ache was gone again. This personal experience made a believer of me. I have found 7 more friends who would like pens so I'm going to be making some more. This seems like an ideal way of serving and I'm grateful to be able to help in this way. Aloha...B, Maui, Hawaii (B is one of our two friends who are working with us on these projects.) ********************************9-11 Gathering: magnify, and amplify the energies of love, and directed them to the readers, and all in attendance. "Aloha S& F."I’m sharing some of my experiences with the use of the Keshe healing pen. Each year during the 9/11 ceremonies that honors those that lost their lives in the world trade center and their surviving families I bring with me a crystal that I program to send healing energies to the families, especially to the readers. Each year different family members read the names in alphabetical order of those that crossed over, and at the end of their respective list they mention their respective loved ones that they lost, saying something special about their lives, and about those they left behind. The mentioning of their loved ones has always been the most emotional, and powerful force for all in attendance, as we are pulled into the wave of energy. "This year I brought with me one of my Andara Crystals to send loving energies to all in attendance. After feeling the strong emotional pull of the readers, and those in attendance I was guided to use the Keshe healing pen I received as a gift from you. I placed the pen an inch behind the Andara Crystal with the intent to magnify, and amplify the energies of love, and directed them to the readers, and all in attendance. The result was astounding as I immediately felt, and saw the difference in the energies. There was calmness, and more subdued, but loving energies from the readers. As I continued this process of directing the energies of love with the pen and the crystal, I saw the relaxed attitude on the faces of our united families at this ceremony. Broken Toes "Another great experience for me was when I used the pen to speed up the healing process of my broken toes. On August 9, 2016 while handling some heavy lumber, two heavy boards slipped out of my hands, and crushed the big toes of both feet. The x-rays revealed, and confirmed what my body was feeling. I had received my pen before the end of the third week and immediately used them on my toes. I used the pen for a much longer period of time than that recommended and felt a strong throbbing in my entire foot area. I stopped the pen and walked around without any wrapping supports until the throbbing stopped. After my third week of x-rays the Podiatrist showed me how the bones were now completely healed. This process normally takes four to six weeks. I did in three weeks, but was advised to come back in three more weeks for a follow up exam and during that time to transition from wrapped supports, and medical shoes to my own shoes. That process worked out beautiful, and I am now moving fo rward in all aspects of my life. "My gratitude to both of you, and to HB for this gift." K, New York ******************************** Neck and Feet, Metal screws in ankles: "I have been using the pen on my two trouble spots, cervical and feet. I’ve seen a reduction in pain and am quite confident with more time will see more relief. As you know I have 12 surgical screws spread among four toes and have seen no ill effects (ref the screws) from the pen. The cervical issue is a bit more troublesome since my Atlas has a mind of it’s own and tends to get out of alignment and goes off the reservation. "I think one of the strongest affects is simply to feel the LOVE that was put into the creation of the pens. That is profound and works even without the pen as I can feel the it simply by writing this brief report. “I would like to offer a most humble and appreciative Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that were involved in bringing the pen into my life. Love and blessings, D” Texas ******************************** Bone-Spine pain and Support spiritual work: "Different than any other healing tool that I have used over many years. Feels as if it simply reminds the body of perfect health, plasma universal energy. It has allowed me to reduce pain in my bone on bone joints, align the spine, strengthen muscles, and support my deep spiritual work of unconditional love, as well as the use of Mother Sekmet Love/Light vacuum meditation which has helped clear many energetic imbalances in my local contacts as well as all of earth. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift." S, VermontWrist pain "I have had some discomfort in my left wrist and so when I received the Keshe Pen I used it several times on the area. First time is noticed less pain and now it is pain free and been a over a week since I have used it on my wrist. Grateful for the pen!" CN, Texas ******************************** Sore Knee and leg "My Pulse Pen was hiding for a couple of days but reappeared while I was cleaning. It was a very good thing to continue on with using it on my sore knee and full leg, What I found was that the energy from the pen felt stronger and more effective than it did in the very beginning. The healing energy must accumulate and continue healing even though I had stopped. Amazing how very good it felt this morning.. I AM so grateful to have the Pen active Great Thanks to you and to all involved!" J, Washington State ******************************** Musculoskeletal Back Pain "I love the pen. I can feel the radiating energy emitted and used it for muscular-skeletal pain, mostly along my spine, then I pointed it alongside the psoas muscle and even that had a positive effect. It is subtle....but it works! Thank you and best wishes, H, Maui, Hawaii ******************************** Painful skin Lesions and hip pain: "I use the pen everyday and often. I have several painful skin lesions, and the pen relieves the pain quickly! The energy is so soothing that it has a calming effect as well, so I get relief from the stress the pain causes. I am also using it for pain relief in my hip area. Thank you Heather!!!" S, Maui, Hawaii ******************************** Rib Pain: "I have used the pen I made for occasional painful aches around my ribs with great results. There is an immediate feeling of calm, relaxation and shortly, pain relief. I fell asleep with it once and woke without any discomfort left. Since using the pen, I have not experienced any further pain in my ribs. "Thank you so much, HBPT, for inspiring us to learn how to make, work with and use these wonderful healing tools developed by Keshe." F, Maui, Hawaii ********************************

1 withlight the one on how to make these pens:

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Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Energy

We have connected two magrav together and we get 95% reduction automatically

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Heath Unit
Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma. Toga
Category: Health

We build one Heath unit which is amazing for our society.,

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Plasma Tea
Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th
Category: Health

24H don't need food with PLASMA TEA,,

Plasma Tea
Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Food

24H don't need food with PLASMA TEA,,

Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Gardening


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