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Treatment Of Incontinence with GANS patches
Günay Apak - Wed November 16th Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Health

September 5, 2016

I am re-sending the Revised Copy of My Testimonial on Cystitis and Incontinence cure with Plasma Technique. I made a few correction

Treatment Of Incontinence
Gans Pathces
Testimonial 1
Gunay Apak

I was suffering from incontinence for
the last 8 years.
It was nuisance and it was getting
While I was applying my first Gans
Water and Gans patch trial I was not
aming to treat my incontinance.
I had cystitis.
I wanted to treat it without any

I have started the Gans Plasma cure at
the beginning of July 2016.
Now in 22nd of Aug 2016 it is
completely recovered.
My Hormonal balance has
Since I know how embarrassing and
big nuisance it is I have decided to
share my achievement publically

Method Applied :
Type of Patch Used : C02 + ZnO Gans water
Apply one patch to over uterus and ovaries
second patch to back side
(in sandwich form) not over the spine
Duration :
3 weeks double patch front and back over
night while sleeping.

After 3 weeks
45 days only over the uterus
over night while sleeping.
In severe cases you may use it
few hours during the day also.
Optional : I also drank 5 ml C02
liquid gans water for a month.
That is your own choice.

Urinary incontinence
is the inability to hold urine in the bladder
because voluntary control over the urinary
sphincter is either lost or weakened.
10% to 30% of American women and girls
aged 15-64 years are thought to suffer from
urinary incontinence. The Department of
Health, UK, estimates that 20% of all
women over the age of 40 are affected by
urinary incontinence.

Treatments for urinary
(very cumbersome and difficult to get result)
1. Changes in lifestyle
2. Reduce Stress
3. Pelvic floor exercises (kegels)
4. Electrical stimulation
5. Bladder training

6.Medications for urinary incontinence:
Anticholinergics Topical estrogen -
7.Urethral inserts - Pessary -
Interventional therapies
8.Radiofrequency therapy
Botox (botulinum toxin type A) -
Bulking - Sacral nerve stimulator
- Sling procedures .-Colposuspension-
Artificial sphincter
- Urinary Catheter

With Plasma Technology,
Recovry is :
Easy,clean and quick
result giving
Without any aches or
pain and no side effects
No cost

In the following slides
please notice the
hormonal changes
Keeping in mind that I
had histerectomy in 1986
I am 70!!!

Hormons BEFORE C02 Gans Patch Application
(Gynecology) Analisys Report Card
Name GUNAY APAK Sex: Female Age 69
Figure: Standard body weight (157 cm, 56 kg) Testing Time: 2015-09-04 11:02
Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Results
Female Hhormone 3.296-8.840 3,748 Normal (-)
Gonadotropin 4,886-8,931 4,697 Mildly Abnormal (+)
Prolactin 3,142-7,849 7,782 Normal (-)
Progesterone 6,818-16,743 13,827 Normal (-)
Vaginitis coefficient 2,204-2,819 2,582 Normal (-)
PID coefficient 1,348-3,529 3,588 Mildly Abnormal (+)
Appandaginis coefficient 2,301-4,782 4,645 Normal (-)
Cervicitis coefficient 2,845-4,017 4,146 Mildly Abnormal (+)
Ovarian cyst coefficient 2,012-4,892 2,417 Normal (-)

Hormons AFTER 2 months C02 Gans Patch Treatment
(Gynecology) Analisys Report Card
Name GUNAY APAK Sex: Female Age 69
Figure: Standard body weight (163 cm, 56 kg) Testing Time: 2016-08-19 09:46
Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Results
Female Hhormone 3.296-8.840 3,357 Normal (-)
Gonadotropin 4,886-8,931 5,059 Normal (-)
Prolactin 3,142-7,849 6,48 Normal (-)
Progesterone 6,818-16,743 15,556 Normal (-)
Vaginitis coefficient 2,204-2,819 2,648 Normal (-)
PID coefficient 1,348-3,529 3,588 Normal (-)
Appandaginis coefficient 2,301-4,782 2,595 Normal (-)
Cervicitis coefficient 2,845-4,017 3,684 Normal (-)
Ovarian cyst coefficient 2,012-4,892 2,511 Normal (-)

Although I think it is not
During this period I have also used
triple gans healing tube. 1 to 2 hours
in my groin area every other day
Inner tube Cu02
Middle tube CH3
Outer Tube C02-I- ZnO

I Thank To Mr. M. Keshe
and Keshe Foundation
Members for supplying
the knowledge Freely and
I hope you will benefit
from our experiences

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The Pain Pen Really Works
Fred Hicks - Wed November 16th none
Category: Health

August 17, 2016

The Pain Pen Really Works

Amazing, I mean AMAZING. The Pain Pen really works. I have used it for a week now and the pain in my back is gone. I apply it once in the morning for 40 seconds and the ache that I have had for twenty some odd years, gets less and less. I try it on elbows and knees and it works. I do not know how it works but it really works. Even when the weather got stormy and my back would start to ache even more, it no longer happens. I am so thankful for this simple to use device, everyone should have one. My wife is amazed with the difference in me since I started using it. Thank you, again.
Please inform me when you are able to start selling the on grid power system as I am in desperate need of cutting my hydro bill. I am a pensioner and the hydro bill takes 90% of my monthly check. Thank you, again, I am forever grateful for your help with my back.

Gardening, old mango tree rescued
Neil Howe - Wed November 16th Australia
Category: Gardening

6 months ago one of 2 mango trees started to die, it was the same size as its sister on the right but suddenly stopped growing and started dropping leaves and yellowing. Something had damaged the roots. After a while it was 1 metre smaller than its sister tree. After attending a Keshe workshop in Murwillumbah in early september I placed a plasma patch with co2, zno and ch3 on its trunk for 2 weeks, then I began to water its roots and trunk with 4 buckets of water a day, each bucket having 20 ml of plasma water from a co2/ zno Gans. After another 2 weeks you can now see it starting to recover and new shoots are appearing at the branch ends. I dont have any co2/sea gans yet but that will be the next treatment next month.

Picture references:
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:

Gardening (Mandarin orchard)
Neil Howe - Wed November 16th Australia
Category: Gardening

November 12, 2016

My mandarin orchard is old, it fends for itself. Over the years I have lost many trees due to drought or flood. This years weird weather gave an enormous fruit crop with branches bending to the ground and massive sweet mandarins, most of which I gave to the homeless kitchen. But the stress was so great the trees started dying with the very dry weather. So I began watering each tree with 1 bucket of water containing 20Ml CO2 Seagans water and 20ml CH3 gans water each day for 7 days. Then I stopped watering for 14 days and now there are new shoots all over the trees.

Picture references:
Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:

Stiff toe fixed
Per Wahr - Wed November 16th none
Category: Health

November 15, 2015

Dear Plasma friends, I want to share my experience with you about a CO2 health pad. Finally I got my CO2 GANS produced with a carbon stick after having had some troubles producing blue CO2 Gans several times. I had back pain for about 40 years, last week I prepared my first CO2 health pad, 15mml CO2 GANS water and 5mml CUO. I was sleeping on it, after the first night my back pain was less as usual. After the third night I m pain free!

In 2004 I broke a joint on my right big toe, since that time that joint was stiff. Three nights ago I put that CO2 health pad between that stiff toe and the next toe, when I woke up I was able to move that joint again, the toe feels brand new. Thanks to Keshe, thanks to the infinite divine creativity power of the universe.

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Picture 1:

Picture 2:

The magrav works.
Aysu Dönmez Gülbaharlı - Wed November 16th Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Energy

Thank you so much for the Keshe Foundation, especially to Ibrahim Yildirim, Umut Duman, Aygen Telatar, Volkan Ata, Alper Tetikoglu, Mustafa Iskender, Farhad Amini. In the house there are 50 % savings in 2 months with magrav and Q6. I will publish the results in the month of December.

Magrav results
John Leitch - Wed November 16th -
Category: Energy

May 15, 2016
May 15, 2016

Magrav results

My Power bill :: YAY!
Apr 14.2016 May 13,2016 $60.98
Mar 15.2016-Apr 14.2016 $6191
Feb 12. 2016-Mar 15,2016 $80.10
Jan 14.2016-Feb 12.2016 $184 03
Dec 14.2015 -Jan 14.2016 $186.08
Nov 12.2015-Dec 14,2015 $212.52
Oct 14.2015-Nov 12.2015 $226 86
Sep 15.2015-Oct 14.2015 $244 65
Aug 14.2015-Sep 15.2015 $128.99
Jull 5.2015 -Aug 14,2015 $214.53

Picture at the following link:

Bump on the throat gone
Lai Yin Stenqvist‎ - Wed November 16th Stockholm, Sweden
Category: Health

November 13, 2016
A person with a bump on the throat was afraid to go to the hospital as she had bad experience with a former operation and she was afraid to get diagnos the bump as cancer. So I made 2 health pads for her and they were made by half CO2 GANS and half CO2 GANS water. After 2 days, it was noticeable the bump was smaller and after 2 weeks, it was gone.
Lai Yin Stenqvist

Photo 1 (BEFORE):
Photo 2 (AFTER):

Magravs Power Unit testimonial
Rico Arce - Wed November 16th Philippines
Category: Energy

March 14, 2016

I am very Happy to see my Electricity Goes down on an average of 50% to 60 % reduction over the past 2 months after installing the #MagravPower System in my Condo. Above are my 2015 Billing statements. Thats 1,500 to 2000 pesos savings per month. I LOVE it!!! Thank you MT Keshe for the Knowledge and the Technology. #Keshe #KnowledgeSeekersManila #KFSSI #PlasmaTechnology #KesheFoundationPhilippines #SpaceShipInstitute

Photo location:

Pain Pen Testimonial
Catherine Morse - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Hi Michael,

Here is some of the feedback I have received from clients.

On the occasions I have used the pain pen while doing 7 Fields sessions. I have had clients tell me on many occasions they felt a tingling, warmth, shooting short pain in different areas of the body. Not everyone experiences this.

Yesterday I worked on a client distance sessions in my Mindscape. He had a stroke in May and few days ago fell, and his pain levels and dizziness were high. I used the pain pen on the lower back with an intent on the conception vessel. He rang me this morning and said ˝the pain is improved significantly and dizziness better˝.

It is hard to differentiate results because I often get this kind of feedback-with the modality I have developed (7 Fields of Holistic Health) and Young Living Essential oils, however, I suspect the pain pen is amplifying the results making them even more powerful and faster.

Also I often use the pen on the feet on vita flex points (vitality through the reflexes).

Personal testimony

I used the pain pen and an essential oil on my heart through the vita flexes on my feet, my blood pressure went from 160/95 to 120/ 87.

Not knowing whether the results are from the session and oils I tried it again this morning. My BP went from 137/87 then tried again without the oil, my heart and kidney points on my feet and it went to 125/90. The diastolic went up a bit but systolic down after ten minutes.

Thank You for sharing this amazing tool!

Catherine Morse