Keshe Foundation Testimonials

CO2 pad used to pull toxins from dog
Maddie Gregory - Tue February 16th Marblehead, MA USA
Category: Health

My sweet little dog is a scavenger and dug up an aluminum pie plate from under the snow and carried it home to play. Unfortunately I forgot to retrieve it from her. She did not play later in the day, and went to bed early. This morning when I awoke, she was on the bed looking miserable, sad, spiky hair, and lethargic. As she yawned I noticed her tongue and gums were bright flaming red, as well as her ears. I immediately got my new CO2 pad (paper towel with CO2 Water sprinkled on it and inserted into a plastic zip lock bag). I petted and massaged her with it, as she rolled around loving it. Her head, her ears, her back and belly, all over. After 5 minutes she got up and wanted to play. I was tossing her toys and she was happily running around. I noticed her tongue and gums were still red, but she was happy. After another 10 or 15 minutes, I was getting her prepared for our walk and noticed her tongue, mouth and ears were no longer red but the natural flesh color again. Amazingly simple and effective solutions with Keshe technology. Thank you Mr. Keshe!

Using the health patches from GaNS I made
Ray Bourgeois - Tue February 16th Missouri US 65807
Category: Health

I had residual pain and by now many arthritic deposits on my right shoulder. Accident and surgery 9 years ago. Having recently started making several GaNS, and ordering some 4mil 4x6 inch plastic bags, I used one by adding a large unbleached coffee filter, doubled it over, put it in the pouch and then put a small amount of CO2 GaNS and Zinc GaNS into it. The bag was still flat, Put it inside a quart ziplock bag to insure no leaks, and stuffed it all into a sock. So I put this health pouch under my right shoulder. It was instantly cooling and relaxing, and then started warming up. I was so calmed by this that I fell almost instantly asleep. Two hours later, I woke up and stretched my right arm... there was NO restrictions to any movements in my right shoulder, with maybe 14 or more bones and tendons seemed to move back into place all around my shoulder area and make popping sounds. 9 years and now NO pain in my shoulder area and it is freely moving in every direction. Just Incredible. Thanks you Mr Keshe for this application of our new technology, and for the understanding of what had occurred. He had mentioned during one of the lectures that there could be a conversion of the calcium deposits to potassium, and that the body could then use(remove) the deposits. From my experiential observance of what happened for me.. that perfectly answered what I am now living the result of. Amazing, no more popping sounds or feelings in my right shoulder, total freedom of movement, and now pain. PERFECT!! Thank you for this amazing improvement to my health and well being. Ray

Pain Pen takes away ten years of knee pain
Heather with the Montana Keshe Group - Fri February 12th Arlee, Montana, USA
Category: Health

Healing News here! Heather took a Pain Pen home yesterday, the one with CuO2 + Panaway for physical support. Her knees have been hurting for years, maybe ten years. She rubbed the pen for about fifteen minutes around each knee and was relieved of the pain. She says it was like she had a tooth ache in her knees. They were sore to touch and now this is gone! WOW! This is phenomenal! We are so excited!

Spraying energized water (from CO2 Gans) on windows saves heat
Mary Vu - Fri February 12th Los Angeles, California, USA
Category: Various

Yesterday (February, 5th, 2016), I tried to spray CO2 Gans' water (just the top part of water above the Gans, not the Gans itself) all around inside my windows. To my amazement, it reduced the cold to about 10 degree F !... Outdoor, it was 46 degree F, at 6 am in the morning, in Los Angeles; but inside my duplex felt like 56 degree! And both my husband and I woke up feeling very energetic! It left some slight traces of caustic/and or salt on the windows which we don't mind it at all, considering how much warmer the room for a good night sleep, and we were so well rested! Not sure, if I have to spray it every day or how often though? (Update: today Feb 6, 2016, the second day, I have not sprayed any more on my window, and the duplex still feels warm at about 56 degree. Yeah!!! Thanks Mr. Keshe's technology!) Thanks Tom Salas for teaching me a simple way to make CO2 Gans from sea water (I do not have access to sea water, but I used rainwater and sea salt instead): and thanks Carolina De Roose the tip of spraying the windows!

Health test with volt meter
Bosse Broström - Fri February 12th Gothenburg, Sweden
Category: Various

I did measure with 2 devices 1 An old one (some 15 years)result was I had range -40 to -120 mV Revers of cables (positive in left hand) was slightly more neg but same range 2 New device (like 2 years) result was I had around +200mV When I tried revers the cables it was the same ... somewhat confusing On normal usage I see the new device as most accurate. In this cas I rather hope the old one is the one to trust :)

Home Made Keshe Stacking Unit Working
Joseph Scalzo - Fri February 12th Long Branch NJ
Category: Various

Just got the unit working thanks for all the information.

hovering of Ganspaste in Gansball and Fielddetection
Peter Salocher - Fri February 12th Moniholz, Austria
Category: Technology

I have only made a one stacker unit so far an had it for four weeks on the grid. Observed energysavings and the Ganspaste did clime up verticaly. Then i could see that this vitalityweel also react with the magravcoil and the Magravcoil with my hand. Amazing Also i could see that a normal extensionwire must have been coated so far, cause also without Magrav, the energy savings get better and better from day to day.

elementary school staff and parents experience pain pen
darsi ramirez - Fri February 12th San Diego, CA. USA
Category: Various

I work as as speech pathologist at an inner city elementary school. I have used my version of the 'pain pen' on teachers and parents with a 99% success rate. Issues ranged from sciatica, shoulder, knee and tendinitis among others. Pain ranged on a scale of 1-10 from 3 to 9. I now know the look in someone's eye when the pain they have experienced for years is gone in 5 minutes. It's a beautiful thing. I plan on sharing. One love.

Knowledge Sharing: Caribean sea water for Copper Oxide gans.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

Caribean sea water has more density than many other seas. Instead of 0.5A and 1.5V for copper oxide production, switch to 0.3 Amps and 6.6 Volts, Gans production is same as fast, but you are safer getting all the time the green-blue oxide copper.

Sharing knowledge. Fast surface preparation for new, used or contaminated copper.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

2 - 3 minutes procedure to clean copper before steam nanocoating. Dilute little phosphoricc acid with clean water, submerge, if necesary wipe impurities, rinse with clean water and dry or let dry. From here, ready to steam nanocoat. If your copper has oil, you can add little detergent or soap to acid-water solution. 24 hour dipping in coustic not necesary. Impure industrial phosphoric acid will work, Other none corrosive acids should work, like citric acid. Also good for cleaning used copper, 1 minutes cleans old nanocoating.