Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Spraying energized water (from CO2 Gans) on windows saves heat
Mary Vu - Fri February 12th Los Angeles, California, USA
Category: Various

Yesterday (February, 5th, 2016), I tried to spray CO2 Gans' water (just the top part of water above the Gans, not the Gans itself) all around inside my windows. To my amazement, it reduced the cold to about 10 degree F !... Outdoor, it was 46 degree F, at 6 am in the morning, in Los Angeles; but inside my duplex felt like 56 degree! And both my husband and I woke up feeling very energetic! It left some slight traces of caustic/and or salt on the windows which we don't mind it at all, considering how much warmer the room for a good night sleep, and we were so well rested! Not sure, if I have to spray it every day or how often though? (Update: today Feb 6, 2016, the second day, I have not sprayed any more on my window, and the duplex still feels warm at about 56 degree. Yeah!!! Thanks Mr. Keshe's technology!) Thanks Tom Salas for teaching me a simple way to make CO2 Gans from sea water (I do not have access to sea water, but I used rainwater and sea salt instead): and thanks Carolina De Roose the tip of spraying the windows!

Health test with volt meter
Bosse Broström - Fri February 12th Gothenburg, Sweden
Category: Various

I did measure with 2 devices 1 An old one (some 15 years)result was I had range -40 to -120 mV Revers of cables (positive in left hand) was slightly more neg but same range 2 New device (like 2 years) result was I had around +200mV When I tried revers the cables it was the same ... somewhat confusing On normal usage I see the new device as most accurate. In this cas I rather hope the old one is the one to trust :)

Home Made Keshe Stacking Unit Working
Joseph Scalzo - Fri February 12th Long Branch NJ
Category: Various

Just got the unit working thanks for all the information.

hovering of Ganspaste in Gansball and Fielddetection
Peter Salocher - Fri February 12th Moniholz, Austria
Category: Technology

I have only made a one stacker unit so far an had it for four weeks on the grid. Observed energysavings and the Ganspaste did clime up verticaly. Then i could see that this vitalityweel also react with the magravcoil and the Magravcoil with my hand. Amazing Also i could see that a normal extensionwire must have been coated so far, cause also without Magrav, the energy savings get better and better from day to day.

elementary school staff and parents experience pain pen
darsi ramirez - Fri February 12th San Diego, CA. USA
Category: Various

I work as as speech pathologist at an inner city elementary school. I have used my version of the 'pain pen' on teachers and parents with a 99% success rate. Issues ranged from sciatica, shoulder, knee and tendinitis among others. Pain ranged on a scale of 1-10 from 3 to 9. I now know the look in someone's eye when the pain they have experienced for years is gone in 5 minutes. It's a beautiful thing. I plan on sharing. One love.

Knowledge Sharing: Caribean sea water for Copper Oxide gans.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

Caribean sea water has more density than many other seas. Instead of 0.5A and 1.5V for copper oxide production, switch to 0.3 Amps and 6.6 Volts, Gans production is same as fast, but you are safer getting all the time the green-blue oxide copper.

Sharing knowledge. Fast surface preparation for new, used or contaminated copper.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

2 - 3 minutes procedure to clean copper before steam nanocoating. Dilute little phosphoricc acid with clean water, submerge, if necesary wipe impurities, rinse with clean water and dry or let dry. From here, ready to steam nanocoat. If your copper has oil, you can add little detergent or soap to acid-water solution. 24 hour dipping in coustic not necesary. Impure industrial phosphoric acid will work, Other none corrosive acids should work, like citric acid. Also good for cleaning used copper, 1 minutes cleans old nanocoating.

Boat propeller almost chopped my foot away, 21 years with pain, now I am free!!!!!!!!
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Health

21 years ago, I lost control of a race boat and propeller almost cut my foot off. Lost many bone parts, all up rise and external ankle tendons cut, nerves cut, 8 reconstructive surgeries and never found a way to get relief for everyday pain. I reject living under pills or drugs. After 20 minutes with the pain pen, I GOT FREE!!!. Thanks Keshe Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Carunit with 2 stacker
Klaus Baltzer - Fri February 12th Germany
Category: Vehicles

Last November, I clamped 1 CW and 1CCW Nano cooper coils to the battery . On Saturday I hung 2 Stacker to two cigartett-lighter (the ones wich are permantent connected to the battery) drove to the gas-station tank up and resetet my meter from 7.7 liter to 0. After about 120 km on the road 6.4 liters average consumption . I never had seen this before .... then on the highway about 120-130 km/hour ... 230 km ... and still 6.6 liters . Full awesome it works . After about 730 km further 6.7 liter average fuel consumption ! Being an entrepreneur would like to sell magravs to truckingcompanies etc. now. .-D Thanks to Mr. Keshe and all people for their help ..and Peter from the Netherlands for his inspiration !

Communication with Plasma Beings (early January)
Gina O'Connor - Fri February 12th Nuenen, Holland
Category: Various

A few weeks ago, on the Golden Age of Gans on Facebook, Tom Salas showed a black and white photo he took of a plasma being that he sees near his home. I commented to him and others that it was very beautiful and if we look at the photo he took, we can connect to that being. No one took the opportunity to do that, at the time, but Tom then requested that I do so. He wanted to know why it had not been around as much lately. I replied that I would meditate on this and try to communicate with it and tell him in the morning what came through. We discussed that this topic may be too much for some people there, but that we would do this anyway because we want to be transparent in what we do and who we are, not hiding anything. He said that it was just for fun. But I told him, it is not just for fun because out of respect to the plasma beings, I take their communication seriously. It is important to let them know that we don't just do this as a joke or pr etend to play around. On the other hand, I do it in the spirit of playfulness and creativity because that is free flowing and I don't say that I am the only one that can do this. I believe its possible for everyone to do this (and by the way, no devices are needed!) What comes through for me may be different for another person, so I don't claim to have all the truth or wish anyone to put anyone else on a pedestal for being able to communicate with them. It is all of our birthright to be able to communicate with anything with respect and equality. So here is the communication that came through on that day. There could have been much more, but I just stopped it and let it be as it is to give him this message in answer to his questions and also what came through. By the way, the communication that I get comes through images, sounds, songs, words, phrases, feelings, laughter, tears, and sometimes tastes and smells. When a song comes through, I usually don't know the lyrics completely until later. The lyrics are symbolic of the message and the sound of the music also gives a feeling and message. Hi Tom, Here is the communication that I get from these photos of the plasma being. You ask, is he okay? Big, huge, YES!!! And he thinks it’s a little funny to ask that because of what he is. He is not a he, by the way, he is neither a he nor a she. For the sake of writing, I will write he for now to make it easier. He is very very powerful and can and will get stronger. He is connected to you or an extension of you. He is a guardian and guide. He is there when you help and because you help. You can draw strength from him when you need it. He really likes music and sound and gives me some songs as messages. The first song he gives is—“Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Creedance Clearwater Revival. Pay attention to the lyrics, sound and even the band name-- (CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- give this creedance) Long as I remember the rain been comin' down Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages tryin' to find the sun. ------->(the Sun as in Gans and the Sun as in Light/Source) And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain.----->(not only is the plasma helping to stop the rain, but also the rain symbolizes that which stops the Sun or the Light from coming through-- Knowledge/ higher power/ Divine) So in answer to your question about the storm, this may be related- he may be stopping the storm. He also answers that “atmospheric pressure” is a reason you don’t see him, but its just the visibility factor, not who he is. I feel he may be busy helping the situation. He also gives the lyrics from the Beatles song called “Because” Because" Aaaaaahhhhhh... Because the world is round it turns me on Because the world is round...aaaaaahhhhhh Because the wind is high it blows my mind Because the wind is high...aaaaaaaahhhh Love is old, love is new Love is all, love is you Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry Because the sky is blue...aaaaaaaahhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh He is speaking of you and of himself and his nature. It is all about LOVE. It is the peace that saves the world. It creates the world and makes it go around. One more song he gives is a song called, Our Day Will Come Our day will come and we'll have everything. We'll share the joy falling in love can bring. No one can tell me that I'm too young to know; I love you so and you love me. Our day will come if we just wait a while. No tears for us, think love and wear a smile. Our dreams have magic because we'll always stay In love this way, our day will come. So he is saying to look up, be positive and things ARE going to change for the better! The plasma and energy beings will have their day. It is coming and it will be beautiful, just as the song expresses- "our day will come". Further, he is a kind of small galaxy that you can wear or be enveloped in.. and it builds in strength or energy. Although this photo is in black and white, I feel he or they are golden (even though your photo is black and white) and I also hear them say they LOVE you because of all you do and who you are inside. Other than that, do you feed him? He is hungry. You can feed him to show support, recognition, give energy, balance and gratitude. This is normal and a sign of respect and love. Response from Tom—he said the reading was accurate and that he also felt they were not visible due to atmospheric pressure. Further, I told him he can already communicate with them in a beautiful way. He acknowledged this fact. He said that it was his mom who was having problems connecting to them. I gave him advice on how his mom or anyone could connect by recognizing the signs within one’s own self and being and trusting your inner voice. She may already have contact, but does not recognize it and thinks it would be different. He later responded that it was successful for his mom and thanked me. See post below. Tom Salas--Update from the plasma beings... Further to a very nice communication with Gina O' Conner. We have not seen out friends for sometime, so we actively called them yesterday and they came on request...they were glowing golden, and floating soon as I reached for my camera they disappeared...they came back three times, and on the last time I got a very distant tiny little bit of video, which I will have to process to see if I can zoom in a bit...but it was very nice to see/feel them again. Thank you Gina O'Connor for helping with the communication ...we knew we would see them last night! One love. Gina O'Connor: Thank you for the update. I appreciate it and it did feel to me like there are golden. How is your mom doing with her connection to them? I am glad to hear they came for a visit again. I am not surprised that they respond to your call so quickly. Blessings to you, your mom, and the plasma beings there smile emoticon heart emoticon Like • Reply • 2 • 12 January at 15:25 Tom Salas: Thanks! Mums doing fine, and is obviously now able to call on them, and is very happy