Keshe Foundation Testimonials

I have build a MAGRAV-POWER system for my home, and it works....
CM - Fri February 12th Rosières (07260), Ardèche, France
Category: Technology

I have build a MAGRAV-POWER system for my home, and it works. great! Was there any doubt ! Yes of course ! If we follow instructions well, then it works. That's all. If you create one. Here's a tip: Put your love there ... Have faith. Be happy !           

Amazing Plasma Field Experience and Healing
Belinda Dawson - Fri February 12th Washington State, US
Category: Health

Here's my recent experience and testimonial from using our health device. It doesn't resemble a pen, so for now we call it a device. It's powerful. The configuration of the device is 4 coils, the outside mag. set closed at the top and the inside grav. set open, the center rod is split at the top, CO2 gans on the tip of the center rod with a quartz crystal point set into the end of the device housing. The outside looks like a blue tube with a crystal at one end. A childhood knee injury had been bothering me. My left knee was weak, painful and wobbly to walk on. On 5th January, soon after we made our first device that included a crystal, I decided it was a good time to relax into the plasma field and work on the issue. First, I floated the device over the palm of my hand and felt a rush and tingling in my feet, an ankle that had been broken years ago, knee, hands, heart area and brain... where it felt like the left and right hemispheres were merging and in coherence. (I often feel this brain coherence from the Plasma field). I felt great peace and love. It was a beautiful feeling with energy surging throughout the body. My hands were hot and tingling, my feet felt like they were being massaged! The energy field was very strong and palpable. This energy continued for what seemed like about 20 minutes then subsided. I put the device down to contemplate this extraordinary experience! After about 5 minutes, I picked up the device again, closed my eyes and went into a meditative state while holding the device to my left injured knee, with the crystal hovering about an inch above my knee. Expect the unexpected! Suddenly there was a strong, burst of electrical energy radiating out from my knee and through my leg. Again, the energy moved through the entire body. In amazement I stood up, with energy still pulsing in my feet. To my amazement, my knee felt very different. It was now strong, not at all weak or wobbly. As I walked and twisted there was no pain and the knee felt completely healed! 1 1/2 hours later, out of curiosity, I again held the device to my palm then to my left knee again. I felt a generalized field throughout my body but not nearly as strong as earlier. This was confirmation to me that the plasma field takes what it needs to take and gives what it needs to give, and that it had done its work. I concluded that was enough for the night. I felt absolutely wonderful and renewed throughout body and mind. I went to bed half an hour later and slept the deepest sleep. I awoke after 6 hours, (for me the usual nights sleep is 8 hours or more of broken sleep), I was wide awake, feeling completely renewed and energized yet also very peaceful. This happened almost 3 weeks ago, and still the knee is strong and pain free. It feels completely healthy and renewed! Even so, I'm continuing to use the device on the knee every evening, to ensure that the new memory is embedded into the neurosystem of my body. I use the device every day and find myself with a sense of overall well being, inner joy and peace. I also have a growing desire to help and give to others. It's beautiful. Thank you Mr Keshe! I am indeed grateful and appreciative of all the teachings and the extraordinary potentials you are bringing to all of us and our Planet. Belinda           

Skin problems
Atanas Bozhinov - Fri February 12th Plovdiv
Category: Health

My girlfriend just made her self wounds on the skin. After treatment with my health pen with co2 gans pack and cu gans pack, she does not feel pain in the scars. The treatment was 3 times with 3-4 minutes. Usually skin scratches are painful and last longer than now. But with this treatment the pain was gone. She even touch the skin and still no pain. Thank you Keshe family!

Helping 尿毒症 patient
Lion.zhang - Fri February 12th Yantai China
Category: Health

I gave 3 piece of gans pad to a uraemia. After4dayslater,he told me he got better sleep, more pee, better digestion,and his urine becomes clear from milk like.

Co2 gans water for the plants
Maarten Udema - Fri February 12th Baarn, the Netherlands
Category: Gardening

We are getting very impressed when we use Co2 Gans water on our plants! The cat grass is a nice example of how plants like it. We buy it once a month so we know how it grows. This one with gans water is seriously bigger then we ones we fed with normal water. Cut the straw inside the bottle about 10 cm from the bottom. Put gans water in the bottle, about 10%. Fill up the botyle with normal water. When it is finished about 10 cm will remain. Fill it up again with normal water. Let it mix for a couple of hours and use again. Repeat this process again and again.

Sudden Recovery for Bone problem
Umut Duman - Fri February 12th St Petersburg, Russia
Category: Health

30.12.2015 10:14 Yesterday night while sleeping, my wife woke me and said our daughter has hurt his shoulder when little fight with her brother. She said she had similar situation with his brother recent years. (Few years ago we had situation with his brother and had to get him to hospital and with injection and fixing his shoulder to put back the correct position.) So i said lets wait and see untill this morning if she is not ok then you take her to hospital. So morning we had a breakfast i noticed my daughter is not there at the table normally she never misses breakfasts and asked my wife where she is she said she was lying at another room and she cant move his right arm at all. I checked by visiting the room and she was so. I had an idea to try nano health pens recently got from KF philiphines. I used few minutes down and up on the arm and shoulder which pains. I noticed she had some relief sighs. I stopped that point after going little while. Also i used some time at opposite arm. Maybe its not needed but i though this can balance better. I used actually two nanohealth pens connected parallel to increase the effect. I am not sure if its needed or not but i tried that way. She said pain is gone after few minutes. But i wanted to make sure she was ok. Her pain was not so easy looking. And then i put the keshe pain aid pad under the aching arm. While i was dealing with her. When i had touched mistakenly the arm she become nearly crying an d said painful and very stress. So i become sure she was really feeling pain. She was lying there like that. Then i went to another room opened my pc and started thinking. I was really expecting she and her mother soon to go hospital should i call ambulance or taxi? This was what i was thinking. And my wife told about 5-10 minutes later she says she is ok she feels no more pain. I did not believe much and said ok, her mother speaking, anyway if she says so. And my daughter after a while came near to my room was hanging with same arm which was aching 15 minutes ago and whole during last night could not sleep for this reason. She was hanging on the bathroom handle and playing happyly with it and looking at me. I got little schock and felt a good suprise as it was certain proof pens and pad worked nicely. My wife was little supicious about it now she knows it works. This technology saved me certainly time and money and created peace and hope in my family. Thank you all for sharing this knowledge.           

Laura Trimm - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

I made an Infinity QuadCore Health Pen with 18 gauge wire from watching Mike Nashif's video, dipped it in a mixture of Breast Milk and Co2 GANS, and stuck it in a plastic Doobie container. My 4 year old grand son hurt his toe while rough housing and was whining, and I asked him to sit beside me and try out Grandmas new Health Pen. We sat there for about 1 1/2 minutes and he turned his head sideways and looked at his toe and said "Grandma, did you make my toe not hurt?" and I said "Well, I dunno, does your toe not hurt?" and he said "No, you made it not hurt?" and I said "I guess the pen did if you don't hurt...". He was all better... Thanks and God bless you Mike! heart-emoticon smile-emoticon

Heart Ascending - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

My 9 year old son suffers from growing pains really bad. He was begging me last night after 2 salt baths and time with the heat pad on his leg for medication. I wrapped the pain pad I made with seawater Gans around his leg and 20 min later went to check on him. He said the pain was gone - that he felt something move around and then his leg went numb. He had the biggest grin on his face! Hallelujah there is something that actually works on his growing pains!

Martha J Hart - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Another update on the pain-pads: I have been taking pain pills now for about three years, and even with them I only sleep about 4 hrs. Last night I went to sleep with the bigger pad and choose not to take my pills. I had the best sleep I have had in years, although my cat woke me up at 4am I did not feel tired, I felt rested: I only wish now that I also took this on vacation: Thank You Jackie Power Ausich you rock:

Jan 28 2016:
Just a little update on the pain pads someone gave me: I have had lower back pain and pain in my hips for years. I have had many shots in both my hips and my lower back only to give me slight relief. I wore the pads everyday that I was on vacation, I walked, up and down stairs and rode a bus for 12 hrs home. Now when I have ridden a bus that long I can hardley move, my feet swell and I am in so much pain. I am telling you I was tired but I did not have any of the past issues: I love the pads, will someone please send me info on how to make them??? I would love to start doing it soon, again thank you I believe:

Jan 15 2016:
Good Morning: I received my Pain Pads from Jackie Power Ausich and here's an interesting little tid bit: I had a sinus headache all day, could not get rid of it: When I took the pads out of the envelope and removed the pads and set them right by me my nose started to clear and within 15 minutes my headache was gone. I took one pad out and wore it for about three hours and my energy began to change, I felt a warmness from my lower back all the way down both legs and the pain in my lower back began to ease. I believe: I will let you know more later: I am going on vacation and will be traveling by car I will not be on-line until I return on the 26th of Jan. Love and Light to all: Keep up the good work:

Corine P. - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Beautiful visual example of how the plasma field interacts with us: 
Susi Glas posted this two images, first one is a regular kirlian picture and second one was made 15 minutes later AND with a health pad under his hand. 

Linkes Bild normale Kirlian Fotografie - 15- Min später wurde zweite Bild mit Healpat unter der Hand auf der Scan Auflage gemacht !!!!! 

Thank you for sharing Susi.