Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Cured my cough and shortness of breath
Pat Muscat - Wed April 15th MALTA
Category: Health

I have been 2 weeks suffering from pain cough and shortness of breath and chest pain and tightness and back pain as soon as I took the gans water all the symptoms where relieved my cough stopped the chest tightness was gone and even the shortness of breath like a miracle!

Treating dental pain and Aczema
tarek - Wed April 15th Syria Damascus
Category: Health

Yesterday, I suffered a very bad toothache with a heat,

so i spread the Gans on my face.

After about an hour, my toothache gone and the heat too.


I have an Aczema on my leg's skin also, so I spread the Gans on it about three times since yesterday. Now, it's very better

I used gans from 1C1L

One cup One Life & Twin Cup
Shawn - Mon March 09th Hawthorne, Florida
Category: Health

So far I have seen success in all of my cups, and people that I have shared with report they feel better after using plasma water from the GANS of all One Cup methods. Preparing to make cup care kits for family and friends. Thank you all.

First Gans
Alaska Suzon - Sat February 22nd
Category: Spiritual

February 20, 2020
The first Gans I created I saw a LUMINIOUS Aqua grow down towards the bottom in a curved bottom.
I felt the the luminous growing plasma fill the room & me!
When I went to bed I could still feel the plasma presence within me and without me.
Like a glowing cloud of LOVE!

Thanks Keshe!!
Alaska Suzon

Two years cancer free cat
Clyde Parry - Wed February 19th Southport, United Kingdom
Category: Health

It’s been two years this month my 13 year old cat has been cancer free. She got diagnosed with a lymphoma of the stomach after having a scan. My vet said it was the worst kind and she won’t last long. I ordered gans of co2 and started giving it to her everyday by mouth and also rubbed on her stomach, her drinking water was gans water from then onwards. I constantly prayed for her with the intention of being healthy. We tried giving her chemo at first to prolong her life so to let the gans work. She didn’t tolerate the chemo so could only have a few sessions. However, this was enough time for the gans to start working. The only thing she would eat was her favourite prawns so this kept her energy levels up. After a month she seemed to be getting much better and two months later the vet couldn’t believe she is still alive. I said to him to book another scan as I felt in my soul she was cured. When I saw the specialist with the scan results, she dropped the paperwork on the floor and seemed shocked. I said to her, my cats cancer has gone hasn’t it, she said yes with disbelief!! Sad thing is I tried to explain what had helped my cat and she didn’t want to know or should is say, she said I can’t know as it’s against my teachings and law! I couldn’t believe. It as it could save so many other animals. So here we are two years down the line and my beautiful cat Mota is happy and healthy as ever. I can’t thank mr meshes and all the knowledge seekers along with Dian Jarit. I know pass gans around to my old neighbours who need help with she’s and pains, it really works. Much love Clyde and Laura Parry

OneCup OneLife
Chakib Sebti - Wed February 19th Morocco
Category: Health

I made my CupOne Life, it's really effective against viruses !

Acceleration for Gans CO2 production with the use of a 1.5V battery
dante - Sat December 28th Italia
Category: Technology

This method is used to produce CO2 GaNS more or less (CO2 85% and Zn15%) .
In a plastic container I immersed in a 6% NaCl salt solution, two plates: one zinc and one copper-nanocovered, connecting them to a 1.5 Volts battery.
The experiment allowed me to see how the flow propagates during GaNS formation.

CO2 gans neck tube
Atsuko Takashi - Mon December 23rd Chiban Ken, Japan
Category: Health

Atsuko's mother-in-law is 96 years old, her neck is rigid and can’t turn freely, she prepared CO2 neck tube for her, with 200 cc in the tube. People said it's a little bigger, she thinks that would bear more energy.

She went to visit her mother-in-law after that, she expressed she likes the gans cream she gave to her last time. She truly thinks it’s a great joy to study something about gans, her sister said she is doing good deed, it’s great.

Please note, the gans she used is sea gans without washing the salts, leave there for ONE MONTH before harvesting.

Copper coil has been nano coated for ONE MONTH, and use chopstick to introduce into the tube,

Her experience on several aged people is simply using copper coil, can feel good and comfortable, but the pain can’t go away. Her experience is there is a need to combine sea gans together with nano copper.

Lower back pain
Changiz d parchini - Sun September 29th Houston, Texas
Category: Health

Thanks to Mr. Keshe my lower back pain is gone.
Because of pain pen.
It rocks!

Graduation Work in Agronomy
Thomas Paul Böckler - Wed September 25th Cascavel, Paraná, Brazil
Category: Gardening

Hello, my graduation work in Agronomy was "INFLUENCE OF THE USE OF NANO-SOLID GASES IN THE GROWTH

ABSTRACT: Nanotechnology involving the use of nano-solid gases has a low cost of obtaining the raw material, leaves no residues in the manufacture, provides a healthier food and makes agriculture more sustainable, so the objective of this work was to evaluate if the use of fertirrigation with CO2, ZnO, CuO and CH3 gases, in the nano solid state, improve corn crop growth and soil fertility.

The experiment was carried out in the greenhouse of the FAG University Center in the Municipality of Cascavel, during the months of March to May 2019. Seven experiments were carried out with eight replications, using solid nano CO2 gas and a combination of the nano solid gases CO2, ZnO, CuO and CH3. In addition to the weekly irrigation with the treatments, a daily irrigation with artesian well water was performed. The experiment was carried out in pots, and the substrate was prepared with ragged clay soil, without correction and sand, in a ratio of 1: 1.

After 45 days of planting, the plants were removed from the vases for evaluations. The mean root length, plant height, number of leaves per plant, and total fresh mass of plants were evaluated. The use of water containing 5 mg/dm³ of the mixture of CO2, ZnO, CuO and CH3 nano solids presented better results in root length, height and yield and total fresh matter of the plants. Thanks Mr. Keshe for all the teachings and all of you involved in this beautiful tecnology.