Keshe Foundation Testimonials

First signs that CO2 pad can make you younger?
Libby - Wed January 20th
Category: Health

Here is a remarkable story from Jackie using the health pad

"Ok here goes I really didnt want to share this but my friend told me I need to do it for science lol so here goes, this is in regards to pain pads experience directed to woman, I wear my pain pad all the time it gives me energy pain relief and less hungry or tho that is not what I need it is still keeping me in balance, but what I have noticed and also a friend with the same experience is having our menstrual cycle one in which both of us has not had for about 5 years, is anyone else having this symptom, one thing which is interesting is that in my mind I would still prefer to have this compared to hot flashes, so maybe it is giving me what I need lol ???? "


And the energy consumption keeps going down
- Wed January 20th Germany
Category: Energy

And the energy consumption keeps going down.

Pain in rheumatic knee gone in 5 minutes
The Spiritual Physicist - Tue January 12th
Category: Health

The pen was used on the rheumatic knee pain and the pain was gone in about 1-5 minutes after 2 months of being there. The resin Matrix is infused with a superconducting powder and turmeric etc. 

Source: YouTube

The 'magic' pen is working
Stephen - Tue January 12th
Category: Health

Comments from health practitioners that i gave the health pens to:

Hey Stephen, Bernadette here. I've been using your 'magic pen' and I actually think it's working. I haven't changed anything else yet the pain I've had for months now has decreased, I reckon by half. Yay! Thank you. I'll keep going with it.

I gave the pen that you made to a dear friend and she asked me to thank you... She said that she feels pure love coming from it...

The pen you made is just beautiful - I love it!! Been using mine every day - they almost speak to me!! And wearing the pendant every day hung from gorgeous beads that I have... It's changing me - affecting how I think ... Subtle shifts going on ... Changing my relationship to food .


First experiment
Ari Stone - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Health

This is my first experimental, (1st image below) commonly called, Keshe "Pain Pen". I'm calling these "P.S. Peace Pen(s)". For Plasma Sun Peace Pen, as not only has mine taken away a lot of my pain/s its also bringing me emotional peace.

I am better at posting on Instagram ( updates and images, than on FB. So feel free to visit my IG page, as I do tend to do more there than here.


Start In a nut shell, I was in a 'minor' car accident in 2010 where I was in the backseat of a small car and we got rear ended by a big SUV in stop and go traffic. I came as close you can to breaking your neck without actually breaking it. I did chiropractic for a while, but was unable to fincomplete full treatment. Since then, I've had back issues and this past 2-3 months a LOT of pain on the top of my left foot and serious left leg hip issues. So bad that one day it literally floored me and I had to lay in bed the rest of the day using the ProWave 101 device (an excellent device as well). It helped some but was slow and I was unsure which of the back programs (or otherwise) that I needed the most, as there were many I could see needed. It did help some for sure.

Pre pen

I stopped using the ProWave to give a better "Peace Pen / no-Pain Pen" test) about 5-7 days ago. I've been using the below Steampunk Peace Pen (1st image) on and off again. I've worn it for hours around my neck, ankles, carried it in my pocket, or pointed it at various parts of my body for shorter intervols. I take it on and off, in accordance with my body signalling me.

Start of pen use

Since I started, I have almost zero pain now in my left foot and I can squat without worrying about my left leg freezing up on me and flooring me again. The pain pre-pen was getting so bad it hurt to just walk most of the time. Through wearing this unit the past few days, not only has the pain contiually receeded, I've also had a variety of ankle, leg, and low back bone popping happening as my body puts itself back into place. I feel more peaceful, calm, and clear headed too. My muscles and joints everywhere also feel a lot less stiff too. I used to wake up in the morning feeling all stiff, now that is lessening too with each day of use. I'm very pleased so far with this unit and will eventually post a video showing how I make these.


For this Steampunk P.S. Peace Pen I use:

14 guage copper wire (stripped of plastic) for all parts

Fire & Water Nano Coated Copper Wire

4 ClockWise wound (anti-clockwise turned) coils fitting rather snuggly inside one another and inner wire only slightly loose to innermost coil.

12 turns each coil.

1 nano wire in the center

all coil ends left open, to focus energies more on the physical.

All coils Resin Coated to protect nano coat and adhear attached craft items

Resin coat OK

I was unsure if a resin coat would be ok, but it definitely apprears to be working, based on my own results! My mom does pretty accurate muscle testing and got a no for using something like E6000 anywhere that it might touch the coils. But, resin seems to be ok (muscle tested ok too...). At least the particular kind I got from my local craft store works great so far. My mom (chakra stones (4th and 5th images) Pen does use E6000...but, ONLY to attach the stones together, after they dried, I used resin to attach to the already resin coated coils.). My dad is also testing a version (not shown below), and my best friend (wand like Steampunk bling..with xtra-long center wire. I'll likely post updates 1st to IG and then FB if I have time.

Please feel free to share this post


Cristian David Carvajal Martin - Tue January 12th
Category: Food

In most plants I noticed a greater retention of moisture in the substrate. compared with no gans. The quality of the plant, the two apparently equal. The only disease or pest affecting all plants was one of small flies, which were located in the substrate, apparently did not attack the plant. Probably by the amount of soil moisture.

The other comparison is more flavor, aroma, especially strawberries.

In plant size, maybe a little bigger exposed to the Co2.

On the other hand, some of the pots have 3 rings with gans, one in the '' water tank '' at the bottom. Another ring on the potting soil, and another half of them buried in the ground. The intention was to create a favorable environment within these rings.

Other pots (the largest tomato) have gans rings placed in different position.

In the image of the elongated container with two interlocking rings placed on the earth, a curious thing happened, I do not know whether or gans due to lack of light. They gave me a purple basil, planted there and put the gans. The next day was no longer purple.

I finished the harvest may have more a photo. Now I'm doing other experiments, gradually will upload everything I've done so far is enough.


Co2 Gans water on our plants
Maarten Udema - Tue January 12th Netherlands
Category: Food

We are getting very impressed when we use Co2 Gans water on our plants! The cat grass is a nice example of how plants like it. We buy it once a month so we know how it grows. This one with gans water is seriously bigger then we ones we fed with normal water.Cut the straw inside the bottle about 10 cm from the bottom. Put gans water in the bottle, about 10%. Fill up the bottle with normal water. When it is finished about 10 cm will remain. Fill it up again with normal water. Let it mix for a couple of hours and use again. Repeat this process again and again.No difference in the cat's eating behavior but when we are making Co2 health pads she likes sitting on them.


Tomatoes in the garden for the first time
Tom Salas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Food

We have not managed to grow healthy tomatoes before, but after about 6 weeks of receiving energised water they are looking good. The plant with the Gans tube was struggling and looked like it was fading away, but after 1 week with the tube is feeling much better.

Source: Facebook

This bill is from last month
Robert Stubblefield - Tue January 12th
Category: Energy

The reading of 47822 is from 01/02. The reading of 47986 is from 01/07 at about the same time (22 minutes apart). That means I was using an average of 2.875 kilowatts per hour last month (November). Right now (December)I am using 1.366 kilowatts per hour. My savings from using the plasma technology is 1.515 Kilowatts per hour. We turned the electric heater on and stopped burning fire in the fireplace around Christmas too. The electric heater was cheaper. Can you believe it??? Thank you Mehran Keshe and his crew.


Car setup
Tom Sallas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Vehicles

I have had this set up on the car now for a few months...nano coated wires wrapped to the battery connections and C02 Gans strapped to the top of the battery. the car doesn't do a lot of milage...more or less just up and down the mountain every other day, so she doesn't get pushed hard very often. i can't say that i have noticed reduced fuel consumption, but she is definitely feeling lighter, smoother and for an old car is feeling quite responsive....C02 in the gas tank next...i love plasma!