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Pain Free with Pain Pen
Linda M. Miller - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Dear Dr. Presser, I am in shock. Day 4. The last two mornings I’ve awakened PAIN FREE. Getting out of bed is, well–a pain. Yesterday, the pain slipped back, so I used the Pen again. Today, my spine is not hurting at all. This is unbelievable. Arthritis from neck to tailbone, including hip/spine congenital malformation–now relieved of all pain. I actually trimmed two small trees and did a bit of yard clean-up this morning and now sit here perusing the web, without the agony that typically follows any exercise. I’m ready to cry I’m so happy. A specific spinal issue has been plaguing me for forty years and arthritis has begun to prevent any sort of heavy exercise–I’m 67 physically. I’m 35 otherwise. I plan to revert physically. Hahahaa. You never know . . . . I look forward to receiving the pain pad, too! Thank you, a thousand times. And, a thousand blessings upon you and the Keshe Foundation. Sincerely, Linda M. Miller P.S. I elected to not tell my husband of my purchase. When I originally spoke to him about Mr. Keshe and his teachings, the words out of his mouth were, “Do Not Buy Any of That.” Well, OK then. I continued to read and research. I told my husband about the Pen this morning. He has a pacemaker and will not be able to use it. (Not true – just keep it away from his pacemaker). But, after hearing about my success he’s thinking about the fellows at his tennis club who suffer from various tennis strains and injuries. Now, that’s a switch. May 30, 2016 Source grace to Richard Presser:

Pain Pen experience
Demitra - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Hi Richard, Interesting testimonial from Linda because I've been using my Pain Pen in a similar manner (read how Linda is using it here) -- the only difference is that I apply it to the soles of my feet. Because my problem area is the sinus/ears area, and since focusing the Pen too close to the eyes and brain is not at all recommended, I decided to apply the plasma energy to my toes to see if it would have any effect on my sinuses. Admittedly, no miracle "cure" yet, but it does manage to alleviate the worst of my discomfort when I need it most. In another matter: after eating too much of a good thing last week and experiencing indigestion as a result, I applied the Pain Pen directly to the discomforted area and, surprisingly, within a few minutes the sick, bloating sensation was completely gone! Wow, I really hadn't expected positive results for this particular issue, so a score on this one, for sure. Also, bruises that are exposed to the plasma field of the Pain Pen seem to fade faster as well. Who wouldn't want that? My son says the point of the Pen is the perfect tool for his "trigger point therapy". When trying to reach down into deeper areas of very tense muscle tissue, it's not easy to do with one's fingers, so a firm tool of some kind is required. The Pain Pen fits the bill. Of course, we suspect that the plasma field generated by the Pen is helping release some of the painful tension in his affected muscles as well, so it's actually working double duty in his case. It sure is interesting discovering in what other ways this little gem can do good. You can be sure we'll continue testing out its limits to see if it has any. Thank you, Richard! Demitra July 22nd, 2016

The dull throbbing pain that used to bother me at night is gone
Marilyn - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

I contracted Lyme disease in 1998 after moving from the city to the country. I refused the antibiotics they offered because at that time they said Lyme disease was a virus. We now know that it is a spirochete. I suffered severe pain and eventually was paralysed. I couldn't work, lost my marriage and went to live with my mother, say good-by to my children and die. After a change in my diet, getting on thyroid medication and using oregano oil blends, I recovered enough to enter the world again. Most of my pain was gone, like the headaches, but I still suffered from constant joint pain in my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles. I have always refused pain medication. So when I read about the Keshe Pain Pen I ordered one. I have only used it a few weeks but noticed a difference overnight when I first started using it. I can go walking and gardening without the pain. I use my Pen in the mornings and then before bed. I point it at my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles for a count of 45 at each point. I am sleeping better as the dull throbbing pain that used to bother me at night is gone. It's quite unbelievable but true. I can't wait to see what else the Keshe Foundation will come up with. Thank you, Love and light Marilyn July 12, 2016

I am astonished at the results!!! Pain Pen for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carol James - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Had my Pain Pen for 2 days now. I am astonished at the results!!! As a long term recipient of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)...30 yrs... I have been left with sore back/knees/wrists with little movement and limited ability to physical activity. Always on the lookout for alternative help as opposed to pharma drugs hence the Pain Pen. Had almost instant results on my wrists being able to move them with no soreness. Knees/back are responding also... Now using for 1 minute each on several places around these areas... I am in absolute gratitude!!! Carol James July 13, 2016

Pain Pen on the foot reflexology point for the neck
Mary - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Due to a certain procedure one and a half years ago, I have a constantly painful spot on one wing of the Atlas, the top vertebra the skull sits on. As it is not advisable to use the Pain Pen near the brain, I could only apply it lower on the spine for a few days, without much change. After reading one of the testimonials I started to use it on the foot reflexology point for the neck, which happens to be on the big toe. After just two applications there was quite a lot of improvement, and after the third, all on the same day, even more relief. Boy, do I love my Pen! Yours, Mary October 18, 2016

One for me, one for a friend (Pain Pen)
Jane-R Lightner - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

I ordered a Pain Pen and Pain Pad, and received both what a pleasant surprise!!! I am delighted. I gave my Pain Pen to a very needy friend, unable to purchase at this time; she is constantly calling me expressing gratitude...she loves it! I now need to replace my Pain Pen; I really need it, so, I am purchasing two (2) just in case another needy friend makes herself known, I will have one to give away. Thank you so very much for being available! Jane-R Lightner Thank you, again!!!! November 4, 2016

On pain killers for 35 years, now relieved!
Mary - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Dear Richard, I purchased a Pain Pen for my husband and wish to tell you how he is doing. He has suffered from a back injury for the past 35 years and has lived on pain killers, codeine phosphate and tramadol for many years. Within minutes of using the Pen he had relief. I have waited until now to write to you as I wanted to make sure that it continued. Although he still takes the pain killers he is only taking half the amount he was previously. I also have noticed a difference in his moods; when he uses the Pen, he is much calmer and nicer to be around. I have knee problems, not bad enough to take pain killers but painful just the same but when I use the Pain Pen, the pain is gone within minutes. I am so happy and grateful to Mr Keshe and his team for producing this wonderful technology, also yourself, Richard, for marketing it. Thank you all, I am looking forward to purchasing the power units when they are available and I can drive my car without feeling guilty and heating and lighting my home in winter without having to worry about bills. Kind Regards Mary October 23, 2016

Pain Pen it's a must
Linda - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Dear Richard, Thanks for the update. I will continue to wait patiently. Fortunately I was lucky enough to borrow a Pain Pen from a very good friend. So far my cat has benefited enormously after an accident and I have used it to good effect on another friend's sciatica, my gardener's back issues, my partner's gout (showing good progress) and my own hip twinges!! Every Blessing Linda November 4, 2016

Pain gone in minutes
Mary - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Hello Richard, another success story for the Pain Pen. My daughter-in-law and son came to visit last weekend. She has a problem with her knees and is waiting for an operation. I gave her the pain pen to try and within minutes her pain was gone, my son also tried it; he has a back problem and it was also gone within minutes. My own knees are so much better I hardly need the Pen, now, and I have also started walking my dog for longer. Also, I started to practice my tai chi and qigong again. Have a beautiful and loving day. Mary November 4, 2016

I would hate to be without my Pen
Susan Fairley - Fri November 18th
Category: Health

Dear Dr Presser, Following injuries to both my left hip and colon some while ago I have been experiencing increasing levels of inflammation in the hip and joints generally, despite following what I consider to be good and up to date lifestyle habits. I purchased a Pain Pen and used it around the hip five times a day as per the guidelines, as well as placing the Pen in a glass of water at night and drinking the water each morning. The inflammatory pain greatly reduced, which helped a lot. Over the last couple of weeks or so I realised that I had not been using the Pen at all some days, or maybe once or twice due to leaving it in the drinking glass and constantly drinking the water. It was then that I realised my colon was more comfortable as well, and my hip inflammation was even less than before. Coincidentally I then received your announcement regarding the Alkalizer jug and listened to the accompanying factual video. Eureka... I realised I had been using a mini Alkalizer already. I have adapted it now to an hanging the Pen in its plastic bag in a jug... but this is not really user-friendly, and especially in a family environment, so I have ordered a jug and look forward to its arrival. I would hate to be without my Pen though. In fact I have two so that I can lend one out to friends. Currently it is being used on a friend's 16-year old cat who received injuries to his hip. The structural work has been done but his limp persisted and we felt this was probably due to pro-inflammatory tears. He purrs when the pen is applied a couple of times a day and has started limping less. This really seems to be helping him through the weeks needed for his tissues to completely repair. Thank you Mr Keshe. Susan Fairley October 28, 2016



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