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share my experience on feeding myself
Michael - Fri October 27th China
Category: Food

I come from a small study team of plasma technology in China, and my name is Michael.

My purpose is to share my experience on my experience on feeding myself just with plasma fields,
because I've see very big changes in my body since last year. Another reason is that I see many
people is trying to drink Gans water(liquid Gans plasma) which is taken from the top part
of the Ganses to energize themselves, through my sharing I wish they will understand that we don't
need drink it that way, Gans has not to be touching with water, and we don't even need drink water.

One years ago, My body weight is about 85kg, and I'm only 170cm tall. It is not because I'm a lazy man,
in fact I was very busy everyday, I have to run my factory, my business, and I drive 100 miles in average
everyday to meet my customers. Even though I eat a lot of high calorie foods, a lot of fat and meat everyday, I still feel that I've not satisfied sometimes. I even felt tired sometimes after I took a meal.

From exactly one year ago, I start drinking water from my health cup. It's not very effective at first,
and I don't have much feelings. Then I changed the design of my cup several times, from about September of last year, I found out that I'm losing my weight. In about three months, my body weight changed to about 65.
Now I keep my weight about 62~65.

What I've done is that drink water from my cup everyday and took
only very little food for supper. During the daytime when I feel that I want to eat something, I took cookies and cakes too. You know sometimes you don't felt hungry but still want to eat something.

The reason I kept on take suppers is for two reason, one reason is that my mother becomes very worried if I totally eat nothing.
The second the reason is that I found out that if I eat nothing, I'll lose my weight very quickly.
When I sitting on chairs, my butt felt very uncomfortable, because my butt is nearly one skin thick away from my bone.

Another very big change is that I and my families become incapable of eating animals, our body refuse it, if we took animal meat, it brings very bad feelings, very uncomfortable feelings. You know I and my families love to eat animal meat very much before, I can take even a single meal without meat. But now I find out that I'm incapable of eating them, and become very sensitive of foods, drinks. What I thought very delicious things before, now taste not good, sometimes even very bad.

The rest things I want to share is the design of my health cup. I even upgrade the design recently, I use a star formation structure in it, and I find out that it's very effective. My design of health cup has been enlightened by a lot of people, like Douglas, Alex and Arvis Liepa.

I wish more people can be enlightened by my sharing.

Yours Sincerely

Plasma Tea
Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Food

24H don't need food with PLASMA TEA,,

Email to request food station photos
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Tue August 09th Montana, USA
Category: Food

the email address to request the food station photos referred to in the food station testimonial is

Cristian David Carvajal Martin - Tue January 12th
Category: Food

In most plants I noticed a greater retention of moisture in the substrate. compared with no gans. The quality of the plant, the two apparently equal. The only disease or pest affecting all plants was one of small flies, which were located in the substrate, apparently did not attack the plant. Probably by the amount of soil moisture.

The other comparison is more flavor, aroma, especially strawberries.

In plant size, maybe a little bigger exposed to the Co2.

On the other hand, some of the pots have 3 rings with gans, one in the '' water tank '' at the bottom. Another ring on the potting soil, and another half of them buried in the ground. The intention was to create a favorable environment within these rings.

Other pots (the largest tomato) have gans rings placed in different position.

In the image of the elongated container with two interlocking rings placed on the earth, a curious thing happened, I do not know whether or gans due to lack of light. They gave me a purple basil, planted there and put the gans. The next day was no longer purple.

I finished the harvest may have more a photo. Now I'm doing other experiments, gradually will upload everything I've done so far is enough.

Source: Cristian

Co2 Gans water on our plants
Maarten Udema - Tue January 12th Netherlands
Category: Food

We are getting very impressed when we use Co2 Gans water on our plants! The cat grass is a nice example of how plants like it. We buy it once a month so we know how it grows. This one with gans water is seriously bigger then we ones we fed with normal water.Cut the straw inside the bottle about 10 cm from the bottom. Put gans water in the bottle, about 10%. Fill up the bottle with normal water. When it is finished about 10 cm will remain. Fill it up again with normal water. Let it mix for a couple of hours and use again. Repeat this process again and again.No difference in the cat's eating behavior but when we are making Co2 health pads she likes sitting on them.


Tomatoes in the garden for the first time
Tom Salas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Food

We have not managed to grow healthy tomatoes before, but after about 6 weeks of receiving energised water they are looking good. The plant with the Gans tube was struggling and looked like it was fading away, but after 1 week with the tube is feeling much better.

Source: Facebook