Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Incontro fra Anime 16.12.2022
Pierluigi Goi - Tue May 16th Gemona del Friuli
Category: Spiritual

Ho partecipato all'incontro di Anime del 16.12.2022. Eravamo corca 160 da tutto il mondo. Non ho avuto particolari sensazioni. Sono rimasto silenzio. Dovete sapere che sono felicemtente sposato da 30 anni. Ebbene, dopo un mese circa, verso fine Gennaio, sono iniziati dei cambiamenti molto significativi nel rapporto di coppia con mia moglie. Se prima era bello, ora è eccezionale. È un miracolo. L'esperienza che vivo è meravigliosa e ho notato anche un grande cambiamento in mia moglie. Le nostre due figlie notano questo cambiamento in noi e quanto ancora di più ci vogliamo bene e aiutiamo chi ci è vicino. È un momento straordinario, profondo e proficuo che ci da una grandissima gioia e pace. Grazie Mr Keshe e voi tutti ricercatori della conoscenza. Pierluigi Goi. Gruppo italiano Kf.

(English translation)
I attended the Anime meeting on 12.16.2022. We were about 160 from all over the world. I had no particular sensations. I remained silent. You should know that I have been happily married for 30 years. Well, after about a month, towards the end of January, very significant changes began in the couple's relationship with my wife. If it was beautiful before, it is now exceptional. It's a miracle. The experience I have is wonderful and I have also noticed a great change in my wife. Our two daughters notice this change in us and how much more we love each other and help those close to us. It is an extraordinary, profound and fruitful moment that gives us great joy and peace. Thank you Mr Keshe and all you knowledge seekers.
Pierluigi Goi. Italian group Kf.

3 star formation plasma dynamic reactor
sebastjan - Sun May 16th Sečovlje/Sicciole
Category: Spiritual

I made 3 plasma dynamic stars and each one consists of only one type of gans. I calculated that for 1mm of coating there is about 3ml of liquid. All reactors have a nano-coated wire or a central column in the middle. Approximately the same amount of liquid was put into all the reactors, with the difference that they had a different water / gans ratio. I placed the star with CO2 + ZnO gans to the north, CH3 to the east, and CuO to the west. I set the speeds of the Grav and Mag reactors of each star according to the sensations and the vibrations that occurred. I felt the field right at startup. I deliberately made a star of only one gans in order to feel each entity separately. I left the house for an hour and a half. When I got back the field was felt about a radius of 18m away.
I stood between the star CH3 and CO2 and felt the plasma pass into me ..I felt full and positive. I stood between CO2 and CuO and felt how what was hurting me was slowly being removed. I stood between CH3 and CuO and I felt how energy like kundalini fills me and fills me… I pulled away.
The important facts that need to be taken into account are: self-awareness as a soul and the limitations I have due to karma. Gratitude and permission that I allow myself in accepting.
I adjusted the star reactors for 3 days to get the right ratio between the Grav and Mag of each star. The reactors are made with a 3D printer with a PETG mass.
I stood in the middle where the common plasma formed. I felt strong light and plasma on several levels. I welcomed all 3 entities and asked them for acceptance and thanked them for their existence. I ask them every time if they have something for me and if they have something to teach me. At last they showed me how to hold hands and form a circle around the central pillar. This pillar, and in general to be in the middle of the burn, if one does not have pure thoughts, or is irritated, for it burns the darkness which is within me. I’m just not afraid of that because I’ve felt it many times before. This plasma works on me, but not on my soul ... I feel light on my soul. I feel it on my body and on my emotions.
I designed and assembled this system for the purpose of meditation, plasma learning, and light propagation in general. When I have no clear thoughts or too much thirst at once, some reactor stops a bit and goes off balance…. I am aware of this, I am correcting and settling. Plasma and entities accept me and allow me to manipulate it.
When I sit down in between, I immediately relax and my thoughts calm down immediately.
I meditate and direct the plasma and light where it is needed on earth and with all the beings who need it:
When I asked the plasma if it could be shared with beings in need of love or health it worked, but limited. I realized that this action was violent and I changed my mind. I asked if you work with people and beings who want or need health or love with those who accept it and a channel was immediately created. (In the past, I shared love with someone black who didn’t accept it and made a blockage on my arm ... I’ve learned that you can’t force love ... if it accepts ok, if not)).
The plasma field is growing every day, currently the radius is 30m. The entities allow me to have this field at home and also to have to share this knowledge.

Cup 1 and Cup 2 GANS and Plasma WAter
Randy Miller - Tue November 10th Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada
Category: Spiritual

Hi Randy,

Just wanted to ask you what are the small bottles in the package you sent to Ariana?

Ariana wasn't clear about what to do with them other than she needed to use them on either side of her bed.

When we opened the package today I held one bottle in each hand.
1st I held the white bottle in my left hand and the red bottle in my right hand. Energy from both at an equal pace went up my arms and then right to the top of my head. It felt as if my pituitary gland & energy systems were being balanced.

2nd I did the reverse. Energy went up my arms the same way and then to the base of my brain. It felt as if my pineal gland & energy systems were being

When Ariana did the same thing not sure which bottle was in each hand. One went to her mouth and lower jaw area and after the swap it was her third eye and forehead.

We opened the package just before we had lunch. During lunch we set each set in the middle of the table as if they were on either side of our bodies. By the time we finished lunch, I felt slightly flushed as if I was doing some healing or detoxing. If someone had touched my cheekbones they would have thought I was running a slight fever. Ariana said she felt something on her cheeks as well.

Ariana was interrupted by a phone call. While she was on the phone I looked into the mirror in the dining-room. The mirror reflected one of the prisms in her living-room window. The sun hit it and was glowing yellow. As I watched the prism started emitting a reddish light and I felt like a portal had been opened to higher dimensions. I asked to be receptive to what I was needing for my highest good. After a couple of minutes or less the red light faded to yellow, white and then was gone by the time Ariana returned to the dining-room. Coincidence hmm not likely as I have never seen that prism reflect anything but rainbows.

Very interested in learning more about your powerful "little" bottles.

Light and Love,

First Gans
Alaska Suzon - Sat February 22nd
Category: Spiritual

February 20, 2020
The first Gans I created I saw a LUMINIOUS Aqua grow down towards the bottom in a curved bottom.
I felt the the luminous growing plasma fill the room & me!
When I went to bed I could still feel the plasma presence within me and without me.
Like a glowing cloud of LOVE!

Thanks Keshe!!
Alaska Suzon

Teoría del Plasma
Ivan Ugidos - Fri February 03rd León, España
Category: Spiritual

Estudio Ciencia Cósmica en base al Yoga, podemos compartir valiosa información, dado que he estudiado vuestro materia que en medida tratan de lo mismo.

"I study Cosmic Science based on Yoga, we can share valuable information, since I have studied your subject that in measure deal with the same thing."

Ivan Ugidos


Powerful thoughts, words that can reach the souls
Peter Salocher - Fri December 23rd Austria
Category: Spiritual

Sometimes, like today, I wake up in the middle of the night, with wonderful thoughts, thoughts that have been given to me, and I know I have to get up to write it down, because they are powerful thoughts, words that can reach the souls.

It is the night from the 21.12 to the 22.12. Yesterday was the final date for world peace. Mr. Keshe stated, that from this day on, he will force it, if peace is not reached by then. 
A powerful statement, and I know Mr. Keshe good enough to see he is not jesting with such things; he really means it the way he said, and it feels very good. We all want peace, there is maybe only a handful of beings that make a fortune out of wars, and it might be long overdue, someone to come to force them for peace. So for us there is nothing to be afraid of.

It might be a little early to say something about, how can things change over night? They do. 
Everything is depending on conditions, there are stronger conditions and weaker conditions. Always the stronger dictates the weaker.

Mr. Keshe is a very strong man, and therefore represents a very strong condition. There are celebrities out there in the world, peoples that we can see every day in the news, the so-called rulers of the world, but compared to him, they are the weak ones. Because true strength always comes from the soul and not from tangible conditions.

I know, there are people, thinking that I want just to please him, saying these words, but for me nothing is further apart from my state or mind because there is no need for me to please to anyone. This I have already found out in a long life experience.

Therefore the only importance for me is to follow my own inner soul, this is the only thing that matters, And that's also the reason, why I joined the Keshe Foundation about one and a half years ago.

I do not follow the Foundation, but I am following my own inner soul, and I found, they are just the same as me.
We speak the same language.
And together we all form, a big dynamic Plasma, consisting of countless plasmatic magnetic rays, or little plasmas.

So what would be more obvious, than to go together with the like-minded ones.

I have been ignored by the so-called society, by the authorities, the whole of my life, and finally I accepted to count nothing in this world, and just to be. I have always felt what happens to this world is not my game, they haven't set me up as a player, so I am only an observer. And I observed a lot, in a way I am a witness of many, many, things.
Its always the best to accept things that you can't change, but not many can do this so easy.

With 40 years I wrote a wonderful book about 12 trees, but in a way it was more a book about the attributes of the Creator. It is said,“I created man in the image of myself.". The creator has no tangibility, so his image are his attributes. In the trees I have found 12 of them. Well Mr. Keshe speaks about the 99 attributes and I have only found 12, but I am happy with it, 12 is better than nothing, closer to the Creator, and it gave me the understanding how wonderful we are blessed by the Creator, and that in reality we need nothing from the outside world, because we have everything already within us.

It was not given to me, to bring out this message far and wide at that time. Peoples have not been interested so much in the Creator, they had important things to do. So all this has been waiting for the time we are in now. That's why for me, I see it like the assets that I bring with me, joining our Foundation. And another asset is that I never stopped to be a child, I can still jump, turn around and marvel about the many wonders in the universe.

So at last I became a player in the game as well, together with you, my many friends from the Foundation, walking side by side. I believe you may have more or less the same story behind you, because we are of the same. Also it would be nice to meet with you, in the physical world. I know it is not necessary because each and every one is in its best place to be, and there is a lot of work to do now.

And we know, we are all one.
One race, One nation, and One planet.

Peter Salocher


True movement of the Earth-AXIS - axis-wobbel clockwise in ONE YEAR
Stefan Sattler - Tue December 06th Innsbruck, Austria
Category: Spiritual

Innsbruck,Austria,4.December.2016... stefan:sattler ...or read here


The true movement of the earth (the syrian dance/the wobbel Clockwise!),how to start to rotate the moon and other misunderstandings in our current view of our solar system and galaxy ! For further elaboration of the PYSICS of plasma/magnetical-gravitation go to the Pro's: ....will help you understand and PROOF what i discovered !!!!! For further elaboration of the full template of the creation of Life,matter,soul,energy,kathara-Grids,Veccas and Eckahs go look beloved sister Theresa Talea Proposing a "new" cosmology beyond Death science If you (under-) overstand the teachings of Mr Keshe and the Information given by Theresa Talea : then there shall be NO DEATH for you anymore !!!!!! We are going to communicate with the "ALL That IS/The Pure Essence"........i love to call "Life Itself"! It is high times - DEAL WITH IT,my friends! We are presenting to you KRYSTHAL SCIENCE !

1. True movement of the earth we know earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself,ok. But what we didn t understand until i discovered it , is why earth-axis is while earth is revoluting "seemingly fixed" to a certain direction in space when viewed from outside the solar-system. I know ,science is telling you it is because of "inertia".....but ,there is no inertia......!!! Inertia was "invented" - like soo very often in science- when they don t know 'shit' but don t want to give up on their FALSE assumption and theories. It s proven already by the new understanding of physics by the Keshe-family, so i don t have to waste my time with that BS. Now imagine earth rotating around the sun and imagine the axis is tilted(23,4 degree) to the sun and let it rotate while imagine the axis always pointing to the sun(middle).... ...obviously ,in reality, it is not doing it like this,coz if it would ,there would be summer all year on the north-side of the earth.......... ....then now ask yourself : what force is pushing the axis per quater-year an additional 90 degree to the right (clockwise) so that it is as observed in reality ?????? these 'two movements kind of annihilating" each other if viewed not from the earth but from outside the solarsytem (the galactic space)......that swhy we obviously never really thought about it........we just never recognised that WE DON T HAVE A SUFFICIENT EXPLANATION FOR OUR OWN EARTH'S MOVEMENT !!!!!!!! that movement is what i called the 'syrian dance' ( until recently i still had the mistake in my thinking to perceive it as going Counterclockwise - that was wrong) it's the movement we think of when we discribe the wobble which leads to what is called 'the precision of the equinox'. The last piece of the puzzle i learned from Mr Keshe (better make yourself familiar with his teachings!): gravitational flow is running Counterclockwise and magnetical flow is Clockwise. Which brings us to the full understanding: the movement of the earthaxis (CW) is determent by the (electro-) magnetical RE-flow of earth, that s why to the right (CW)....and is a very HIGH probable guess that the axis bent/tilt is as well being dominated by the magnetical flow : meaning being for a long time 'treated' by it's own FALSIFIED electromagnetical pulse brought in the tilt more and more over the centuries. You still think that the pyramids,megaliths and other Ley-line-connected 'buildings' are POSTIV for life on earth ?????? Better think again......these places and the enteties and ideas behind are RESPONSIBLE for a lot suffering which happend here on earth and to us. THEY DIDN T UNDERSTAND - or at least only the half truth ...and we all know that half truth is far worse than even NON-truth!!!!! That Non-understanding of the full cosequences of True natural science was responsible for not only the Atlantean catastrophy but lot's more ....until this day!!!!! Guess you know, that even today all the secret societies, scientific fundamentals,black magic-shit...all is going back to that FALSE understanding of the flow of enrgy and life ! Now, when we understand this, then we can start to do that what I always dreamt of : repair/HEAL the earth ....helping earth to get it's axis straight again,,healing and balancing her field and with it the fields of all the beings here on earth!!!! If we are true Masters of the understanding of life : we gonna do that just with CONSCIOUSNESS - no need for material tools but sure we can combine both - as for now ,we have (thx keshe and family) the tools to work in TRUE ALIGNEMENT WITH NATURE,so sure we can use TOOLS as well!!! I guess by now everybody should have understood that our (and all nature's ) DNA is heavily influenced by this field...(that s why we have become humans who eventually die - THAT'S NOT OUR TRUE NATURE !!!) if this field is squeezed ( which it is)...our DNA is squeezed as well.... btw. that is the reason for all this stupid Fibbonacci and golden mean,flower of live,sacred geometry- BULLSHIT !!!!!! That is NOT the natural way how lif is extending and creating....fibbonacci-sequence is the distorted version of the Krysthal spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and so forth) ....the numbers seem familiar????? AAAhhhhh, yes,right, you got it : that's the SAME number-sequence upon which computers are working,yeah,congratulation,it looks like your brains are stll working ! It has something to do wiwth 'scalaar waves'...with their geometry: contrary to the fibbonacci sequence ,which is selfconsuming(meaning from the 7. position ( value 55 )onward there is no real growth anymore, it stays at the golden mean =1,6...), the Krysthal spiral stays'open within'.....meaning it remains in contact from the source to the manifested,which gives it plasmatic,living balancing properties. Or put simple : that's what is called LIFE.......being connected, being in the flow !!! btw: that's why the number of possible RE-incarnations is limited to 7.......coz after the 7th position on the fibbonacci-sequence our original template is tooo much damaged to hold its form anymore and withers to SPACE-DUST !!!! Re-incarnation in itself is UNNATURAL - i repeat : we are not meant to die at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Understanding this there is a very high (near certain) probability that what we call the 'precision of equinox' ( cycle of approx. 25500 years) is then NOT a wobbel but it s just a 'running a little slower compared to previous cycles' and NO WOBBLE at all !!!! the little difference of the sideric and the 'solar' year (difference between one full cycle of 'syrian dance' and one revolution around the sun) summed up over 2000 years will bring it in a position-change of 30 degrees less of the full 360-circle! it's just slowing down a liitle........maybe because it's rotation is not that smooth as it should be with a straight axis??!! 2. ) How to rotate the moon Now understanding this will bring us to the next possible option of understanding that it is possible to start to rotate the moon again and bring new life to our sister-planet. we could either think about doing it with Keshe magnetical-gravitational technics by creating a field on the moon,which then will bring in the voila, we will be able to create water,energy,atmosphere,etc. which itself will strenghen the field/atmosphere even more so that the interference between the earth and moon grows stronger until the point where we will have resonance which is nothing else as communication of forces !! Even more easy and probable is it when all this will happen while the earth-axis is already straightend up, cause then all three movements(rotation and revolution of earth, revolution of th moon around earth) will happen in one vibratory plane/oscillations plane which heavily increases the chances of interference/'s kind of an overtone,which is created in harmony with the base-tones of each movement of it's own. If we learn to do this....there will be plenty of other planets,moons waiting for us (Ceres,Europa,,planets in the Kuiper-belt and what not........yes,an endless fitting for beings who's lifespan is endless as well ......hahaaahhaha, can you live with that ?????? Are you able to live with yourself for an eternity ??????? When i look how full of hate and shit many of us are, i guess that will be the most difficult part for many ??????? There will be no more 'running away from yourself"! 3.) Galactic Distostions and Phantom-Galaxies Theresa Talea and Shapa Talea (mother and Ex-prophet, quite cool state of mind imho !) are the two humans currently on earth with the deepest understanding of the composition of the creation and the "false/distorted" creation of this multiverse! I just want to mention briefly,cause this might be a little too much/'hard' for some of you. The process of "awakening/ascension/becoming conscious" is always paralleled with the healing of our environment,coz we are always interactively connected to our environment. So. it is natural that I/we find out about the axis/rotation-tilt and about how to heal, while we are right now in the awakening state ....(the healing which i mentioned above). But it doesn t end with the earth and moon.....No, this is just the beginning...there is a lot, lot more to find out, to repair/heal, to fully understand of the history of our solar system,galaxy and beyond.....and we have to fully understand the history, for without understanding there is NO useful/beneficial acting. We will learn how Galaxies are created : naturally and what was done in creating Unnatural ones by entities lacking full "KRYSTHAL Knowledge". (the KATHARA-grid ) So, I will stop here, coz I just wanted to work out "the direction where to go" wishes ... your 'little brother' stefan aka TasUrInChi


Message of a Soul
Peter Salocher - Mon September 19th Rome
Category: Spiritual

The Conference of the Universal Council in Rome

Coming back from the Conference, I wanted to report the news, but couldn't do so, because of a Hacker attack on Facebook. So I was occupied the whole day preventing bad things to happen. So I thought maybe then, its better not to report much.

But one thing I must share, it is very precious to me, and I want it to share with the whole world and in a way it encompasses the essence of what we experienced in Rome. It was a 22 hours giving and sharing day by day. When I came back I felt a little bit dizzy, but doesn't matter, in my soul I felt stronger as ever before.

The last day Mr. Keshe asked me about my Gold reactors and said I could have become a very rich man. I answered, that my treasure is in the heaven, up stairs, and that I don ́t need much. More money, more problems. I still think that was the only right answer to give.

For me, I discovered the mystery of life, its the giving. Universe is a giver, the sun is a giver the creator and his partner are givers, plasma is a giver and I think we can understand the plasma only from this point of view. We heard Mr. Keshe many times speaking of that.
But how many grasped it?

I believe Mr. Keshe is the strongest man in the world maybe in universe. I want to become as strong as him. He is my perfect example. There was a Bulgarian Master, Omraam Micael Ivanhov, he always said: "Search for the strongest example, your very best Idol and try to become like him“, this would be very beneficial for your soul.

So now I know, which road I have to take, its the way of giving. In a way its not new to me i always tried to live that way. But thanks to Mr. Keshe my giving will become stronger as ever. A way of giving so that your left hand (the taker) does not know what the right hand (the giver) gives. Not looking what comes back, but looking what goes out from you and knowing that you will get more only in order to be able to give more.

We have been educated in a very mad system that exist since thousand of years and doesn't match the way the Universe works. It was a man made prison. We must learn from childhood how to be able to take, how to get a good job that brings us good income how to use your elbows to get a good place,how to be the first. We know nothing else than taking and fighting and have become a very bad species with never ending wars and suffering.

Mr. Keshe came to free us, but we have to go out of that prison by our self. The way is our giving. The greed can only end if we make a complete 180 degree turn.

I remember Mr. Keshe saying, right before the Washington event, that his greatest fear is that man will stop sharing, if they have all they need. And I made myself a promise, that this will not happened as long as I live. I am not alone and believe many others felt the same way, so it would be better say, this will not happen as long as WE live. Because WE are already one.

So our only concern and our only fear shall now be, that we have not given enough. Its not important what others say about us, it is only important, that in the end, we can stand the judgement of our own soul.

So all becomes very easy, we want to learn more about plasma, we just give, we want to become strong, we just give. And the good thing is, we do not even have to learn something new, everything we need is already within us. We can give a smile, a helping hand, we can give knowledge, we can help the good things in others to face the daylight, we can comfort, our presence can uplift and we can even use our words and our voice to elevate the soul. We are in a upward going torus, and there is no end. Only we our selves can stop the process.

We discussed in Rome about the world situation and that even if we are in the millions, compared to the world population, we are very rare, and one dear soul said, maybe we are just the gans of humanity. I found this very appropriate so in changing our self we will change the whole planet. So let us give the way we have never done before, lets give as if it would be the last opportunity to do so, lets be so contagious that we may infect each and every one, lets celebrate the real life.

This was the experience that I wanted to share with you and what I think is most important to know if we work with the plasma, or better the other way round if the plasma decides to work with us.

The only problem now will be, that others has no more excuse now, they can not say anymore they didn't know what to do. They have read my words and they have to act.

With all my Love,
Message of a Soul

Communication with plasma beings (early January)
Gina O'Connor - Fri February 05th Nuenen, Holland
Category: Spiritual

A few weeks ago, on the Golden Age of Gans on Facebook, Tom Salas showed a black and white photo he took of a plasma being that he sees near his home. I commented to him and others that it was very beautiful and if we look at the photo he took, we can connect to that being. No one took the opportunity to do that, at the time, but Tom then requested that I do so. He wanted to know why it had not been around as much lately. I replied that I would meditate on this and try to communicate with it and tell him in the morning what came through. We discussed that this topic may be too much for some people there, but that we would do this anyway because we want to be transparent in what we do and who we are, not hiding anything. He said that it was just for fun. But I told him, it is not just for fun because out of respect to the plasma beings, I take their communication seriously. It is important to let them know that we don't just do this as a joke or pr etend to play around. On the other hand, I do it in the spirit of playfulness and creativity because that is free flowing and I don't say that I am the only one that can do this. I believe its possible for everyone to do this (and by the way, no devices are needed!) What comes through for me may be different for another person, so I don't claim to have all the truth or wish anyone to put anyone else on a pedestal for being able to communicate with them. It is all of our birthright to be able to communicate with anything with respect and equality. So here is the communication that came through on that day. There could have been much more, but I just stopped it and let it be as it is to give him this message in answer to his questions and also what came through. By the way, the communication that I get comes through images, sounds, songs, words, phrases, feelings, laughter, tears, and sometimes tastes and smells. When a song comes through, I usually don't know the lyrics completely until later. The lyrics are symbolic of the message and the sound of the music also gives a feeling and message. Hi Tom, Here is the communication that I get from these photos of the plasma being. You ask, is he okay? Big, huge, YES!!! And he thinks it’s a little funny to ask that because of what he is. He is not a he, by the way, he is neither a he nor a she. For the sake of writing, I will write he for now to make it easier. He is very very powerful and can and will get stronger. He is connected to you or an extension of you. He is a guardian and guide. He is there when you help and because you help. You can draw strength from him when you need it. He really likes music and sound and gives me some songs as messages. The first song he gives is—“Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Creedance Clearwater Revival. Pay attention to the lyrics, sound and even the band name-- (CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- give this creedance) Long as I remember the rain been comin' down Clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground. Good men through the ages tryin' to find the sun. ------->(the Sun as in Gans and the Sun as in Light/Source) And I wonder still I wonder who'll stop the rain.----->(not only is the plasma helping to stop the rain, but also the rain symbolizes that which stops the Sun or the Light from coming through-- Knowledge/ higher power/ Divine) So in answer to your question about the storm, this may be related- he may be stopping the storm. He also answers that “atmospheric pressure” is a reason you don’t see him, but its just the visibility factor, not who he is. I feel he may be busy helping the situation. He also gives the lyrics from the Beatles song called “Because” Because" Aaaaaahhhhhh... Because the world is round it turns me on Because the world is round...aaaaaahhhhhh Because the wind is high it blows my mind Because the wind is high...aaaaaaaahhhh Love is old, love is new Love is all, love is you Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry Because the sky is blue...aaaaaaaahhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh He is speaking of you and of himself and his nature. It is all about LOVE. It is the peace that saves the world. It creates the world and makes it go around. One more song he gives is a song called, Our Day Will Come Our day will come and we'll have everything. We'll share the joy falling in love can bring. No one can tell me that I'm too young to know; I love you so and you love me. Our day will come if we just wait a while. No tears for us, think love and wear a smile. Our dreams have magic because we'll always stay In love this way, our day will come. So he is saying to look up, be positive and things ARE going to change for the better! The plasma and energy beings will have their day. It is coming and it will be beautiful, just as the song expresses- "our day will come". Further, he is a kind of small galaxy that you can wear or be enveloped in.. and it builds in strength or energy. Although this photo is in black and white, I feel he or they are golden (even though your photo is black and white) and I also hear them say they LOVE you because of all you do and who you are inside. Other than that, do you feed him? He is hungry. You can feed him to show support, recognition, give energy, balance and gratitude. This is normal and a sign of respect and love. Response from Tom—he said the reading was accurate and that he also felt they were not visible due to atmospheric pressure. Further, I told him he can already communicate with them in a beautiful way. He acknowledged this fact. He said that it was his mom who was having problems connecting to them. I gave him advice on how his mom or anyone could connect by recognizing the signs within one’s own self and being and trusting your inner voice. She may already have contact, but does not recognize it and thinks it would be different. He later responded that it was successful for his mom and thanked me. See post below. Tom Salas--Update from the plasma beings... Further to a very nice communication with Gina O' Conner. We have not seen out friends for sometime, so we actively called them yesterday and they came on request...they were glowing golden, and floating soon as I reached for my camera they disappeared...they came back three times, and on the last time I got a very distant tiny little bit of video, which I will have to process to see if I can zoom in a bit...but it was very nice to see/feel them again. Thank you Gina O'Connor for helping with the communication ...we knew we would see them last night! One love. Gina O'Connor: Thank you for the update. I appreciate it and it did feel to me like there are golden. How is your mom doing with her connection to them? I am glad to hear they came for a visit again. I am not surprised that they respond to your call so quickly. Blessings to you, your mom, and the plasma beings there smile emoticon heart emoticon Like • Reply • 2 • 12 January at 15:25 Tom Salas: Thanks! Mums doing fine, and is obviously now able to call on them, and is very happy.

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