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gans waters experiments
Ramdane At Mansour - Tue September 05th France
Category: Health

Experiences of dowsing on the waters of gans
By Ram
I have been practicing dowsing for some twenty years. This para-science allows a great number of actions and investigations according to the capacities of its followers, from the healers (magnetizers) to the dowsers and through numerous possible searches in everyday life.
I discovered that I had a sensitivity to telluric forces, which allows me, among other things, to easily identify underground watercourses.
First steps in Keshe technology
Mr. Keshe's work on magnetism led me to test my reaction to the gans and the waters of gans. I was surprised to observe a clear and reproducible effect. I immediately tested (for the first time!) My sensitivity to the magnets: it proved to be strong and unequivocal : I could distinguish the type of pole directed towards my pendulum through the direction of rotation of the pendulum, so I know whether I am dealing with a positive (magnetic) radiation or a negative (gravitational) radiation.

Thus I was able to characterize the gans, their waters and also amino acids. Initially I had limited myself to the qualitative side, then, having contacted colleagues dowsingists, I found that attempts are made to measure vibratory rates. I then took the initiative to do it, too, with all the usual precautions. One fact reinforced me: the reproducibility of my results.
Other dowsingists reported different values from mine. I attribute these differences to differences in sensitivity. In any case, I am careful not to pretend to hold the truth alone, and I remain open to any criticism or suggestion.

The table below summarizes my findings.
The values of the vibration rates are given in thousands of Bovis units.

CO2 44 (magnetic)
ZnO 34 (magnetic)
CuO 42 (magnetic)
CH3 51 (gravitational)

Waters of gans:
CO2 68 (gravitational)
ZnO 68 (gravitational)
CuO 82 (gravitational)
CH3 81 (magnetic)

Amino acids:
71 (magnetic)
73 (magnetic)
73 (magnetic)

There may be slight variations in values from one sample to another, but these are negligible, the order of magnitude remains the same.
It will be noted that a gan vibrates in opposition with its water. Moreover, CH3 is distinguished from the other three by the direction of the vibrations emitted. These initial investigations were communicated to Mr Keshe.

Experiences and conclusions
1. Health Cup
As suggested by Mr. Keshe, the cup of health consists of a large bottle containing water of gans, in which a small bottle containing pure water is immersed. We thus have two compartments containing different liquids separated by a glass wall. Only the large bottle is closed. After a few hours (half a day), the pure water becomes active while the water of the gans discharges completely.

It is observed that the activated water obtained has the same vibratory rate as the water of gans used: it therefore seems that we obtain water gans from the water of gans. Such an operation is useful only if the discharged water spontaneously recharges over time - I have verified that this is not the case - or when a little amount of water gans is used to activate a lot of pure water. It is this second approach that I have experienced.

By decreasing the quantity of water in the large bottle, the rate of activation of the pure water in the small bottle is not affected, but the surface of the glass wall is reduced. This wall was supposed to allow exchange between the two compartments. Thus the exchange takes place by another means, perhaps by the atmosphere common to both liquids, since the small flask is open. Indeed, if the small bottle is hermetically closed, activation does not take place.

Two first conclusions: the glass is impervious to radiation, the water of gans radiates in the air.

2. Materials testing: application to patches
If the water is left in the air, it discharges after a few hours. Therefore, it must be stored in radiation-proof containers. I tested various materials.
Radiation-proof: glass, cork, wood, porcelain, some plastics such as milk bottles or foggers. Gans water discharges in bottles of mineral water - including those of Coca Cola - as well as in plastic bags. It keeps well in milk bottles, and in glass bottles corked with cork or porcelain.

One of the consequences of these tests is that, being covered with plastic, the patches risk losing their radiation. This is actually what I have found: a freshly prepared patch becomes inactive in a few hours. Does this lack of vibration mean a loss of curative efficiency? I am careful not to pretend it, only medical experiments could show it. On the other hand, knowing that the water of gans is permanent when it remains over its gans, I thought that the presence of particles of gans in the patch could help to stabilize it. I proceeded as follows : I used the gans water which floats above the gans after stirring, before the end of the deposition of the gans. I gather in this water fine particles of gans. Experience shows that these are sufficient to ensure the permanent activity of the patches made with this water. I also informed Mr Keshe, who, as I understood, knows the phenomenon.

Practical application of these data is the manufacture of water gans from water of gans. Since it is permeable to radiation, a tiny closed plastic bottle containing a few milliliters of water floats in a liter of pure water. The plastic wall separates the two liquids. The exchange is relatively fast: in about 6 hours, the pure water recovers all the vibratory energy of the small bottle, which completely discharges itself. The legitimate question that arises is: why not pour directly - without using the plastic- the few ml of gans water, in the liter of pure water? I mistakenly thought that it did not work because I had not observed activation in a few hours (as with the plastic bottle). In reality, if one waits at least 24 hours, the pure water vibrates like the introduced water of gans.

In conclusion both methods give the same result, but the time of manufacture of the gans water is at least 4 times faster with the plastic activator. I continue my research to try to understand this exchange phenomenon. I already have results that I will communicate once confirmed.


Pain Pen, Pain Pad and Plasma Water
P Hunter - Thu August 17th USA
Category: Health

I am writing to share my experience with the Keshe Foundation KfSSi Pain Pen, Pain Pad and Plasma water made with the Energizer & Alkalizer pitcher.

I was so amazed right away to be introduced to a product that didn’t need to be plugged in nor did it need batteries. The Pain Pen and Pain Pad never need charging and are always ready to use.

The Pain Pad is a large size soft material belt with a large flexible section that is the active area. This design makes it easy to use on different parts of the body. If you need to wrap a large muscle there is a large velco strip to hold the pad in place. I have two ways that work best for my personal needs. Since we must not use the pad on organs or the head I find I can get relief from headaches by placing the pad under my feet for 10 minutes or so and then repeat as needed. I also find relief from spinal pain by lying flat with the active portion of the pad on my spinal column. It is helpful for my hands, knees, elbows and other such areas as well.

The Pain Pen is very versatile. I find it relieves the pain and tightness in my hands, knees and other areas that are not near organs by applying the tip to the treatment area directly. With wanting to keep the Pain Pen way from the head and organs directly I have had success by using the Pain Pen on the different areas of the hands and feet that correspond with different areas of the body (reflexology charts for feet and hands used) I have had success with internal pain as well as relief from tooth and jaw pain and other areas that would be too close to the head or organs directly. This also works for my eye pain since I can’t put the Pain pen the on eye area directly. Another way this little devise has helped me is the amazing way it takes away the middle of the night toe curling legs cramps. These pains wake a person in such a terrible way but I keep my Pain Pen handy. I rub the tip up, down, in circles…whatever direction the pain is flowing and my toes release and the muscle relaxes and the pain stops in its tracks. Miracle??? Some who suffer such pain might say so!

Plasma water, water the gift of life, is the foundation to all that we add to our bodies. If the foundation is bad…you know the rest of that story. It was the Plasma water that I was first introduced to through a new dear friend. There is so much importance to an Alkalized body than most of us know. I was completely toxic by the time my friend met me. I was struggling to maintain 88 pounds. I had even had a good ole fashioned mercury filled tooth crumble. Dentist wasn’t an option. She was bringing me Plasma water as fast as she could make it in her Energizer & Alkalizer pitcher and I was drinking it until I floated. It took a couple of weeks for my body to settle down and begin to acknowledge the internal changes that were happening. Now that I have an alkaline environment to build on the nutrition I do get into me is being used more efficiently. I was able to go back and take a look at a blood test from three years ago that showed my blood ph was at 5. Very acidic. That was never addresses by any doctors. No wonder my body was consuming itself. After 6 months of drinking the Energized/Alkalized Plasma water I am actually building new tissues. I have a ways to go but am on the way to beginning to “fill out” my skin again. I truly was almost skin and bones. One doctor called it being emaciated. Additionally, I have been putting the Plasma water into the humidifier for my oxygen machine. When I started I was taking 2 different medications 4 times a day in a nebulizer and the oxygen support was needed continuously 24 hours a day. Currently I am down to 1 medication once a day and the other is twice a day. I am able to breath without the oxygen support for a few hours at a time during the day and use it at night mainly now.

For point of reference I will share some of my medical issues. I was born immune depressed. Even the soap I was washed with as a baby was made by a compounding pharmacist. My first challenge came at 6 months old when I had pneumonia and went into acoma. I was put into an oxygen tent for 10 days and finally pulled out of that. I have always been hypersensitive to most chemicals and medications. I am also unable to handle animal proteins. Most medications use or contain some type of animal protein. I have had many conditions before they had names for them. An example would be Sjogren Syndrome or Raynaud’s Syndrome which didn’t have a name until the 1970s. Along with a list of autoimmune system disorders (as they label them these days) the current conditions that I was supposed to expire from already are MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease) and End Stage COPD with about 25% pulmonary function (as of June 2016), a complication of the MCTD.

Now that the GANSes are available for everyone to purchase I will be starting the treatments using these to complete my healing processes. I will report my progress. After all as I like to say, I am to darn young to be this darn old. 

I am grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Keshe and every Soul that has come to the Keshe Foundation with the desire to help humanity.

Light, Love and Peace.

P. Hunter


Copper GANS water against illness of the leaves in fruit trees
Fransje Bik - Mon August 07th France
Category: Gardening

I used in March-April Copper GANS water to protect my fruit trees against the leaves illness and insects.

It worked, I have 99% healthy leaves in my little peach tree (other fruit trees too) and this is a miracle! The leaves of the apple trees are also healthy.

Next year, or even in November-December, I will do this again.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Fransje Bik


Magrav Results from April 2016 to July 2017
Marc du Soleil - Fri July 28th Dorfen,Germany
Category: Energy

I have build 2 magravs by my own and bought one at KesheFoundation ( I got it after about 100 days).
The first magrav I have installed on 17.04.2016. The second on 27.05.2016 and the 3. on 21.07.2016.
In the following lines I tried to make a little graphik with ascii-Chars, because I have no facebook-account to add a graphik-link.
I have logged for more than one year every day the consumption of my electric meter.
The whole consumption over one year was about 3600 kwh.
I assumed the following normal consumtption per day:
Jan (11 kwh), Fev (10,5 kwh), Mar (10 kwh),Apr (9,5kwh), May (9,2 kwh),
Jun ( 9 kwh), Jul (9 kwh), Aug ( 9,2 kwh), Sep (9,5 kwh), Oct (10 kwh),
Nov (10,5 kwh), Dec (11 kwh)
I hope the following Ascii-Graphik will show you how my saving is growing:

+0,35 |APR 16|
+10,38 XX|MAY16|
+15,22 XXX|JUN 16|
|JUL 16|XX -11,56 %
|AUG16|XXX -17,57%
|SEP 16|X -6,58%
|OCT 16|Xx -8,77%
|NOV 16|XXXX -19,13%
|DEC 16|XX -11,12%
|JAN 17|XXX -15,85%
|FEV 17|XXX -16,42%
|MAR17|XXXX -19,60%
|APR 17|XXX -13,23%
|MAY17|XXXX -20,06%
|JUN 17|XXXXXX -29,63%
|JUL 17|XXXXXXx -32,11%

Now I am saving about 3 kwh per day.
Thanks for that and thanks for all the healingful GaNSes.

Health with Co2, Zno and Cuo
Ludovic - Fri July 07th
Category: Health

Hello everyone,
Among the many positive things that have happened to me through the science disclosed by Mr. Keshe, I can tell you how I recovered from a shoulder injury.
About a month or a month and a half ago I came across one of my shoulders during a sports session. I went home and the pain only got worse. I felt like I had a distended ligament, even torn.
So I put a Co2 patch on the wound, I drank a little water of co2 and zno gans and it a little alleviated the evil. I was able to sleep.
The next day, I held my arm in a scarf with the same treatment (co2 patch) and ingestion of co2 and zno water.
The next day, I felt good enough to leave the scarf. I even took my car to go shopping if I remember correctly.
And gradually my condition improved.
I stayed about 15 days without doing sport.
After that, I felt a very small pain when I was working with my shoulder. It was bearable.
I tried the Cuo spray because I read that it was good for muscles and joints. It worked very well. I hardly feel anything, only an insignificant reminder of what happened to me when I force a little.
That is how I got away with products that I learned to do thanks to the foundation. I had nothing to spend, Social Security did not have to pay a penny and I was not out of work.
I would like to thank Mr. Keshe and all the other members of the Foundation.


My experience with CO2 and ZnO waters
Odor Dumitru - Fri June 23rd Craiova, Romania
Category: Health

I am 65 years old, I had hypertension for 7 years, I was under treatment.
Two months ago I began to consume CO2 and ZnO water in the properties said by Mr. Keshe.

About 1 and a half months I do not need treatment anymore and my body has adapted to life without blood pressure. I think it's my personal plasma. Obviously, we measured the blood pressure in the first month, but now they rarely do it.

I started treatment with plasma for diabetes. The results were not spectacular, but the blood glucose decreased a lot. I'll try again.

Thank you

Results from my Gans
Bethany Johnson - Thu June 22nd Spain
Category: Various

As a student of four years with the Keshe Organisation I have learned from the Public teachings.
I began making Pain pens and then Gans. I made CO2 by obtaining Zinc from a metals scrap yard and Zinc from a Metals company. I sensed the copper needed to be nano-coated by fire and used my gas hob to do the nano-coating. I collected sea water from the Mediterranean. I then watched a video on Youtube and asked for guidance from a Distributor making his own Gans in the USA, because he spoke English! He helped me to understand exactly how to begin. I also had guidance from Rick C with reference to cleaning my Zinc. After quite a few weeks white powder formed at the bottom of the boxes.

I then discovered I had black mold spores in my blood stream from water invasion after heavy rains and decided to make CH3 in one of the boxes and placed rusty iron nails into the water. The white powder turned orange eventually. I washed the Gans some five weeks later in six washes using Distilled water as a Youtube video explained. To test I gave CO2 to a tree in my home and a couple of plants. They did not die but grew many lush leaves when normally during winter time hardly had any leaves at all. The tree continues to thrive and I then began to take 2 inches of CO2 morning and night and added 2 inches of CH3 into a pure cacao chocolate drink each day.
I am now making ZnO Zinc = Emotion and after no powder appearing suddenly a picture has appeared of what looks like a baby in a cocoon, ancient image seen in museums over the years. I now have some pictures but no facility here to show them. I would like someone to tell me if this is normal to have a picture show up in the ZnO Zinc gans ? Or should I just throw it away ? I nano-coated one piece of Zinc with fire although it seemed to weaken the Zinc and fine cracks began to appear whilst doing it. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Plasma Romania study group Testimonials
Barbu Constantin - Thu June 22nd Romania
Category: Health

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 17.02.2017 de la Barbu Constantin si domnul H.I, doamna L.P. din Bucuresti.
,,In cadrul festivalului Body Mind and Spirit desfasurat la Sala Palatului, impreuna cu altI membrI aI grupului nostru de studii, am testat beneficiile Talismanului Magravs, care este compus din nano material, cristal de cuart, mix lichid plasmatic si tepi de brad.
In urma testarii am primit un buletin de analiza din care reiese ca volumul aurei este marit cu 10%, iar primele efecte care apar sunt cele de echilibrare atat emotionala cat si fizica.
In paralel cu persoane specialiste in radiestezie, am masurat acest dispozitiv, care creaza un camp de protectie electromagnetic pana la 2 m in jurul persoanei care il foloseste.
Persoanele care folosesc aceasta aplicatie, se declara multumite de efectele benefice inregistrate ''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe


Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 20.06.2017, de la domnisoara B.A. din Bucuresti, care a parcurs pasii pentru experimentarea creatiilor Magnetice Gravitationale care se gasesc pe site.
,,Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + CuO
O folosesc înainte de aplicarea cremei zilnice, am observat o îmbunătățire a stării tenului meu, pielea nu se mai usucă, este mai curată, orice mică afecțiune (coșuri) care apare este mai rapid vindecata.
Precizez ca am un ten mixt, foarte sensibil cu început de Cuperoza. O voi folosi in continuare, deoarece am observat o diminuare a rosetii specifice Cuperoza.
Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + ZnO
in urma consumului zilnic de apa plasmatica, am simtit o diminuare a stării de oboseala in urma unei perioade de efort prelungit, un plus de energie si reglarea tranzitului intestinal, in perioade stresante sufăr de o ușoară constipație.
Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + CuO
Folosită in lampa de aromoterapie, calitatea somnului este îmbunătățită.
Ma trezesc odihnita, somnul este profund.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 20.06.2017 de la domnisoara B.A. din Bucuresti care a parcus pasii pentru experimentarea creatiilor Magnetice Gravitationale care se gasesc pe site.
,,Gelul de dus Gans CO2+CuO
Imi lasă pielea curată si o senzație de fresh, am senzația ca pielea este curățata in profunzime.
Testez din luna Aprilie acest produs și pot spune că nu mă mai enervez așa des, pot spune că sunt mai stabilă emoțional''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 12.11.2016, de la doamna R.M. din Bucuresti care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,,Fata mea in dimineata asta a facut bubite de varicela
Si i-am facut un spray cu apa de Gans de CO2, apa de Gans de Plante si apa de Gans CH3.
Sa stii ca le usuca imediat.
Erau pustule pe fata initial si dupa aplicari repetate s-au retras si deja au facut cojite. Cel putin pe fata este totul ok.
Pe corp i-am facut si o lotiune de ulei de tamanu in care am.pus uleiuri esentiale cicatrizante cum sunt cistus, lavanda, tea tree, palmarosa.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 10.23.2016, de la doamna C.I. din Bucuresti, care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,,Ajutor, avem intoxicatie cu ulei esential impus ff mult din amestecul pt dentitie. Si e prea tarziu sa mai vomite.E de aseara de la 11.
Asa a sunat apelul catre acest grup de studii din care fac parte, astfel am primit recomandarea sa folosesc pansamente plasmatice cu Gans C02 pe stomac.
A doua zi bubitele au inceput sa dispara pe rand.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 12.01.2017, de la doamna R.M din Bucuresti care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,, Am o fetita de 6 ani care a capatat o raceala grozava intr-o noapte de iarna. Am aplicat intre saltea si scheletul patului un pansament plasmatic primit in laborator de la un membru al grupului de studii Plasma Romania. Pansamentul este ca cel din imagine si este realizat din apa de Gans CO2, Gans de Plante si nanomaterial. Dimineata fetitei ii trecuse orice simptom de raceala.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3


Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 18.03.2016 de la Barbu Constantin, doamna L.P si domnisoara C.I.P, realizat la Institul National de Medicina Complementara si Alternativa din Bucuresti.
,,In urma informatiilor puse la dispozitie de mr.Keshe, am reusit impreuna cu alti membrii ai grupului de studii MGQE sa realizam un standard pentru dispozitivele de sananate cunoscute ca Baghete/Pixuri Plasmatice, care au rolul de a echilibra o zona dureroasa.
Testul a fost realizat de domnul manager dr. Corneliu Moldovan care a inregistrat toate datele.
A fost ales un subiect care timp de 5 minute a testat aplicatia, in urma careia am putut cu ajutorul aparaturii de ultima generatie, sa vedem interactiunea campurilor Magnetice Gravitationale.
Testarea scurta a adus o imbunatatire a tuturor parametrilor masurati.
Aplicatia este compusa din 2 spirale in sensuri diferite (18 spire, sarma 1,5 cm) , nano acoperite cu soda, introduse in tub de plastic.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3


Gans Heals All
Prince Charms - Thu June 15th Kalapana, HI
Category: Health

Aloha Kesha Family,
My testimonial is two fold.
Over the past 2 years, I have harvested many ganses of various metals, salts, crystals & organic matter (flowers etc)
They are all powerful, healing & energetic.
The CO2/Zinc has been of most importance however.

Testimonial 1:
In early 2017 I drank only the Plasma water of CO2 Gans for 44 days! My health, energy & clarity was outstanding! I also did yoga & sungazing & swam in the Hawaiian Ocean. A Free Energy being!

Testimonial 2:
I apply CO2/Zinc Gans directly to my skin & that of my children's (4 & 6yrs) skin & hair daily. It has cleared my 4 year daughter of Ecxema overnight!
It helps in all aspects of healing & remaining peaceful & healthy!
CO2 Gans creates harmony & balance within biological organisms & cells from my experience! It is very safe & versatile as well!!

Thank you Mr. Kesha & Blessed Be to All!
Prince Charms


Plasma energy in my car
Fransje Bik - Mon June 05th France
Category: Vehicles

Hi free energy friends!

Since the end of september 2016 I have made in my car 2 CO2 Gans balls. After some days I noticed already a more economic use of my car. The longer it is in my car, the more economic. I drive on Highways now 300-400 km more and on second roads 200-300 km more.

In Germany, in October 2015 I was involved in an accident on the highway. Cars were bump into other cars, next-in front and behind me and I thought: "I do not want that my car breaks down" and from that moment my car took me over "danced" through all the broken cars, it was as a dream and about 300 m later I noticed that the impossible is possible.

Thank you plasma energy!




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