Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Gans CO2 e gans CuO
Costantino Cartellà - Tue May 16th Imola
Category: Health

Ho donato il gans CO2 ad un amico che aveva problemi con un attrite alle mani, non riusciva più a muovere le dita e non dormiva di notte dal dolore, gli ho detto di fare i bagni alle mani ma lui si spruzzava direttamente il gans sulle mani e quando l’ho rivisto muoveva le dita tranquillamente ed era molto felice che non aveva più dolore, come suggerito da me Keshe gli ho detto di fare 40 saltelli sui talloni, era molto contento e mi ha fatto un regalo. Io ho trattato l’ alluce vago per due mesi con i pediluvi con gans CO2 ed il mio alluce si è girato ed adesso cammino normale sentendo l’alluce che poggia regolarmente a terra. Uso le patch di gans CO2 quando ho dolori alle spalle con risultati sorprendenti, quando mi spruzzo l’acqua mi rilassa molto e se ho mal di testa mi passa; a volte mi son schiacciato il dito e ho messo subito l’acqua plasmatica ed il gans CO2 che avevo in un bracciale ed il dolore è passato in un paio di minuti e non c’è stata coagulazione di sangue, non è venuta l’unghia nera. Le mie piante fanno molti fiori quando li spruzzo ed alcune rose hanno un colore diverso, più intenso.
Con il gans CuO mi guarisce da crampi, stanchezza, sciatica, e dolori vari. Di solito ogni due mesi avevo bisogno di trattamenti Osteopatici, è da più di 8 mesi che non ne ho più bisogno, l’ultima volta che mi era venuto una tensione alla base della colonna vertebrale con dolore che non mi piegavo, ho spruzzato il Gans CuO ed immediatamente è partita una torsione al quadricipite che si è liberata al ginocchio, il dolore è scomparso ed il mio corpo si è raddrizzato. Ogni volta che succedono queste guarigioni, mi metto a ridere e ringrazio me Keshe per tutta la conoscenza è per la tecnologia che ci ha insegnato, e grazie ancora.

I donated the CO2 gans to a friend who had problems with hand friction, he couldn't move his fingers anymore and couldn't sleep at night from the pain, I told him to do hand baths but he sprayed the gans directly on his hands and when I saw him again he moved his fingers quietly and was very happy that he was no longer in pain, as suggested by me Keshe I told him to do 40 hops on his heels, he was very happy and gave me a gift. I treated the vagus big toe for two months with foot baths with CO2 gas and my big toe turned and now I walk normally feeling the big toe resting regularly on the ground. I use the CO2 gans patches when I have shoulder pains with amazing results, when I spray the water it relaxes me a lot and if I have a headache it goes away; sometimes I crushed my finger and I immediately put the plasmatic water and the CO2 gas I had in a bracelet and the pain went away in a couple of minutes and there was no blood clotting, the nail didn't come Black. My plants make a lot of flowers when I spray them and some roses have a different, more intense colour.
With the gans CuO he heals me from cramps, tiredness, sciatica, and various pains. Usually every two months I needed Osteopathic treatments, it's been more than 8 months since I no longer needed them, the last time I had tension at the base of my spine with pain that I couldn't bend over, I sprayed the Gans CuO and immediately a quadriceps torsion started which was released at the knee, the pain disappeared and my body straightened up. Every time these healings happen, I laugh and thank me Keshe for all the knowledge and technology she has taught us, and thanks again.

Incontro fra Anime 16.12.2022
Pierluigi Goi - Tue May 16th Gemona del Friuli
Category: Spiritual

Ho partecipato all'incontro di Anime del 16.12.2022. Eravamo corca 160 da tutto il mondo. Non ho avuto particolari sensazioni. Sono rimasto silenzio. Dovete sapere che sono felicemtente sposato da 30 anni. Ebbene, dopo un mese circa, verso fine Gennaio, sono iniziati dei cambiamenti molto significativi nel rapporto di coppia con mia moglie. Se prima era bello, ora è eccezionale. È un miracolo. L'esperienza che vivo è meravigliosa e ho notato anche un grande cambiamento in mia moglie. Le nostre due figlie notano questo cambiamento in noi e quanto ancora di più ci vogliamo bene e aiutiamo chi ci è vicino. È un momento straordinario, profondo e proficuo che ci da una grandissima gioia e pace. Grazie Mr Keshe e voi tutti ricercatori della conoscenza. Pierluigi Goi. Gruppo italiano Kf.

(English translation)
I attended the Anime meeting on 12.16.2022. We were about 160 from all over the world. I had no particular sensations. I remained silent. You should know that I have been happily married for 30 years. Well, after about a month, towards the end of January, very significant changes began in the couple's relationship with my wife. If it was beautiful before, it is now exceptional. It's a miracle. The experience I have is wonderful and I have also noticed a great change in my wife. Our two daughters notice this change in us and how much more we love each other and help those close to us. It is an extraordinary, profound and fruitful moment that gives us great joy and peace. Thank you Mr Keshe and all you knowledge seekers.
Pierluigi Goi. Italian group Kf.

Cured my very bad cold within a day
Ilonka van den Ancker - Tue November 01st Netherlands
Category: Health

I woke up one day after a bad night with muscle cramps and I was very sick. I felt terrible, Headache, sore body, extremely tired, and felt a heavy pressure on my ear drums. I had to give a lecture the nextt day so I had no time to be sick. I started drinking gans water from the first cup of life, and inhaled it as well. In the afternoon I already felt better en the next day i was healed and was full of energy to give the lecture. It was amazing. Without the gans I would have been sick for at least a week. As i had a very bad flu. Now it was gone within a day!

3 star formation plasma dynamic reactor
sebastjan - Mon September 12th
Category: Health

I made 3 plasma dynamic stars and each one consists of only one type of gans. I calculated that for 1mm of coating there is about 3ml of liquid. All reactors have a nano-coated wire or a central column in the middle. Approximately the same amount of liquid was put into all the reactors, with the difference that they had a different water / gans ratio. I placed the star with CO2 + ZnO gans to the north, CH3 to the east, and CuO to the west. I set the speeds of the Grav and Mag reactors of each star according to the sensations and the vibrations that occurred. I felt the field right at startup. I deliberately made a star of only one gans in order to feel each entity separately. I left the house for an hour and a half. When I got back the field was felt about a radius of 18m away. I stood between the star CH3 and CO2 and felt the plasma pass into me ..I felt full and positive. I stood between CO2 and CuO and felt how what was hurting me was slowly being removed. I stood between CH3 and CuO and I felt how energy like kundalini fills me and fills me… I pulled away.

The important facts that need to be taken into account are: self-awareness as a soul and the limitations I have due to karma. Gratitude and permission that I allow myself in accepting. I adjusted the star reactors for 3 days to get the right ratio between the Grav and Mag of each star. The reactors are made with a 3D printer with a PETG mass. I stood in the middle where the common plasma formed. I felt strong light and plasma on several levels. I welcomed all 3 entities and asked them for acceptance and thanked them for their existence. I ask them every time if they have something for me and if they have something to teach me. At last they showed me how to hold hands and form a circle around the central pillar. This pillar, and in general to be in the middle of the burn, if one does not have pure thoughts, or is irritated, for it burns the darkness which is within me. I am just not afraid of that because I've felt it many times before.

This plasma works on me, but not on my soul ... I feel light on my soul. I feel it on my body and on my emotions. I designed and assembled this system for the purpose of meditation, plasma learning, and light propagation in general. When I have no clear thoughts or too much thirst at once, some reactor stops a bit and goes off balance…. I am aware of this, I am correcting and settling. Plasma and entities accept me and allow me to manipulate it. When I sit down in between, I immediately relax and my thoughts calm down immediately. I meditate and direct the plasma and light where it is needed on earth and with all the beings who need it: When I asked the plasma if it could be shared with beings in need of love or health it worked, but limited. I realized that this action was violent and I changed my mind. I asked if you work with people and beings who want or need health or love with those who accept it and a channel was immediately created. (In the past, I shared love with someone black who didn't accept it and made a blockage on my arm ... I have learned that you cannot force love ... if it accepts ok, if not)). The plasma field is growing every day, currently the radius is 30m. The entities allow me to have this field at home and also to have to share this knowledge.

Cup2 salts
Koz - Sat August 27th London
Category: None

I set up a cup2 with slight over 5%salt, i let it sit in front of window where it took the evening light and topped up with the same salty water for few weeks Eventually the salts collected around the top edges of the cup I collected the salts and use it when needed. My wife gets infections it effects her lungs, and starts wheezing. when we see this we put one lentil size in a small glass and put filtered water and dissolve it and she drinks it once in the morning once evening, after 5 days she is fully recovered.

CURA covi 19
Alfonso leivas - Thu June 16th Salto, uruguay
Category: Health

Tomonagua de Plasma hace 4 años estaba con cáncer en la garganta y parece que se me fue todo

Plasma Tomonagua 4 years ago I had throat cancer and it seems that everything has gone away

garden and gans
lewis blankfield - Mon June 13th johannesburg. south africa
Category: Gardening

I made 4 ping pong balls. Each filled 3/4 with LP co2. I paced them in the garden 3 in a triangle at the base of the garden and one 2 m above the ground in the centre.
The plant growth and flowers are unbelievable and it's so easy to do.
To fill the ping pong balls I drilled 2 holes close to each other then filled with syringe, sealed the holes with plastic liquid that you set with ultraviolet light.

Double static reactor
Sebastjan Fis - Tue March 22nd Sv. Peter/Slovenia
Category: Health

Double static reactor

I made a double static reactor in the shape of a sphere which balances the energies in the body. It calms and helps us find inner balance despite people’s external influences and stress. It protects us from evil forces by promoting love and joy to ourselves and within ourselves. Thus, despite habits and beliefs, we love each other more easily, and when we love each other, we are more receptive to ourselves, to our appearance, and to other people.
In the case of physical injuries, such as nerve compression or bone displacement, the flow of energy in the body is stopped and pain on the cheek of the injury and beyond. We place the ball on the injury and it acts as a bridge, helping to transfer the stopped energy until we manage to get to the chiropractor to put our bones in place and restore normal energy flow.

In case of removal of blockages; during meditation or other relaxation procedures, it is placed or moved around the chakras as desired. It helps us release blockages. Where it hurts means there is something wrong. This is how we can ask ourselves questions so that we can solve problems and release the passage of energy. Blockages can only be mental due to beliefs, bad thoughts towards yourself or others, they can be due to habits that are not in line with us or even actions.

The dual static reactor consists of a combination of basic GANSs. GANS is a nano-state gas, but it is actually an open plasma. Simply put, GANS are atoms of a chemical element, completely unbound, making them very free, active, and susceptible to the environment in the magnetic-gravitational energy scattered within it. In a way, they have similar properties to noble gases, but they represent what we can define as a new state of matter. Every bit of GANS is a little sunshine that shines and has infinite energy.

Basically, all GANSs create a plasma field that interacts with our body’s energy field and helps our body (energy / emotional / mental / physical) balance and heal various problems and imbalances.

The reactor uses two aggregate states of the four main GANS and nano GANS:
• CO2 GANS will heal and balance our blood system and emotional body, relax and reduce stress and tension, improve oxygen levels and overall energy levels. It activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system.

• ZnO GANS (due to the large amount of zinc) will accelerate the healing process and will also work at the cellular level. Zinc is a key ingredient in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in wound healing.

• CuO GANS will heal and balance the lymphatic system and the physical body in general, affecting muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves, and copper acts as a disinfectant.

• CH3 GANS gives the body energy, CH3 GANS plasma water is nutritious and will fill the body with energy. Hydrogen energy plasma water CH3 GANS becomes food for the body when plasma is transferred to the molecules of living body cells. CH3 GANS will balance the nervous system and balance and increase energy flow.

The inner sphere contains: CH3 in liquid, solid and nano form and the amino acids CH3-Fe and CH3-CO2. A little hard ZnO 80% CO2 20%. A little hard CuO. Water.
The outer sphere contains: CuO in liquid solid and nano form and amino acids. A little CH3 in solid form. A little more three ZnO 80% CO2 20%. Water.
The outer and inner spheres are nano coated.

Such a combination of GANSs in spheres allows for plasma interaction and interaction between different masses. After all, the characteristic of plasma is that the stronger one always feeds the weaker one. Reactor us and we him. He gives us what we need and takes from us what we don't need. We need to be aware that the Reactor is a living being. The more we accept, love and respect him, the more he will give it back to us. Interaction is important, because it is this interaction that helps us.

Stylo de soins (Pain Pen)
Galmiche - Sun March 20th Marignac-en-diois
Category: Health

Fonctionne parfaitement merci de tout mon coeur.Monsieur Keshe est un héro.Merci.

Works perfectly thank you with all my heart. Mr. Keshe is a hero. Thank you.

Keshe Health Unit Therapies.
Theodor Spyriadis - Fri January 14th Thessaloniki , Greece
Category: Health

Here in Greece in Thessaloniki, a Keshe Health Unit that I built for a therapist from April 2021 until now, where timid and selected patients performed treatments with amazing results, I am happy that you are treating people without drugs, I present some testimonies.

Alexandra MAVROMATIDOU, parasites after plasma treatment 4 times removed the parasites from the ear and nose.

Andreoglou Aphrodite, had hemangiomas in the liver from a young age, now 50 years after regular treatment and in regular ultrasound and computed tomography examination was not found.

Theodosia Papatheodosiou Parathyroidism with many side effects throughout the body, kidney removal, and deformity of many bones and the spine,, was in a wheelchair permanently, now walks in the house feels better, began to menstruate. We are in the process of treatment. Its thyroid values ​​dropped from 3500 units to 500

Sakis Papanatsios. Physiotherapist .. 12 years ago he had a stroke that left him with mobility problems after 8 sessions in the unit with a health helmet he got the feeling in the limbs and moves his legs and arms much better.

Kizaki Nikoleta. Chronic Inflammation in the Achilles tendon after 4 sessions the inflammation was eliminated and it no longer hurts.