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Eating only 250 -300 cal once in 24 hours since February
Peter Salocher - Fri December 09th Grainbrunn, Austria
Category: Health

On February 2016 in our private students class, we started a process by living more and more from plasma, instead of food. Since then I eat no more than 250- max 300 cal once in 24 hours (normal food requirement is said as least as 2500 cal per day) So in effect I have used only 90`900 cal instead of 757`500 cal as would be the normal energyconsumption. I am still there and fine even my bloodpresure getting normalized with 119/68, 226 to 73.

In all these time I had never ever any bad feelings in my digestion system as it was before from time to time, I was never sick and I feel much more happy.

- Peter Salocher


Healthpatch healed pain from accident
Peter Salocher - Fri December 09th Grainbrunn Austria
Category: Health

I want to report about two cases of accidents I had.

I fell very hard on my hip, at home. We have stone tiles on the floor. It hitted the side, where the Trochanter is situated. Normally this woud take a few weeks for healing with heavy pain, mainly in the first days, but I instantly putted a Healthpatch with the Co2/ZnO2 on my hip and let it there for three days, day and night. I never had any pain, not right after, not the first day nore later. No blemishes, nothing. It just felt wonderful.

Another accident I had, slipping of the ground on a little water that was there, i fell very hard on the edges of a small table and it was hitting right on my ribs. I already had ones such a accident and then it took me more then two month for full recovering. At that time I went to a doctor and he told me that a contusion of the ribs, is worse than a broken rib.
Not this time, i putted a big healthpatch with Co2/ZnO2 on my ribs an it stood there for three days. From the moment i had it on i felt no more pain and after three days i thought it was completly gone and took the patch away. But then the next day i suddently felt a pain, not very strong . Again i slept one night with the Healthpach an in the morning all was good and still is.

The only thing i am not quite sure about is, did i maybe provoce these accidents, because i was so curious to know how good these Helthpatches are working, it could very well be?


Found the Keshe transcription web site to be absolutely wonderful!
pamelapaddock - Fri December 09th
Category: Various

Hi all!

I have found the Keshe transcription web site to be absolutely wonderful for harnessing the incredible information that gets shared therein.
Go to .

I bless the good Souls who have spent hours transcribing the hours and hours of the workshops so we can all benefit! Thank you so much, Transformacomm!

Anyway, download the transcript of interest (in PDF or rich text formats), and do a word search on your particular area of interest (for me "EMF shielding"). Oh my WORD. What a wealth of knowledge!

pamelapaddock in Keshe Forum


Deep cut in the thumb healed in three days with Healthpatch
Peter Salocher - Fri December 09th Grainbrunn Austria
Category: None

End of December 2015 I wanted to cut a quince, some kind like a apple, but very hard.

Well, unfortunatly when I pushed the knife down, my thumb was in-between and I was cutting right into my thumb by a third. It was bleeding strongly and I just sprayed a little bit of the Co2 Ganswater over it and in about one Minute the bleeding was no more that much.

I putted a Ganspatch of the Co2 with a Ganspatch of the CuO2 together and wrapped it around my thumb, keeped it there the whole night. Next day the cut was nearly healed. I used a Painpen on specific points mayby for 10 minutes and putted only the Co2 Patch back.

Three days later it was fully healed and I hardly could see if there was ever a cut.

Peter Salocher


Gesundes Wasser
Volker Helmreich - Thu December 08th Lampertheim, Deutschland
Category: Health

Information von Wasser durch Salz-GaNS-Wasser
Ziel 1: Herstellung von basischem Wasser
Ziel 2: Indirekte Information von Wasser

Die Intension war es über meine Osmoseanlage nicht nur gutes gefiltertes mineralisiertes Wasser zu erhalten,
sondern eine eine Lösung zu finden, dieses Wasser dauerhaft basisch zu machen.
Dazu habe ich 2 Testversuche gemacht

Test 1: In ein Glas Leitungswasser (Ph Wert 7,72) wird ein Reagenzglas gefüllt mit Salz-GaNS-Wasser (Ph Wert 12) gestellt um das Wasser zu informieren.
Nach 12 Stunden hatte das Wasser im Glas einen Ph-Wert von 8,20
nach 16 Stunden einen Ph-Wert von 8,34 und
nach 24 Stunden einen Ph-Wert von 8,35 angenommen.

Test 2: neues Glas Leitungswasser (Ph 7,70), wieder mit dem gleichen Salz-GaNS-Wasser im Reagenzglas informiert
nach 11 Stunden Ph-Wert 8,14
nach 18 Stunden Ph-Wert 8,18

Ein zweites Glas Leitungswasser stand etwa 10 cm entfernt und wurde durch die Felder auf folgende Werte modifiziert
Nach 11 Stunden Ph-Wert 8,09
nach 18 Stunden Ph-Wert 8,15

Erkenntnis: das informieren von Wasser über die GaNS Felder funktioniert nicht nur direkt (Test 1)
sondern auch indirekt (Test 2)

Weitere Erkenntnis:
dadurch dass ich mich mit einer Lösung wie ich das Wasser der Osmoseanlage dauerhaft basisch bekomme
(z.B. über angebrachte GaNs Patches oder Fiolen etc) beschäftigt habe, hat sich während des Versuches das Wasser aus der Osmoseanlage selbst auf Ph-Wert 8,3 eingestellt. !!
Es reicht offenbar die intensive Absicht und positive Ausrichtung auf das Ziel,
um in diesem Fall Wasser in den basischen Bereich zu bringen.


toes and teeth
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Wed December 07th Red Lodge, Montana
Category: Health
138th Knowledge Seekers’ Workshop September 2016 excerpt

An event involving ‘toes’ happened to Lynn on Monday December 5, 2016. Lynn and Paul were out walking and Lynn’s snow boots were holding her up just fine until she hit a patch of more ice than snow and fell. Lesson 1: Lynn knows she always gets her boots on with cleats and doesn’t take them off until the last spring snow. She continued walking and then doing tasks around the house until time to go to a scheduled game where she was filling in for someone at the senior center. After sitting for a couple of hours her ankle and knee seized up even though she kept tapping her feet and getting up and moving around. When it was time to leave she could barely walk and she borrowed a crutch and hobbled to truck and drove home. For several hours she was applying pain patches, plasma water spray, and a coconut oil pain mixture she makes of essential oils, coconut oil and plasma water.

Just before bedtime she asked Paul to ‘pull her toes’ as Mr. Keshe discusses below. There was popping on some toes on both feet. She wore a pain patch on one side of her leg that she had made some time ago. It went from the knee to the ankle and was doubled over. On the inside of the leg she had 3 individual small pain patches, 2 on the upper leg and one above the ankle. By the time she went to bed she didn’t need the crutch. Paul and Lynn sleep on a slanted bed with the head higher than the feet. Lynn had the crutch handy if she had to get up during the night, which she did, but she didn’t need the crutch.

When she got up in the morning she still didn’t need the crutch and took it back to senior center. Since it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors, Lynn and Paul just used some of the exercise equipment at the senior center. Lynn was able to do the ‘reclining’ bicycle just fine. Today Paul will pull toes again as described below by Mr. Keshe. He clearly explains how what happens to the toes ‘travels up the leg to the knee and the hip’ later on. So pay attention to those little toes! And think back to the number of times you have stubbed toes over the years!

Take care, Lynn
138th Knowledge Seekers’ Workshop September 2016 excerpt
024436 Chad (C): Mr. Keshe I want to thank you for the technology and I am new to this. I have been using Himalayan gans water on the arthritis in my legs and it’s working out just beautifully and I wanted to thank you.
024503 K: you are welcome; this is the knowledge that comes from across the KF.
C: it’s just amazing and it relieves pain and it loosens my knees.
K: are you mobile?
024519 C: the arthritis was not a severe case, I was still walking, but I was hobbling, taking little steps and it allows me to take full steps again.
K: what is your condition? How deep is it?
C: it’s a stiffness and an achiness in my knees.
K: both of them?
C: more so in the right leg, than the left leg.
K: is there a problem in the hip; has it moved up or is it just localized in the two knees?
C: it is just localized in the knees. A bit in the ankle, also.

024619 K: one way to speed up the process when you get this condition is that you attract too much calcium towards the joints. What this means is that in a way is that the skin and the femur in your lower leg is not creating the right vibration for the calcium to go through the bone structure. The field of the calcium is absorbed from the lymph but it’s ‘too big’ in the calcium state to go through the lymph and in a way it splits off towards the joint. One of the things you can do now that you are relieved of the pain, try to walk on your heel to toe. It is very important. When you are standing up, and I taught this a couple of years ago, try to tap your heel and put it down first and then go to the toe. On the next step do the other heel the same way.

024733 K: you have to change the vibration of the internal structure of the bone so that it takes the calcium into the bone and becomes part of your bone marrow. The calcium that you get is the calcium that is transferred the lymph to the bone but is not in the strength or size to be able to penetrate the bone to become part of your bone marrow. It literally slips up and gathers in the joint area and then creates what we call arthritis. If you have reduced your pain, you haven’t sorted out the problem fully. You have to sort the problem; now you have more freedom to walk. You have to help yourself and re-tune the bones. So when you walk, try to put your heel like ‘tap dancing’ with the heel instead of the toes. This sends a vibration into the bones and they re-adjust their frequency of the vibration of the bone structure to not to produce the bigger size plasma, but the size that is needed.

024903 K: Once you go through the process, whatever is calcium or affects the calcium fields on your joints will be dissolved in the body gradually and you get rid of it. Now you don’t produce the extra ones to be the producer of problems in the future problems. When you get arthritis like this, it is re-tuning the bone structure that is needed. I have done this before and maybe
you will understand this easier if I draw this for your. Your bone structure is like a guitar string. 2.49.56 minutes. The vibration which these produce creates the plasmatic gravitational field which attracts the lymph into the bone. If one of these is out of tune, it’s like a piano and now a different size is created. When it comes to the bones it cannot be slip slap to the centers. In the drawing the ends of the joint or knee are being shown at 2.50.20 minutes.

025022 K: so, in relieving the pain, you have not solved the problem because these ‘guitar strings’ (bone structures) are still out of tune. So you know when the piano tuner comes and tunes the piano by adjusting the strings, the vibration from the bone creates to adjust these. The older we get the more things get clogged up. In a way when you tap you are shrugging off any parts that are clogged. They are working then and they absorb the right plasma to become the calcium into the bone marrow. So now that you are rid of the pain you can walk, but you haven’t solved the problem.

025109K: Try to tap with your heels and walk from heel to toe and make it a ‘solid’ step not a ‘soft’ step. You will find out in this process that you create much stronger amino acid for what you call your immune system. Your health gets better and you go back to what it was like when you were 20 or 30 years old. You have to follow the process fully and you guarantee yourself a total reduction and you will find out it’s like when you were young that you don’t catch a lot of colds or diseases. It is that now you have re-tuned it. The older we get the less walking we do and the less walking we do, we change the tunes, the guitar strings of the bones and one thing leads to another.

025202 K: This is why athletes stay healthy, because they run. That is why one of the best examples of this is the boxers because they always jump and they always fall back on their heels to defend themselves. That falling back creates a lot of clearance in the muscle. They jump on their toes when they practice. The moving backwards on their heels is what gives them their strength. You see this with high jumpers. Look at the high jumpers and the long jumpers they always go back on their heels. If you and I were to jump that distance we would most probably break our bones. In going back and forth they strengthen these ‘guitar strings’ of the bone and it creates a more solid bone and a better structure for the immune system. It’s all connected to each other. 025310 K: you will find out when you look at all the D cells, all the C cells and all the T cells which are the main structure of the amino acids of the body of the man, they all have a common denominator of calcium as the cornerstone of their structure. When you don’t absorb the right calcium to become part of your bone marrow structure you lose some of the strength of it. Because you are lower in strength with your immune system you become more vulnerable to colds, and other diseases. This is important for people past the age of 45 or 50, even if you can’t do anything when you can strengthen the lower, but when you are walking heel to toe you literally clean up any dirt between the ‘guitar strings’ of the bones.
025405 C: so it is better to do more walking then?

025412 K: yes, but when you put your heel down, especially when you begin this, tap your heel and then go forward to the toe. When you walk from the back to the front you are ‘tapping.’ If you want to clean the rugs, you shake them to get the dust out. You do the same between the strings in your bone. When you tap you create a vibration in your bones that literally get rid of anything that is clogged up. In piano tuning terms that has tuned a C note to a D note. Now you have a C only because your body needs it the most. Now you get rid of the “D” note because you change the tune.

025459 K: You only do this by walking heel to toe. You have to put the heel down with a force and you create a shake. You find out you become very healthy. But don’t this so hard that you damage the knee and the ankle. Do you understand? Just do it enough, and when you are doing nothing, instead of tapping your toe like a musician try tapping your heels. You will help your own health. This is part of the structure you need to do. I am in my 60s and I tend not to walk much, but when I am aware of this I walk the hill because it allows to clean up the system. You increase your immune system and that strong immune system prevents cancer in the body. Walking in man’s life is the cornerstone of his health because most of your bone marrow creates most of your immune system in your femur.
C: thank you!
K: I hope you recover.
C: thank you, thank you.

025634 R: I ended up injuring my right knee 4 days ago…
K: was it from kicking or did you get kicked?
R: I fell off the deck and twisted my knee.
K: just put some CO2 on it and you will have no pain.

025706 R: Yeah that’s OK but, in a way I need to feel the pain so I know what is going on with it. I also have been taking the CO2 gans water and baths. In a way it’s like hurting my knee hardly happened. I was on the way to landing on my head and I was ‘saved’ by the leg.
K: the soul said, take the knee this time, not the head.
R: it’s time for me to slow down a little bit.
025815 Flint (F): this is Flint.
K: from the United States? Thank you for all your hard work.
025829 F: in extension to the question on the knee what is advisable if there
is no cartilage and it’s so painful to walk that I can’t walk. What is a good remedy?

025846 K: you can rebuild the cartilage; it’s very easy. Building cartilage with the plasma technology is as easy as drinking water. I have done this many times. But the only thing is you produce nano micro layers at a time. When you do it, you have to take the pressure off it for 2 to 4 weeks. Try not to walk to rub against what you have produced in the nano micro layers. One of the best ways to do it is to get what is known as knee transfer braces where you take the pressure off your knee and you allow the cartilage and everything to be reproduced.

025934 K: It’s a simple thing. You have your bone and it’s a simple plastic system where they use solid plastic above the knee and below the knee and there is a strap that you strap across the plastic. What happens is there is a joint in the center made of solid plastic. You transfer the weight of the body through these joints attached to the solid plastic pieces. You give your body a rest and the joint the freedom. You see a lot of sports people wear these. You need it and what you need to do is to produce gans of CO2 and gans of copper oxide (CuO). You need to understand the ratio. And you need another material that cartilage is made of which is partially calcium based. You need calcium oxide in there. You need zinc oxide (ZnO) because cartilage carries a fair amount of emotion. You need a fair amount of CH3.

030043 K: You put it on the knee and take the pressure off it. You take the system from the time you walk off the bed until you go back into bed and make sure there is no weight on it. You allow the cartilage to be made. In fact you make cartilage every day. Even when you don’t have this cartilage issue you make cartilage every day. Everything that is made is dropped off. You speed up the process while giving it a chance to build up. After 2 or 3 months there is enough cartilage made and it is soft enough and getting hard enough. 6 months is preferable and you should have no problem with the knee because you enhanced the production of the knee cartilage and then the body will carry on. All you need to do is to take the pressure off it and create the environment to make much more rapid production of the cartilage material. If you have ligament damage with the knee you need to add magnesium into the gans mixture. Ligaments and tendons are different than cartilage and they have a magnesium mixture in them. You need a fair amount of magnesium and the lack of it is why the cartilage is a very shiny color and not the red because it has a certain amount of copper in it as well as the magnesium.

030329 R: would having a bath with Epsom salts, which is magnesium sulfate, would that help?
0301236 K: Long term you need the mixture there constantly. You have to realize that I learned this from an old chiropractor who explained to Caroline and me, 21 years ago, the body is like a house and when you put the wrong foundation everything else built on top goes wrong. You have to fix your toes, your ankle, your knee, and your hip and then the rest look after themselves. When you have a problem you have to go through all the processes of full recovery, not just for a few minutes. You have to allow the base (the foundation) to become solid and then the whole life of the man depends actually on your toes, then your ankles and then your knees.

030333 K: when you have a problem with the knee and you try to sort out a little bit of it, the whole body has to move, the knee has to adjust, the hip has to adjust, for that little change. Then the whole body has to adjust for that change in the knee and then the whole structure moves and then you get more problems in the future. When you have a problem with the knee or the ankle make sure you go through the full process and not just temporary just to get rid of the pain. You have to develop and allow what is damaged to be repaired fully. This is what most people have no comprehension of. I was teaching this to one of our KF teams recently.

030418 K: a lot of you women, and men, but especially women wear these open sandals and you knock your big toe, little toe, or one of the other toes. So you clip it. If you get the full pain of it, in 5 to 10 years time you start the back pain and the problems with the discs. I explained this every so often because we have new people with us who have to understand it. They can protect themselves very easily.

030514 K: Your foot is like this and I’m not a very good drawer. 3.05.18 minutes. You have the big toe and the other toes. Your body is made of two balance systems. You have the balance for your emotional part and you have a balance for your physical part. Your emotional part balance sits in your ears. Your physical part balance sits at the bottom of your foot and there is a narrow ridge from one end of the foot to the other on the bottom. And the shape of your foot, when you look at the foot of a woman, you have the whole story of what you need to know about the woman. Caroline tells me if you look at peoples’ feet you know everything.

030558 K: the shape of the toe, the direction, the thickness and the sharpness of the toes, everything tells you about the soul of the man because it is the toe that dictates the foot and that is how the rest will be shaped. So what you have, you have a shape, when you clip (bump) this baby toe, you move the physical balance. This is middle ridge is like a neuro vein and it might just move a micron amount because of hitting the toe. When this ridge moves, without you knowing all the toes have to move. Now this is your foot and this is your ankle, your knee and the rest of the body. Now this nerve going up the leg has moved a micron. The structure has moved and all had to move to adjust to the movement from bumping the little toe. Now the ankle has to move too because the muscles have taken a slightly different position.

030714 K: You will find out that maybe you twist your ankle. But that is because this toe was bumped or maybe the big toe was bumped in your fancy shoes when you hit it on the leg of the chair. Now the twisted ankle has moved and all the muscles up the leg have to move so the knee moves to make the adjustment for this movement. Now the hip makes and adjustment and it goes up the spinal cord and you get a pain in your neck. Osteopaths and chiropractors never fix the toes. Fixing these means no pain in the ankle, the knee, the hip and the back so you don’t need to go to the chiropractor.

030752 K: so you have to fix the toe. It is very easy and you need somebody who loves you and has strong hands. You lie flat with your toes pointing up. You start from the smallest toe on one of the two feet and you hold the toe across the back of it with the index finger and the 2nd finger and you put your thumb on the front of the toe, facing the face. And you pull the toe directly and vertically up towards you. And you hear a click. You continue on to the next toes until you have done them all. Then you come back to the small toe and you do the same inside the toes. When you have done that, you are bringing back the center of the foot ‘vein’ in line. But don’t forget, it got used to where it was when it was out of position. So, you have to repeat this process 2 or 3 times the first 3 days and then once every day for a week or so and it goes back into position.

030917 K: but now that you pulled the toe up you sorted out the toes and you have come up to the ankle. The ankle has already moved so now you put one hand on the back of the ankle and one hand holding the foot. You rock the knee a few times to loosen the muscle and then hold firm and pull the whole thing towards you with a huge powerful force like you are trying to pull the leg off the body. Then what you see is that everything lines up. Lie on the bed for 5 minutes or so and don’t get up right away. Lie there and let it adjust. Do this 2 or 3 times. Your sciatic pain goes, your back, hip and spinal pain goes and if you repeat that once a month afterwards you continuously readjust yourself.

031028 K: Chiropractors and Osteopaths never touch this. I have taught them but they never use it. Once they fix this there is no more pain, you don’t go back and you are no longer a customer. It’s very simple when you understand the physiology of the body. When you walk you always have this connected to this (3.10.49 minutes—the head connected to the feet) in a very funny way. The emotion through the soul through the leg balance works in a very effective way. The way you have the lung for your emotional side which is the air side of the atmosphere and the physical side has to adjust. The balance between the two comes through these two systems and the emotion has chosen the middle ear to balance the emotional side. If it is not balanced you go dizzy. If you are not balanced physically then you twist your ankle and you have pain. So, when the two are in balance you are okay.

031136 K: If you get dizziness and lose your balance then understand that there are four points that are connected to each other. When you have a cartilage problem with the knee you have to understand that somewhere in the past you damaged your toe. You have to fix this while you are wearing the braces on the knee. You have to understand that everything has a process of action and reaction and you have to look at the total and not just locally. Once you wear the brace on your knee to allow the re-growth of the cartilage, if you take it off and you still have the problem with your toe and your ankle, the knee problem will come back again and you’ll say the process for the cartilage doesn’t work. You have to do this the toes while you are wearing the brace to grow the cartilage and the ligaments.

031237 F: thank you, that explains a lot.
031247 K: do they have a twisted ankle or sciatic pain? They have damaged the toe.
F: this is my parents.
031300 K: they have done this in the past and it takes 5 to 10 years to show this and it’s a very slow process. The chiropractors don’t like me to teach this because they lose customers. The other thing is the same with your teeth and we repeat this continually. Just try with your children even with your dog and cat to feed them a small amount of cheese, 5 or 10 grams, every night before they go to sleep. Before you go to bed make it a habit of life to eat cheese. You will never have to see a dentist unless you have an injury and you break something. You even strength the roots of the teeth with the transfer of the energy. The cheese, especially the hard cheese releases chemicals in the mouth that stops the deterioration of the enamel, or tooth decay. Even if you have a hole in your tooth, it will repair itself. The enzymes to kill the new cells the tooth is making are not there. The tooth repairs the hole with the new cells. 3.14.19 minutes. It is very important to take just by accident eating some cheese is an important part of creating balanced enzymes in your body so those materials that stop the growth of the cells.

031448 K: we have the wrong image and I was explaining this to scientists in the past few days. It is good to explain it again. We have the totally wrong image of our teeth and the operation of our teeth. Our teeth grow continuously. You don’t ‘lose’ it because it is continuously replacing itself, the way you make skin. You create layers of teeth. When you stop the production of things that can damage the teeth then they are able to repair themselves. You find when children have a hole in their tooth, and then you give them the cheese just before bedtime every day you will find the cavity will not be there because the repair is constant.

031543 K: There is something that is never fundamentally understood by the man. The teeth are the root to your life. They are the conversion point between the physicality and the man’s physical life. You chew the matter and in chewing our teeth sense everything in the structure what they need to have to support themselves when they become part of the digestion. Our teeth are our radar and they are the sensors between the physical life and our emotional life. This is what is important for us to realize and this is absolutely paramount.

031635 K: Teeth are not just there for chewing; they are the receivers of information and in route it transmits the emotion of what we eat into the physical body. This is important. And then you will find out what and how we chew is important. How we transfer the matter of the knowledge from chewing to the matter into the stomach is important. We never understood this and we just looked at the teeth as a part of something that we use. They are the biggest receiver/transmitter of information between the matter state and the gans state. You can transmit anything and everything with your teeth.

031732 K: The people who breathe through their mouths have different behaviors that people who breathe through their noses because now the information regarding the matter state is transferred through the teeth and not the senses of the nose. You see this from behavior and you understand different cultures. The way you breathe through the mouth is the way we control the absorption of the matter in our lungs. You will find that people who feed themselves by breathing have the understanding of how the matter state will change when it is absorbed.

031820 K: If you breathe through your mouth and change the rate of the breathing through your mouth, you decide what food and what energy is absorbed through your lungs and you don’t need to feed yourselves. I explained this as the trick of the Indian guru who came to us in Descanzano 2 years ago. If you breathe through your nose you absorb and digest in a different way the energy from the air. When you breathe through your mouth and the air touches your teeth you change the conformation and transformation of energy. The air from the mouth is considered as part of the food. The air through the nose is considered part of the recycling of the energy and your emotion.

031913 K: And the way you eat food and the taste of the food decides what enzymes are needed in your stomach to digest the food. When you breathe and it touches your teeth and tongue, now the digestion system moves from the stomach to the lung. This has never been understood by the world of science. That is why we can move you from eating food into breathing and then from breathing into absorption of the energy without eating, drinking or breathing. Your teeth in breathing behave in respect to your lungs what is to be absorbed as food and the energy from its environment.

032004 K: teeth are one of the most important parts of the life of the man. That is why when we get older and lose our teeth we lead a different life. Because we lose the teeth and we rely totally on the stomach and digestion for the information. Part of the information does not arrive because the antennae are lost. When you look at the shape of the tooth of a man or of the child you can tell a lot about his psychology and behavior. The closeness of the teeth, the space between the teeth, the whiteness of the teeth explains a lot. When you look at the body of a man and you understand it the way I do you just pretend not to because they like it that way but you know everything about them.

032102 K: you look at the toe and ankle of the woman and man, their feet, the fingers, the teeth, the position of the eyes, you can tell everything about them. And the teeth are very important when you get older. I have lost one tooth in my life and the rest are all mine. But when I was little my mother said I would be very thick from eating so much cheese. Unknowingly I ate half a kilo of sugar every couple of days, but I ate a half a kilo of cheese at night or during the day. Coincidentally that saved me from losing teeth from the sugar. At my age I carry more or less all my teeth. The dentists won’t tell you this because there is nobody in the dental chair and no dentist.

032212 K: If the dentists were correct and taught them, people would go to them when they need them. This is what I need. I come with a sack of sugar. Or I will clean your garden or make a chair for you? These are little tips lost in the history of man and if you follow it and understand the reason behind it now we give you the food we have to teach you that have to look after your physicality in the matter state.


cataract treatment
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Wed December 07th Red Lodge, Montana
Category: Health

I just had to show you this. Paul has been using the eye drop formula given by Mr. Keshe using liquid plasma of CO2, CH3, and ZnO in the appropriate proportion with the addition of olive oil. Yesterday he walked in to show me something about movies on the cable service and stood there and read the fine print. The use of the drops was for cataracts which he says now are more than 70% less than when he started He has not been able to read print this fine without glasses for at least twelve years. He shakes the drops before using them to mix the plasma fields with the olive oil sitting on top. Then he puts a couple of drops in each eye 3 times a day. The excess that doesn't stay in the eye is rubbed around the eye. He has also been using the drops on a small skin cancer on his head and his fingernails. His fingernails have been horrible for years (perhaps because of anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplant). His nails are improving; the nails with ridges and cracking are about 80% better. Lynn and Paul Schmaltz 8-20-19

If you look carefully you can see deep ridges in the thumbnail. It is greatly improved from rubbing the eye formula on it several times a day.
The ring finger on the same hand is much better and the ridges are almost gone. This condition started when Paul started taking immunosuppressants for kidney transplant. It is the first thing in over 10 years that has brought improvement to the nails.


True movement of the Earth-AXIS - axis-wobbel clockwise in ONE YEAR
Stefan Sattler - Tue December 06th Innsbruck, Austria
Category: Spiritual

Innsbruck,Austria,4.December.2016... stefan:sattler ...or read here


The true movement of the earth (the syrian dance/the wobbel Clockwise!),how to start to rotate the moon and other misunderstandings in our current view of our solar system and galaxy ! For further elaboration of the PYSICS of plasma/magnetical-gravitation go to the Pro's: ....will help you understand and PROOF what i discovered !!!!! For further elaboration of the full template of the creation of Life,matter,soul,energy,kathara-Grids,Veccas and Eckahs go look beloved sister Theresa Talea Proposing a "new" cosmology beyond Death science If you (under-) overstand the teachings of Mr Keshe and the Information given by Theresa Talea : then there shall be NO DEATH for you anymore !!!!!! We are going to communicate with the "ALL That IS/The Pure Essence"........i love to call "Life Itself"! It is high times - DEAL WITH IT,my friends! We are presenting to you KRYSTHAL SCIENCE !

1. True movement of the earth we know earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself,ok. But what we didn t understand until i discovered it , is why earth-axis is while earth is revoluting "seemingly fixed" to a certain direction in space when viewed from outside the solar-system. I know ,science is telling you it is because of "inertia".....but ,there is no inertia......!!! Inertia was "invented" - like soo very often in science- when they don t know 'shit' but don t want to give up on their FALSE assumption and theories. It s proven already by the new understanding of physics by the Keshe-family, so i don t have to waste my time with that BS. Now imagine earth rotating around the sun and imagine the axis is tilted(23,4 degree) to the sun and let it rotate while imagine the axis always pointing to the sun(middle).... ...obviously ,in reality, it is not doing it like this,coz if it would ,there would be summer all year on the north-side of the earth.......... ....then now ask yourself : what force is pushing the axis per quater-year an additional 90 degree to the right (clockwise) so that it is as observed in reality ?????? these 'two movements kind of annihilating" each other if viewed not from the earth but from outside the solarsytem (the galactic space)......that swhy we obviously never really thought about it........we just never recognised that WE DON T HAVE A SUFFICIENT EXPLANATION FOR OUR OWN EARTH'S MOVEMENT !!!!!!!! that movement is what i called the 'syrian dance' ( until recently i still had the mistake in my thinking to perceive it as going Counterclockwise - that was wrong) it's the movement we think of when we discribe the wobble which leads to what is called 'the precision of the equinox'. The last piece of the puzzle i learned from Mr Keshe (better make yourself familiar with his teachings!): gravitational flow is running Counterclockwise and magnetical flow is Clockwise. Which brings us to the full understanding: the movement of the earthaxis (CW) is determent by the (electro-) magnetical RE-flow of earth, that s why to the right (CW)....and is a very HIGH probable guess that the axis bent/tilt is as well being dominated by the magnetical flow : meaning being for a long time 'treated' by it's own FALSIFIED electromagnetical pulse brought in the tilt more and more over the centuries. You still think that the pyramids,megaliths and other Ley-line-connected 'buildings' are POSTIV for life on earth ?????? Better think again......these places and the enteties and ideas behind are RESPONSIBLE for a lot suffering which happend here on earth and to us. THEY DIDN T UNDERSTAND - or at least only the half truth ...and we all know that half truth is far worse than even NON-truth!!!!! That Non-understanding of the full cosequences of True natural science was responsible for not only the Atlantean catastrophy but lot's more ....until this day!!!!! Guess you know, that even today all the secret societies,scientific fundamentals,black magic-shit...all is going back to that FALSE understanding of the flow of enrgy and life ! Now, when we understand this , then we can start to do that what i always dreamt of : repair/HEAL the earth ....helping earth to get it's axis straight again,,healing and balancing her field and with it the fields of all the beings here on earth!!!! If we are true Masters of the understanding of life : we gonna do that just with CONSCIOUSNESS - no need for material tools but sure we can combine both - as for now ,we have (thx keshe and family) the tools to work in TRUE ALIGNEMENT WITH NATURE,so sure we can use TOOLS as well!!! I guess by now everybody should have understood that our (and all nature's ) DNA is heavily influenced by this field...(that s why we have become humans who eventually die - THAT'S NOT OUR TRUE NATURE !!!) if this field is squeezed ( which it is)...our DNA is squeezed as well.... btw. that is the reason for all this stupid Fibbonacci and golden mean,flower of live,sacred geometry- BULLSHIT !!!!!! That is NOT the natural way how lif is extending and creating....fibbonacci-sequence is the distorted version of the Krysthal spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and so forth) ....the numbers seem familiar????? AAAhhhhh, yes,right, you got it : that's the SAME number-sequence upon which computers are working,yeah,congratulation,it looks like your brains are stll working ! It has something to do wiwth 'scalaar waves'...with their geometry: contrary to the fibbonacci sequence ,which is selfconsuming(meaning from the 7. position ( value 55 )onward there is no real growth anymore, it stays at the golden mean =1,6...), the Krysthal spiral stays'open within'.....meaning it remains in contact from the source to the manifested,which gives it plasmatic,living balancing properties. Or put simple : that's what is called LIFE.......being connected, being in the flow !!! btw: that's why the number of possible RE-incarnations is limited to 7.......coz after the 7th position on the fibbonacci-sequence our original template is tooo much damaged to hold its form anymore and withers to SPACE-DUST !!!! Re-incarnation in itself is UNNATURAL - i repeat : we are not meant to die at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Understanding this there is a very high (near certain) probability that what we call the 'precision of equinox' ( cycle of approx. 25500 years) is then NOT a wobbel but it s just a 'running a little slower compared to previous cycles' and NO WOBBLE at all !!!! the little difference of the sideric and the 'solar' year (difference between one full cycle of 'syrian dance' and one revolution around the sun) summed up over 2000 years will bring it in a position-change of 30 degrees less of the full 360-circle! it's just slowing down a liitle........maybe because it's rotation is not that smooth as it should be with a straight axis??!! 2. ) How to rotate the moon Now understanding this will bring us to the next possible option of understanding that it is possible to start to rotate the moon again and bring new life to our sister-planet. we could either think about doing it with Keshe magnetical-gravitational technics by creating a field on the moon,which then will bring in the voila, we will be able to create water,energy,atmosphere,etc. which itself will strenghen the field/atmosphere even more so that the interference between the earth and moon grows stronger until the point where we will have resonance which is nothing else as communication of forces !! Even more easy and probable is it when all this will happen while the earth-axis is already straightend up, cause then all three movements(rotation and revolution of earth, revolution of th moon around earth) will happen in one vibratory plane/oscillations plane which heavily increases the chances of interference/'s kind of an overtone,which is created in harmony with the base-tones of each movement of it's own. If we learn to do this....there will be plenty of other planets,moons waiting for us (Ceres,Europa,,planets in the Kuiper-belt and what not........yes,an endless fitting for beings who's lifespan is endless as well ......hahaaahhaha, can you live with that ?????? Are you able to live with yourself for an eternity ??????? When i look how full of hate and shit many of us are, i guess that will be the most difficult part for many ??????? There will be no more 'running away from yourself"! 3.) Galactic Distostions and Phantom-Galaxies Theresa Talea and Shapa Talea (mother and Ex-prophet, quite cool state of mind imho !) are the two humans currently on earth with the deepest understanding of the composition of the creation and the "false/distorted" creation of this multiverse! I just want to mention briefly,cause this might be a little too much/'hard' for some of you. The process of "awakening/ascension/becoming conscious" is always paralleled with the healing of our environment,coz we are always interactively connected to our environment. So. it is natural that I/we find out about the axis/rotation-tilt and about how to heal,while we are right now in the awakening state ....(the healing which i mentioned above). But it doesn t end with the earth and moon.....No, this is just the beginning...there is a lot.lot more to find out, to repair/heal, to fully understand of the history of our solar system,galaxy and beyond.....and we have to fully understand the history, for without understanding there is NO useful/beneficial acting. we will learn how Galaxies are created : naturally and what was done in creating Unnatural ones by entities lacking full "KRYSTHAL Knowledge". (the KATHARA-grid ) So, i will stop here,coz i just wanted to work out "the direction where to go" wishes ... your 'little brother' stefan aka TasUrInChi

Energie Gesundheit
Evelyn Lerden - Fri December 02nd Austria Wien
Category: Health

Meine Erfahrungsbericht mit Gans Wien 31.11.2016
Meine Versuche der Keshe Technoligie begannen im Oktober 2015
Seither hat sich mein Leben komplett verändert.
Ich trinke seit 8 Monaten CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 plus Aminosäuren Ganswasser . Ich gebe zu gleichen Teilen CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 Gans , Aminosäuren (10ml) in einen 1 L Glaskrug und fülle es mit Wasser (PH 8,5) auf, und trinke das obere Wasser. Ich bin dadurch emotional völlig ausgeglichen, schlafe jetzt hervorragend bin voller Energie und leide an keinen Rückenschmerzen mehr. Ich schlafe auf einen Wasserpolster mit Ganswasser von Zno, Co2 . Meine 3 Chihuahua Hunde trinken das selbe wie ich und wir haben kein richtiges Hungergefühl mehr ich esse nurmehr wegen des Geschmackes. Meine Hund fressen nur mehr ein Drittel oder manchmal die Hälfte von dem was sie früher fraßen.
An meiner Wasserleitung im Haus habe ich eine kleine Nano gecoatete Kupferrohr in dem Rohr noch eine Nano gecoatete Spule mit 18 Windungen . Meine ganzen Wasserleitungen in meinem Haus haben einen PH Wert von 8,5 – 9,0.
Das Regenwasser in meinem Garte n habe ich schon zwei Mal zu unterschiedlichen Tagen getestet,
es hat einen PH Wert von 7,5. Im Garten habe ich eine Starformation mit drei gecoateten Glas Kugeln gefüllt mit Ch3, ZNOCO2, CUO2 und Aminos laufen.
Im Haus ist ein Reaktor ( PC Lüfter) mit Aluminium Gans und einer mit Jod +B12 in Betrieb.
Zusätzlich sind im Haus noch 2 Sternformationen in Betrieb .
Das Pflanzenwachstum war dieses Jahr doppelt so viel.
Ich habe schon vieles gebaut und experimentiert und alles hat funktioniert.
Zusätzlich nehme ich noch Food Gans aus Moringa, Mumijo, Borax ,DMSO, zu mir.
Ich Danke Herrn Keshe für das wunderbare Geschenk der Plasmatechnologie möge es sich auf unseren Planeten weltweit ausbreiten und jedem zugänglich sein.
In Liebe an alle Wesen des Universums
Lerden Evelyn
Keshe Foundation Österreich


Gesundheit ,Ernährung, Energie
Evelyn Lerden - Fri December 02nd Austria Wien
Category: Health

My experience report with Gans Vienna 31.11.2016
My attempts at Keshe Technoligie started in October 2015
Since then my life has changed completely.

I have been drinking CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 plus amino acids of goose water for 8 months. I add CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 goose, amino acids (10ml) in equal portions to a 1 L glass jug and fill it with water (PH 8.5) and drink the top water. I am emotionally balanced, sleep well, am full of energy and no longer suffer from back pain. I sleep on a water cushion with goose water from Zno, Co2. My 3 Chihuahua dogs drink the same as me and we have no real hunger feeling anymore I eat only because of the taste. My dog ​​eat only one third or sometimes half of what they used to eat.

At my water supply in the house I have a small Nano-Coated copper tube in the tube still a Nano Coated coil with 18 turns. My whole water pipes in my house have a PH value of 8.5 - 9.0.

The rain water in my garden I have already tested twice on different days,
It has a PH value of 7.5. In the garden I have a star formation with three coated glass beads filled with Ch3, ZNOCO2, CUO2 and Aminos run.
In the house is a reactor (PC fan) with aluminum goose and one with iodine + B12 in operation.

In addition there are still 2 stars in the house.
Plant growth was twice as much this year.
I have already built and experimented a lot, and everything has worked.

In addition, I still take food goose from Moringa, Mumijo, Borax, DMSO, to me.
I would like to thank Mr. Keshe for the wonderful gift of plasma technology, to spread to our planet worldwide and be accessible to everyone.

In love to all beings of the universe
Lerden Evelyn
Keshe Foundation Austria



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