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Health non hodgkins lymphoma mantel cell cancer
Jackie Ausich - Sun February 14th Texas
Category: Health

My husband was diagnosed January 2020, he started taking traditional therapy chemo and immune therapy he had a really bad time at the beginning the chemo was awful,
he continued the treatment and added cup of life one water baths 2 or 3 times a day with bottles of cup of life one and two in the bad area where the cancer was sit in there for one hour. He also cut out sugar, carbs and added curcumin pre and probiotics and fenbenzodal,
when he feels bad he takes a bath protocol and feels much better after, while he is in the bath he feels no pain at all, also comparing to others going though the same illness they have lots of skin issues due to the chemo and my husband has non his skin is perfect he calls them his magic baths lol, so far he never misses his baths and now as of today feb 14 2021 he is in partial remission, at the beginning the doctor said he would have to have a stem cell transplant and now that has all changed as he is doing so well, i will now add cuo and test for heavy metals, Thank you Mr Keshe we love you and also thanks to Mark house who is always there guiding and answering my questions

Cura de una cadera sin rodete marginal
Esteban Dario Altamirano - Thu September 03rd Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category: Health

Nací a los 8 meses, motivo por el cual tuve distintos problemas de salud, uno de los cuales era no tener rodete marginal en la articulación coxo femoral. Mientras era niño y hasta la adolescencia no tuve problemas, pero luego empecé a tener dolor en la cadera, que me hacía caminar "como un pato" al empezar a andar, y limitó mi apertura de piernas frontal, de 180 grados a 90 grados, por inflamación. Cada año me hacía un control, y luego de muchos años el médico observó los estudios una y otra vez, sin poder creer lo que veía: tenía rodete marginal, mi cadera estaba excelente! Entiendo que el plasma pueda recuperar una lesión, pero en mi caso, ese rodete jamás lo tuve! ¿Cómo salió algo que jamás existió en mi cadera? INCREIBLE! pienso que el plasma de algún modo sabía lo que necesitaba, y simplemente me lo dio. GRACIAS SR. KESHE!!! Esto parece magia!
-Esteban Dario Altamirano

(English Translation):
I was born at 8 months, which is why I had different health problems, one of which was not having a marginal ridge in the hip joint. While I was a child and until adolescence I had no problems, but then I began to have pain in my hip, which made me walk "like a duck" when I started walking, and limited my front leg spread, from 180 degrees to 90 degrees, by inflammation. Every year I had a check-up, and after many years the doctor observed the studies over and over again, unable to believe what he saw: I had a marginal buckle, my hips were excellent! I understand that plasma can recover an injury, but in my case, I never had that bun! How did something that never existed come out on my hip? AMAZING! I think the plasma somehow knew what I needed, and it just gave it to me. THANK YOU MR. KESHE !!! This looks like magic! --Esteban Dario Altamirano

Cura de un disco intervertebral reparado
Esteban Dario Altamirano - Wed September 02nd Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category: Health

Tuve una lesión en la columna que produjo un aplastamiento de unos discos intervertebrales de la zona lumbar, que produjo una leve escoliosis; como resultado, cada tanto me daba una contractura muscular del cuadrado lumbar, muy doloroso e inmovilizante. Durante años tenía ese problema, pero en el último estudio de la columna me salió que no tenía nada. El doctor revisó muchas veces el estudio, ya que él consideraba que era imposible que un disco intervertebral se arreglara solo. Sin embargo, HOY MIS DISCOS VERTEBRALES NO ESTÁN LESIONADOS, NI TENGO ESCOLIOSIS! GRACIAS SR. KESHE! -Esteban Dario Altamirano

(English Translation):
I had a spinal injury that caused a crushing of some intervertebral discs in the lumbar area, causing mild scoliosis; as a result, every now and then I would get a very painful and immobilizing quadratus muscle contracture. For years I had this problem, but in the last study of the column I found that I had nothing. The doctor reviewed the study many times, as he considered that it was impossible for an intervertebral disc to fix itself. However, TODAY MY VERTEBRAL DISCS ARE NOT INJURED, NOR DO I HAVE SCOLIOSIS! THANK YOU MR. KESHE! -Esteban Dario Altamirano

Cura de un soplo cardíaco
Esteban - Wed September 02nd Buenos Aires, Argentina
Category: Health

Tenía un soplo cardíaco desde mi nacimiento. Siempre los médicos me dijeron que no se podía hacer nada.
Sin embargo, el día de hoy (2 de septiembre del 2020), me han hecho un análisis con un electrocardiograma, y no tengo nada! el corazón está perfecto, sin problemas! La doctora no entendía como pudo recuperarse! ESTOY FELIZ! CON CORAZÓN NUEVO! GRACIAS SR. KESHE!!! -Esteban

(English translatioin):
I had a heart murmur from birth. Doctors always told me that nothing could be done.
However, today (September 2, 2020), I had an analysis with an electrocardiogram, and I have nothing! the heart is perfect, no problems! The doctor did not understand how she could recover! I AM HAPPY! WITH A NEW HEART! THANK YOU MR. KESHE !!! -Esteban

4 Weeks using cup of life one and two
Jackie Ausich - Sat May 09th Crowley, TX
Category: Health

Symptoms of body before starting
Migraines 3 or 4 times week, for about 20 years have c3 disc surgery
Psoriasis for about 40 years gradually getting worse
Pain on left side for 7 years constant ache gets worse if lifting something doctors cannot find what is wrong
Back pain mostly on right side for about 5 years, also pain on left upper back sometimes feels like kidney, scan shows osteopenia in back and hip
Broken bone on left middle finger and on left middle toe, possible broken ankle aches at night and swells at ankle
constipation , swollen stomach, having to go the bathroom during the night and feeling of needing to pee tender inflammation in stomach and bladder
Digestive issues some sickly feeling upon waking sometimes
Feet hurt when first wake up, small tiny growth on ankle been there for years
Varicose veins

Two weeks using cup of life 1 and cup of life 2, spraying from head to toe with cL1, and spraying from chest to feet with cL2 morning and night, drinking water with 30ml, also pain patch with cup one on stomach and also moving to back in the morning, taking bath using one cup of cup of life one, once a week

Results after two weeks
Psoriasis, not as itchy looks smoother noticeable difference
Migraines still there
Pain on left side seems less
Back pain improved as i noticed i slept better and longer
Broken bones and ankle still hurt
Constipation and bladder, bladder improved as i noticed i was not getting up in the middle of the night
Digestive issues improved
Tiny growth on leg has top layer of skin peeling off
Veins look the same

Four weeks using cup of life 1 and cup of life 2, spraying from head to toe with cL1, and spraying from chest to feet with cL2 morning and night, drinking water with 30ml, also pain patch with cup one on stomach and also moving to back in the morning, taking bath using one of cup of life one

Results after four weeks
Psoriasis, not itchy at all completely gone
Migraines still there
Pain on left side seems less starting to notice a slight swelling on the left side and feeling of like baby kicks lol that come and go all week

Back pain much improved
Broken bones finger still hurts but ankle does not
Constipation and bladder, bladder improved as i noticed i was not getting up in the middle of the night also no constipation at all for a least a week very regular and have not changed my diet
Digestive issues improved
Tiny growth on leg has top layer of skin peeling off and something trying to come out
Veins look the same

End result so far has been impressive, also house is much calmer and happy much less inflammation over entire body,

Thank you so much Mr Keshe, Caroline, Mark house and everyone contributing much love to you all

Cured my cough and shortness of breath
Pat Muscat - Wed April 15th MALTA
Category: Health

I have been 2 weeks suffering from pain cough and shortness of breath and chest pain and tightness and back pain as soon as I took the gans water all the symptoms where relieved my cough stopped the chest tightness was gone and even the shortness of breath like a miracle!

Treating dental pain and Aczema
tarek - Wed April 15th Syria Damascus
Category: Health

Yesterday, I suffered a very bad toothache with a heat,

so i spread the Gans on my face.

After about an hour, my toothache gone and the heat too.


I have an Aczema on my leg's skin also, so I spread the Gans on it about three times since yesterday. Now, it's very better

I used gans from 1C1L

One cup One Life & Twin Cup
Shawn - Mon March 09th Hawthorne, Florida
Category: Health

So far I have seen success in all of my cups, and people that I have shared with report they feel better after using plasma water from the GANS of all One Cup methods. Preparing to make cup care kits for family and friends. Thank you all.

Two years cancer free cat
Clyde Parry - Wed February 19th Southport, United Kingdom
Category: Health

It’s been two years this month my 13 year old cat has been cancer free. She got diagnosed with a lymphoma of the stomach after having a scan. My vet said it was the worst kind and she won’t last long. I ordered gans of co2 and started giving it to her everyday by mouth and also rubbed on her stomach, her drinking water was gans water from then onwards. I constantly prayed for her with the intention of being healthy. We tried giving her chemo at first to prolong her life so to let the gans work. She didn’t tolerate the chemo so could only have a few sessions. However, this was enough time for the gans to start working. The only thing she would eat was her favourite prawns so this kept her energy levels up. After a month she seemed to be getting much better and two months later the vet couldn’t believe she is still alive. I said to him to book another scan as I felt in my soul she was cured. When I saw the specialist with the scan results, she dropped the paperwork on the floor and seemed shocked. I said to her, my cats cancer has gone hasn’t it, she said yes with disbelief!! Sad thing is I tried to explain what had helped my cat and she didn’t want to know or should is say, she said I can’t know as it’s against my teachings and law! I couldn’t believe. It as it could save so many other animals. So here we are two years down the line and my beautiful cat Mota is happy and healthy as ever. I can’t thank mr meshes and all the knowledge seekers along with Dian Jarit. I know pass gans around to my old neighbours who need help with she’s and pains, it really works. Much love Clyde and Laura Parry

OneCup OneLife
Chakib Sebti - Wed February 19th Morocco
Category: Health

I made my CupOne Life, it's really effective against viruses !