Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Gans Mix on Fan Motor
Günther Blum - Mon November 13th Austria
Category: Technology

Günther Blum's Gans Rotation pictures and video from April 27 2016:

Knowledge seeker
Iman Alipour - Tue January 10th Iran
Category: Technology

Unofficial online student and knowledge seeker with connect to Mrs Carolina and Mr Farhad Amini. Also researcher about new methods and the contact between the plasma knowledge and Iranian traditions.


Daniel Linängen - Thu October 27th Sweden, Helsingborg
Category: Technology

I'll start working with Earth Energy Grid, including: Curry lines, Hartman lines, Leylines, Underground Water Energies, Broken Earth Meridian System, Manmade Negative Energies (cellponetowers, microwave, etc..) Material Bounded Negative Energy, Vortex Portals, Spirit Energies and so on and on. Creative Earths Energy once again sustainable to still as an carbonbased living creature, to live on.

hovering of Ganspaste in Gansball and Fielddetection
Peter Salocher - Fri February 12th Moniholz, Austria
Category: Technology

I have only made a one stacker unit so far an had it for four weeks on the grid. Observed energysavings and the Ganspaste did clime up verticaly. Then i could see that this vitalityweel also react with the magravcoil and the Magravcoil with my hand. Amazing Also i could see that a normal extensionwire must have been coated so far, cause also without Magrav, the energy savings get better and better from day to day.

Knowledge Sharing: Caribean sea water for Copper Oxide gans.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

Caribean sea water has more density than many other seas. Instead of 0.5A and 1.5V for copper oxide production, switch to 0.3 Amps and 6.6 Volts, Gans production is same as fast, but you are safer getting all the time the green-blue oxide copper.

Sharing knowledge. Fast surface preparation for new, used or contaminated copper.
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 12th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Technology

2 - 3 minutes procedure to clean copper before steam nanocoating. Dilute little phosphoricc acid with clean water, submerge, if necesary wipe impurities, rinse with clean water and dry or let dry. From here, ready to steam nanocoat. If your copper has oil, you can add little detergent or soap to acid-water solution. 24 hour dipping in coustic not necesary. Impure industrial phosphoric acid will work, Other none corrosive acids should work, like citric acid. Also good for cleaning used copper, 1 minutes cleans old nanocoating.

I have build a MAGRAV-POWER system for my home, and it works....
CM - Fri February 12th Rosières (07260), Ardèche, France
Category: Technology

I have build a MAGRAV-POWER system for my home, and it works. great! Was there any doubt ! Yes of course ! If we follow instructions well, then it works. That's all. If you create one. Here's a tip: Put your love there ... Have faith. Be happy !           

One Planet, One Race, One Nation
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute - Thu January 28th Dubai
Category: Technology

Keshe Foundation presents "One Planet, One Race, One Nation."

"No knowledge has been dispersed so beautifully, so balanced, across the planet, ever...across the planet and maybe in the universe..." MT Keshe

Vocals of MT Keshe

Music and arrangement courtesy Elizabeth Ortiz

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