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Results from my Gans
Bethany Johnson - Thu June 22nd Spain
Category: Various

As a student of four years with the Keshe Organisation I have learned from the Public teachings.
I began making Pain pens and then Gans. I made CO2 by obtaining Zinc from a metals scrap yard and Zinc from a Metals company. I sensed the copper needed to be nano-coated by fire and used my gas hob to do the nano-coating. I collected sea water from the Mediterranean. I then watched a video on Youtube and asked for guidance from a Distributor making his own Gans in the USA, because he spoke English! He helped me to understand exactly how to begin. I also had guidance from Rick C with reference to cleaning my Zinc. After quite a few weeks white powder formed at the bottom of the boxes.

I then discovered I had black mold spores in my blood stream from water invasion after heavy rains and decided to make CH3 in one of the boxes and placed rusty iron nails into the water. The white powder turned orange eventually. I washed the Gans some five weeks later in six washes using Distilled water as a Youtube video explained. To test I gave CO2 to a tree in my home and a couple of plants. They did not die but grew many lush leaves when normally during winter time hardly had any leaves at all. The tree continues to thrive and I then began to take 2 inches of CO2 morning and night and added 2 inches of CH3 into a pure cacao chocolate drink each day.
I am now making ZnO Zinc = Emotion and after no powder appearing suddenly a picture has appeared of what looks like a baby in a cocoon, ancient image seen in museums over the years. I now have some pictures but no facility here to show them. I would like someone to tell me if this is normal to have a picture show up in the ZnO Zinc gans ? Or should I just throw it away ? I nano-coated one piece of Zinc with fire although it seemed to weaken the Zinc and fine cracks began to appear whilst doing it. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Magrav for HEAT / COOLING
Zoltán Szabó - Tue February 21st Hungary
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Magrav for HEAT / COOLING

I have three functional magrav positioned as follows:
Magrav coil NO.1: CW, 1.5mm2, 162/81 turns
Magrav No.1 distance of 4 m to Magrav Nr. 2
Magrav No.2 coil counterclockwise (CCW)1.5mm2, 144/81 turns
Magrav Nr2 distance of 4,5m of Magrav No.3
Magrav No.1 distance of 4.5 m Magrav No.3
Magrav No.3 144/81turns, 2,5mm2 CW
Magrav No.1 renewed and mounted 13 sept.2016
Magrav No.3 mounted 11 oct.2016
Magrav No.2 mounted three Dec. 2016
This morning (20 Feb. 2017), we stopped functioning wood-burning boiler, and started for central gas central metan. The digital thermometer from gas central is at a distance of about 10 meters from the room where the three magravs are positioned, and it was positioned 21 degrees Celsius. But after lunch I had to mute switch on the thermostat at 19 degrees, as in the room where is it positioned the magravs, wall thermometer shows 28 degrees !!!
Outside temperature 1 degree Celsius
Boiler(Gas central) started so only a couple of times throughout the day.
At 18 o'clock in the evening, the radiators were cold in the room where the thermometer indicates magravurile 28 degrees Celsius.
Until I went to bed at 23.30 Central n-started, the thermometer dropped to 25 degrees only.
I mention the fact that the house is built of bricks silicate, 196 sqm, is not insulated, no outside walls or attic, just as were exchanged windows on wood windows, after two years in the autumn were I GANS WATERED with GANS water CO2 + ZnO on the outside.
Last year about this time, in February-March, we had only two magravs made but positioned differently, closer, smaller distance between them one time the other counterclockwise and only my wife felt the heat sensation, just a single point when sat between the two magravs.
I had to open the door at a time that could not bear the heat of 28 degrees. For about 3:00 I sat with the door open, the door that gives the stairs that lead to the loft, well ventilated.
PRELIMINARY CONCLUSION: 3 magravuri positioned to close spaced (4m, respectively 4.5 - 4.5m) two of which produce heat zone counterclockwise one plasma interaction between them, three identical magravs positioned at some distance must produce COOL !! !


The Bees Love Plasma Water
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Wed February 08th Red Lodge, Montana
Category: Various

Bob and Helen in Florida got one of our plasma energy stations and here is how they are using the plasma water with their bees...

Here is what Bob has to say:
Putting station water in sugar water that the bees drink and before you used Miracle II Neutralizer. Now he has added the plasma water to it and charged the water overnight. In the morning after the water has charged he puts a tablespoon of Miracle II neutralizer (that is electrified and 1 to 2 TBS neutralizes acid reflux).

You can see the neutralizer and plasma water in a cloud of streamers. It’s ‘winter’ for Florida bees so even though it’s 80 degrees. A recent frost killed off all the pollen so they are feeding the ‘sugar’ water. Some people use corn syrup. Now the bees are in ‘full gear’ with the plasma water, sugar and miracle II. The sugar water is put in a 64 ounce mason jar with a lid with holes. They put it upside down and he has a 3 inch hole in the top of the hive. They go to the water dripping and ‘suck’ it out. It lasts 3 ½ to 4 days.

He thinks the queen will lay more. If the workers are happy the queen is happy. Bob learned about the miracle II neutralizer are losing 10 hives last year. Someone used this on hive beetles which lay their larvae with the bees and kill them. For almost 2 years he has had no mites in the beehives. For the last 6 or 7 months he has no hive beetles who burrow in the corners. So that helps.

Now since they added the plasma water to the water he uses for the bees with the neutralizer in the same amount and he sees even more improvement and the worker bees are all more busy, more active and bringing in pollen left and right. There has been a bloom since the freeze. They may be able to fly further since I’ve added the plasma water.

The following link explains the plasma energy station.


Lliquid plasma water does not freeze
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Sat February 04th Red Lodge, Montana
Category: Various

Liquid plasma water doesn’t freeze. We took photos on 2/2/17 on our unheated front porch in Montana when the temperature was minus 3 Fahrenheit. As the high temperature of the day.

We have treated socks, hats and gloves as described in the 156th Knowledge Seekers’ workshop. The vials have been on the porch for 2 months. One vial was filled with CO2 liquid plasma and the other was filled with CO2, CuO, and ZnO liquid plasma.

The main highway to Billings was closed today because of 3 to 5 drifts from blowing snow.
We have treated hats, gloves, winter scarves and socks with the liquid plasma for both of us.

Paul and Lynn Schmaltz


Pool Water Treatment
Lerden Evelyn - Thu December 15th Vienna, Austria
Category: Various


In the house is a reactor (PC fan) with aluminum gans and one with iodine + B12 and one with lead-gold gans in operation
In addition there are still 2 stars in the house.
In the garden is a star formation (in the dog hut because of the weather)

My pool:
Capacity 13 000 liters of water. At the beginning, 10 liters of copper water and 20 liters of Co2 salt gans water were added, and waited 4 days from the rinse with a sand filter system connected to the solar system for the pool. Then I found that the walls were slippery, so coming algae infestation, left half of the water again and watered my garden with it. And fresh water replenished, I did not fail to add multifunctional tablets into the water. There are 2 coated copper spirals in the basin 2 coated copper spirals on the ground and a glass bottle with Co2 gans water. There are 6 coated table tennis balls filled with Co2, Cuo2 ch3 gans water in the water and swim there. I must be surprised.

That as water does not smell of chlorine, the skin is wonderfully soft no white chlorine coating on the skin and you feel after the swimming pleasure as in a spa completely relaxed and at the same time totally refreshed.

In my tobacco can I give a CO2 and CUO2 Copper gans bottles with pure to neutralize the Unhealthy additives.

I've already built a lot and experimented and everything has worked. Thanks to Keshe and all the contributing to this technology, may it spread worldwide.


Gesundheit Heilung Natur Wasser Energie
Evelyn Lerden - Sun December 11th Wien Österreich
Category: Various

Update Erfahrungsbericht mit Gans Wien 11. 12. 2016
Meine Versuche der Keshe Technoligie begannen im Oktober 2015
Seither hat sich mein Leben komplett verändert.
Mein 19 Jahre altes Auto VW Polo SDI Family Baujahr 1997 verbraucht auf 100 km nur 4,5 l Diesel. Habe vollgetankt bin 100 km gefahren und dann wieder vollgetankt genau 4,5 l dann war der Tank wieder voll. Es sind 2 18 Windungsspulen gecoatet eine links gedreht und eine rechtsgedreht gefüllt mit CO2 und CUO Gans getränkt mit einem Schaumstoff in den Spulen an meiner Batterie, Co 2 Gans im Motoröl, 3 er Gans und Wolframcarbid Gans 20ml im Tank, ein Generator mit Plasma Kugel gefüllt mit CH3 und Bleigans und 2 Kondensatoren ( rechts und links gewickelt Anschluss am Ziggarettenanzünder , oberhalb beim Dach im gleichen Abstand 4 Glaskugeln gefüllt mit CH3, CUO2 , ZNCO2 und Gold Gans , in der Mitte befindet sich noch eine Bleigans Kugel.
In der Scheibenwischanlage ist Co2 Ganswasser drin.
Ich wasche mein Auto nur mit Liqud Plasma Wasser, es bleibt lange glänzend und es haftet viel weniger Schmutz daran.
Am Boden steht ein V2,1 Plasmagenerator
An der Autobatterie hängen zusätzlich noch 2 Glasphiolen mit gecoateter Kupferspirale 18 Windungen in Bleigans und CH3 Gans gefüllt. Der Motor läuft jetzt extrem leise und der Antrieb beim Wegfahren und Kuppeln besser als je zuvor er schnurrt wie ein Kätzchen
Ich trinke seit 8 Monaten CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 plus Aminosäuren Ganswasser . Ich gebe zu gleichen Teilen CH3-C02-Zno-CUO2 Gans , Aminosäuren (10ml) in einen 1 L Glaskrug und fülle es mit Wasser (PH 8,5) auf, und trinke das obere Wasser. Ich bin dadurch emotional völlig ausgeglichen, schlafe jetzt hervorragend bin voller Energie und leide an keinen Rückenschmerzen mehrwelche ich nur nachts hatte. Ich platzierte 3 gecoatete Kupferlatten beschichtet mit Co2 ,CUo2 Ch3 Gans und laminierte sie. Sie kamen unter das Leintuch in Rücken Höhe. Ich schlafe auf einen Wasserpolster mit Ganswasser von Zno, Co2 . Meine 3 Chihuahua Hunde trinken dasselbe wie ich und wir haben kein richtiges Hungergefühl mehr ich esse nur mehr wegen des Geschmackes. Meine Hund fressen nur mehr ein Drittel oder manchmal die Hälfte von dem was sie früher fraßen. Meine Amy (Chihuahua) hat von Geburt an eine Luftröhrenverengung und wenn sie sich freut( emotionales Problem) hatte sie immer Atemschwierigkeiten und keuchte, seit sie das Ganswasser trinkt ist es nur mehr ganz selten das sie keucht. Ich verwende Liquid Plasmawasser ( verdünntes Ganswasser)überall da wo man wasser braucht.( Duschen, Haare waschen, kochen, Putzen usw..)
An meiner Wasserleitung im Haus habe ich eine kleine Nano gecoatete Kupferrohr in dem Rohr noch eine Nano gecoatete Spule mit 18 Windungen. Meine ganzen Wasserleitungen in meinem Haus haben einen PH Wert von 8,5 – 9,0.
Ein langjähriger Freund hat einen künstlichen Ausgang Er hat jetzt wieder-Normale Kreatinin Werte und braucht keine Infusionen mehr welche er zweimal täglich brauchte, da seine Nieren nur wenig Flüssigkeit verarbeitete. Ich gab ihn 3-er Gans gemischt 6ml(ZNCO2,CUO2,CH3) das er seit einigen Monaten in einen 1L Wasser in einen Glaskrug gibt wartet bis das Gans sich absetzt und dann nur mehr dieses Wasser trinkt.
Getrocknete Kräuter verlieren ihre Farbe nicht sie bleiben grün. Das Pflanzenwachstum war dieses Jahr doppelt so viel. Ich hatte im Oktober noch viele kleine grüne Kirschtomaten und auch grüne Salattomaten, ich nahm sie und stellte sie in mein Wohnzimmer, innerhalb von 2´- 3 Wochen waren alle Tomaten rot. Voriges Jahr 2015 im Herbst tat ich dasselbe da hatte ich noch keine Ahnung von Plasma und die Tomaten sind alle grün geblieben.
Das Regenwasser in meinem Garte n habe ich schon zwei Mal zu unterschiedlichen Tagen getestet,
es hat einen PH Wert von 7,5. Im Garten habe ich eine Starformation mit drei gecoateten Glas Kugeln gefüllt mit Ch3, ZNOCO2, CUO2 und Aminos laufen.
Im Haus ist ein Reaktor ( PC Lüfter) mit Aluminium Gans und einer mit Jod +B12 und einer mit Blei-Goldgans in Betrieb
Zusätzlich sind im Haus noch 2 Sternformationen in Betrieb.
Im Garten steht eine Sternformation ( in der Hundehütte wegen der Witterung)
Mein Pool
Fassungsvermögen 13 000l Wasser Gab am Anfang 10 l Kupfermeerganswasser und 20 Liter Co2 Meerganswasser dazu und wartete 4 Tage ab Umspülung mit einer Sandfilteranlage Solaranlage für das Pool dazwischen verbunden. Dann stellte ich fest dass die Wände glitschig waren also kommender Algenbefall, habe die Hälfte des Wassers wieder ausgelassen und meinen Garten damit gewässert. und Frisches Wasser aufgefüllt , ich kam nicht umhin Multifunktionstabletten in das Wasser dazuzugeben. Es hängen 2 gecoatete Kupferspiralen im Becken 2 gecoatete Kupferschwämme auf den Boden und eine Glasflasche mit Co2 Ganswasser. Es sind 6 gecoatete Tischtennisbälle gefüllt mit Co2, Cuo2 ch3- Ganswasser im Wasser und schwimmen dahin. Ich muss überrascht feststellen
Dass das Wasser nicht nach Chlor riecht, die Haut ist wunderbar weich keine weiße Chlorbeschichtung auf der Haut und man fühlt sich nach dem Schwimmvergnügen wie in einem Kurbad total entspannt und gleichzeitig total erfrischt
In meiner Tabakdose gebe ich ein CO2 und CUO2 Kupfergans Fläschchen mit rein zur Neutralisierung der ungesunden Zusatzstoffe.
Ich habe schon vieles gebaut und experimentiert und alles hat funktioniert.
Großen Dank an Keshe und all den mitwirkenden an dieser Technologie, möge es sich weltweit verbreiten.


Found the Keshe transcription web site to be absolutely wonderful!
pamela paddock - Fri December 09th KF Forum
Category: Various

Hi all!

I have found the Keshe transcription web site to be absolutely wonderful for harnessing the incredible information that gets shared therein.
Go to .

I bless the good Souls who have spent hours transcribing the hours and hours of the workshops so we can all benefit! Thank you so much, Transformacomm!

Anyway, download the transcript of interest (in PDF or rich text formats), and do a word search on your particular area of interest (for me "EMF shielding"). Oh my WORD. What a wealth of knowledge!

From "pamelapaddock" in Keshe Forum


True movement of the Earth-AXIS - axis-wobbel clockwise in ONE YEAR
Stefan Sattler - Tue December 06th Innsbruck, Austria
Category: Various

Innsbruck,Austria,4.December.2016... stefan:sattler ...or read here THE TRUE MOVEMENT OF EARTH AND IT"S AXIS - THE 'SYRIAN DANCE' The true movement of the earth (the syrian dance/the wobbel Clockwise!),how to start to rotate the moon and other misunderstandings in our current view of our solar system and galaxy ! For further elaboration of the PYSICS of plasma/magnetical-gravitation go to the Pro's: ....will help you understand and PROOF what i discovered !!!!! For further elaboration of the full template of the creation of Life,matter,soul,energy,kathara-Grids,Veccas and Eckahs go look beloved sister Theresa Talea Proposing a "new" cosmology beyond Death science If you (under-) overstand the teachings of Mr Keshe and the Information given by Theresa Talea : then there shall be NO DEATH for you anymore !!!!!! We are going to communicate with the "ALL That IS/The Pure Essence"........i love to call "Life Itself"! It is high times - DEAL WITH IT,my friends! We are presenting to you KRYSTHAL SCIENCE ! 1. True movement of the earth we know earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself,ok. But what we didn t understand until i discovered it , is why earth-axis is while earth is revoluting "seemingly fixed" to a certain direction in space when viewed from outside the solar-system. I know ,science is telling you it is because of "inertia".....but ,there is no inertia......!!! Inertia was "invented" - like soo very often in science- when they don t know 'shit' but don t want to give up on their FALSE assumption and theories. It s proven already by the new understanding of physics by the Keshe-family, so i don t have to waste my time with that BS. Now imagine earth rotating around the sun and imagine the axis is tilted(23,4 degree) to the sun and let it rotate while imagine the axis always pointing to the sun(middle).... ...obviously ,in reality, it is not doing it like this,coz if it would ,there would be summer all year on the north-side of the earth.......... ....then now ask yourself : what force is pushing the axis per quater-year an additional 90 degree to the right (clockwise) so that it is as observed in reality ?????? these 'two movements kind of annihilating" each other if viewed not from the earth but from outside the solarsytem (the galactic space)......that swhy we obviously never really thought about it........we just never recognised that WE DON T HAVE A SUFFICIENT EXPLANATION FOR OUR OWN EARTH'S MOVEMENT !!!!!!!! that movement is what i called the 'syrian dance' ( until recently i still had the mistake in my thinking to perceive it as going Counterclockwise - that was wrong) it's the movement we think of when we discribe the wobble which leads to what is called 'the precision of the equinox'. The last piece of the puzzle i learned from Mr Keshe (better make yourself familiar with his teachings!): gravitational flow is running Counterclockwise and magnetical flow is Clockwise. Which brings us to the full understanding: the movement of the earthaxis (CW) is determent by the (electro-) magnetical RE-flow of earth, that s why to the right (CW)....and is a very HIGH probable guess that the axis bent/tilt is as well being dominated by the magnetical flow : meaning being for a long time 'treated' by it's own FALSIFIED electromagnetical pulse brought in the tilt more and more over the centuries. You still think that the pyramids,megaliths and other Ley-line-connected 'buildings' are POSTIV for life on earth ?????? Better think again......these places and the enteties and ideas behind are RESPONSIBLE for a lot suffering which happend here on earth and to us. THEY DIDN T UNDERSTAND - or at least only the half truth ...and we all know that half truth is far worse than even NON-truth!!!!! That Non-understanding of the full cosequences of True natural science was responsible for not only the Atlantean catastrophy but lot's more ....until this day!!!!! Guess you know, that even today all the secret societies,scientific fundamentals,black magic-shit...all is going back to that FALSE understanding of the flow of enrgy and life ! Now, when we understand this , then we can start to do that what i always dreamt of : repair/HEAL the earth ....helping earth to get it's axis straight again,,healing and balancing her field and with it the fields of all the beings here on earth!!!! If we are true Masters of the understanding of life : we gonna do that just with CONSCIOUSNESS - no need for material tools but sure we can combine both - as for now ,we have (thx keshe and family) the tools to work in TRUE ALIGNEMENT WITH NATURE,so sure we can use TOOLS as well!!! I guess by now everybody should have understood that our (and all nature's ) DNA is heavily influenced by this field...(that s why we have become humans who eventually die - THAT'S NOT OUR TRUE NATURE !!!) if this field is squeezed ( which it is)...our DNA is squeezed as well.... btw. that is the reason for all this stupid Fibbonacci and golden mean,flower of live,sacred geometry- BULLSHIT !!!!!! That is NOT the natural way how lif is extending and creating....fibbonacci-sequence is the distorted version of the Krysthal spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64, and so forth) ....the numbers seem familiar????? AAAhhhhh, yes,right, you got it : that's the SAME number-sequence upon which computers are working,yeah,congratulation,it looks like your brains are stll working ! It has something to do wiwth 'scalaar waves'...with their geometry: contrary to the fibbonacci sequence ,which is selfconsuming(meaning from the 7. position ( value 55 )onward there is no real growth anymore, it stays at the golden mean =1,6...), the Krysthal spiral stays'open within'.....meaning it remains in contact from the source to the manifested,which gives it plasmatic,living balancing properties. Or put simple : that's what is called LIFE.......being connected, being in the flow !!! btw: that's why the number of possible RE-incarnations is limited to 7.......coz after the 7th position on the fibbonacci-sequence our original template is tooo much damaged to hold its form anymore and withers to SPACE-DUST !!!! Re-incarnation in itself is UNNATURAL - i repeat : we are not meant to die at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Understanding this there is a very high (near certain) probability that what we call the 'precision of equinox' ( cycle of approx. 25500 years) is then NOT a wobbel but it s just a 'running a little slower compared to previous cycles' and NO WOBBLE at all !!!! the little difference of the sideric and the 'solar' year (difference between one full cycle of 'syrian dance' and one revolution around the sun) summed up over 2000 years will bring it in a position-change of 30 degrees less of the full 360-circle! it's just slowing down a liitle........maybe because it's rotation is not that smooth as it should be with a straight axis??!! 2. ) How to rotate the moon Now understanding this will bring us to the next possible option of understanding that it is possible to start to rotate the moon again and bring new life to our sister-planet. we could either think about doing it with Keshe magnetical-gravitational technics by creating a field on the moon,which then will bring in the voila, we will be able to create water,energy,atmosphere,etc. which itself will strenghen the field/atmosphere even more so that the interference between the earth and moon grows stronger until the point where we will have resonance which is nothing else as communication of forces !! Even more easy and probable is it when all this will happen while the earth-axis is already straightend up, cause then all three movements(rotation and revolution of earth, revolution of th moon around earth) will happen in one vibratory plane/oscillations plane which heavily increases the chances of interference/'s kind of an overtone,which is created in harmony with the base-tones of each movement of it's own. If we learn to do this....there will be plenty of other planets,moons waiting for us (Ceres,Europa,,planets in the Kuiper-belt and what not........yes,an endless fitting for beings who's lifespan is endless as well ......hahaaahhaha, can you live with that ?????? Are you able to live with yourself for an eternity ??????? When i look how full of hate and shit many of us are, i guess that will be the most difficult part for many ??????? There will be no more 'running away from yourself"! 3.) Galactic Distostions and Phantom-Galaxies Theresa Talea and Shapa Talea (mother and Ex-prophet, quite cool state of mind imho !) are the two humans currently on earth with the deepest understanding of the composition of the creation and the "false/distorted" creation of this multiverse! I just want to mention briefly,cause this might be a little too much/'hard' for some of you. The process of "awakening/ascension/becoming conscious" is always paralleled with the healing of our environment,coz we are always interactively connected to our environment. So. it is natural that I/we find out about the axis/rotation-tilt and about how to heal,while we are right now in the awakening state ....(the healing which i mentioned above). But it doesn t end with the earth and moon.....No, this is just the beginning...there is a lot.lot more to find out, to repair/heal, to fully understand of the history of our solar system,galaxy and beyond.....and we have to fully understand the history, for without understanding there is NO useful/beneficial acting. we will learn how Galaxies are created : naturally and what was done in creating Unnatural ones by entities lacking full "KRYSTHAL Knowledge". (the KATHARA-grid ) So, i will stop here,coz i just wanted to work out "the direction where to go" wishes ... your 'little brother' stefan aka TasUrInChi

Health or Pain Pen
Mark Hazlewood - Tue February 23rd Orlando, Florida
Category: Various

Unusual X-Files occurrence with a Health Pen As per my last post with the health pens I'm having great success with using them in combination with my Magnetic Pulsar. To recap I was feeling sick all day the other day & used the Magnetic Pulsar with the health pen attached by putting it into my belly button for 20 mins & was amazed that suddenly I felt perfectly fine. Then I gave my pen to my mother who is in her 80's & barely able to move in pain & told her to do the same with her pulsar. All her pain throughout her entire body went away in 1 hour & 20 mins of using it. (She has the old style Pulsar that has a slower pulse). Ok, so I left that pen with my mom & built a new one. I had it built when I realized I had forgotten to put something in it so I broke open the the side of the pen you touch yourself with & put the ashes in. I had saved some blessed ashes from a fire ceremony from a spiritual retreat I attended earlier last year. The Satguru that headed the retreat & blessed the ashes is hundreds of years old & can move his body at will from place to place. He is not an ascended being he's a descended being that arrived in this plane fully enlightened because he heard the calling from others who wanted help in ascending. He is not very well known, doesn't have a large following, only has a couple retreats a year at this time, and only works with people that he knows are serious about their ascension. He also says most of the people he works with now he has helped prior in past lives. Ok here's what happened. I put the ashes in the pen. I took some clear silicon to seal it up. I was looking at the silicon & wondering how I was going to get the silicon to flatten out on top when it dried so it would not dry jagged and be uncomfortable on my skin. Then I saw what I guess is sort of a miracle. There were 3 straight wires right behind the silicon I just squeezed from a tube over them. Suddenly there was a tiny electric spark that came from one of the wires that went into the silicon! After seeing that I was mesmerized looking for it to possibly happen again. The pen was not connected to the Magnetic Pulsar at the time. Then I watched as the silicon changed shape into a perfect dome then stopped moving. This dome shape is the most comfortable possible shape the silicon could have dried into. I placed it in front of a fan & it stayed that way until fully dried. All I can think about this incident that played out in front of me is the plasma definitely has consciousness & possibly more so because of the blessed ashes. I don't know.

Spraying energized water (from CO2 Gans) on windows saves heat
Mary Vu - Fri February 12th Los Angeles, California, USA
Category: Various

Yesterday (February, 5th, 2016), I tried to spray CO2 Gans' water (just the top part of water above the Gans, not the Gans itself) all around inside my windows. To my amazement, it reduced the cold to about 10 degree F !... Outdoor, it was 46 degree F, at 6 am in the morning, in Los Angeles; but inside my duplex felt like 56 degree! And both my husband and I woke up feeling very energetic! It left some slight traces of caustic/and or salt on the windows which we don't mind it at all, considering how much warmer the room for a good night sleep, and we were so well rested! Not sure, if I have to spray it every day or how often though? (Update: today Feb 6, 2016, the second day, I have not sprayed any more on my window, and the duplex still feels warm at about 56 degree. Yeah!!! Thanks Mr. Keshe's technology!) Thanks Tom Salas for teaching me a simple way to make CO2 Gans from sea water (I do not have access to sea water, but I used rainwater and sea salt instead): and thanks Carolina De Roose the tip of spraying the windows!