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Burn accident
Rick Harris - Wed November 09th Tigard, Oregon, USA
Category: Health

June 29, 2016

So here is a testimonial for you yesterday around lunch time my wife accidentally touched the burner of the stove Gotta Love glass top stoves when I got home by 4 o´clock I found her with her fingers soaking in ice water when I saw her fingers I could see they were right at the verge of blistering so what I did I grabbed a small bowl and added liquid plasma of CO2 I took the ice water away from her and had her put her fingers in the liquid plasma then I went to my workbench and made up a pain patch with just paper towel in a ziplock baggie I made 3 baggies 2 of CO2 liquid plasma and--one H3 liquid plasma I then use double-sided tape and stacked as a tree together putting the H3 baggie in the center I asked her to keep her fingers on the baggie as often as she could although she found more relief with the liquid Plasma in the bowl and she added an ice cube she had her fingers in the water for about four hours off and on but then she found relief with the plastic baggies wrapped around her fingers this morning when she woke up she had very little discomfort on her fingertips and you can obviously see there´s no blistering she feels there is a slight film over her fingers with no sensitivity at all she was impressed and she woke up early this morning just to let me know and sent me the picture so I could share with you guys it´s not a good picture but her pinky and ring finger you can definitely see where the skin was affected
I love being able to help my wife and it makes me feel good to take any discomfort away from her thank you mr. Keshe, Caroline and the Keshe foundation, for giving us the opportunity to open our minds to this new technology thank you thank you very much.

Thrombophlebitis and Blood Cloting Treatment With Liquid Plasma Water and Frequency
Günay Apak - Wed November 09th Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Health

November 6th, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

Thrombophlebitis and Blood Cloting Treatment With Liquid Plasma Water and Frequency
This is a Facebook video.

Eva Birgitte Krarup Møller - Wed November 09th Norway
Category: Health

I've tried to learn to read before, but have not been successful. I began to follow the public teachings at Keshe Foundation and learned a lot about how the mind works and plasma. I learned how to make Gans, pain pens and pads. I asked my teacher for a statement (in English). This is was what she wrote: "Eva has studied at GIV from 17/8 2015 to 1/2 2016. When she started at GIV she was not able to read and write. She was tested on a computer program called Aski Raski. It showed that she could not read words with two letters. Eva showed to be a quick learner. After approximately eight lessons, she was able to read and understand what she had read. She could also write phonetic words. She had a good progression. A test named "Arbeid med ord 7. trinn" showed that she could read 170 words per minute. Normal reading speed is about 100 - 200 words per minute. She also had 100% correct answers when it came to reading comprehension." The thing there was in my house of the Keshe foundation technology, during the period I spend learning to read and write; was Gans, pain pens and pads. And in the last month of this period I had built and set up two Magravs-Power units. I am convinced that Mr.Keshe's teaching and the plasma has made it possible for me to get over this obstacle. <3 Thanks to Mr. Keshe, Carolina, the Keshe family and a wonderful language teacher <3

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Headache gone in 10 minutes
Peter Salocher - Tue November 08th Grainbrunn, Austria
Category: Health

September 20, 2015 ·

Headache Gone in 10 Minutes

Two days ago I had a lecture. When I showed the Health patch and asked if somebody have pain somehow, a man stood up and said that he has terrible headache, he thought it comes from his spine. I gave him the one that I have brought with me and instructed him, that this now is his personal pain relief patch, that he should not to give it to others.

He had it for about 10 Min on his Neck, and then suddenly he sprang up and said,
˝It is incredible, all of my pain has gone!˝

After that I could also observe, that the whole atmosphere within the room did change. Very good experience.

We tested our first health pens last night
Belinda Dawson‎ - Tue November 08th Washington State, US
Category: Health

November 20, 2015 ·

We tested our first health pens last night. Wow! This Plasma field is so elegant and powerful. We could both feel the field after about 30 seconds, it then amplified and ran through the body.... beautiful sensation. It gave a calming sensation as well, almost blissful. Neither of us suffer from constant pain, although Wayne´s toe that he recently injured felt much much better this morning. We made one with a single set of coils with top ends bent over and another with 2 sets of coils with top ends open. All per Mr Keshe´s instructions. They are powerful, even more so the double set of coils. We are JAZZED!
We used them for about 5 minutes on the body then stopped, then again. It felt that the second or third time we used them, the field was more amplified, as if the memory remained in the cells.
The 46th Health Teaching, Mr Keshe teaches on the pens. A heartfelt Thank You Mr Keshe!!!

1st day in years that I woke up in 17 years to no back pain
Gordon DeWhite - Tue November 08th Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
Category: Health

1st day in years that I woke up in 17 years to no back pain.

Gans water works !

All I am doing is drinking 3-4 10 oz glasses of water which I have placed a plastic flask with zinc gans inside to infuse water with plasma.

I started 1 week ago drinking the water and since then my chronic nights sweats have stopped and now as of today no pain in back.

I am using regular tap water with a vial of zno2 and let it do its magic in the refrigerator and drink 3-4 glasses a day.

How I cleaned My Body From Heavy Metals with Plasma Technique
Gunay Apak - Mon November 07th Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Health

September 3 · Istanbul, Turkey
Testimonial, How I cleaned My Body From Heavy Metals with Plasma Technique FACEBOOK VIDEO

Sept. 2016-TURKEY

My Regular Tests Showed
Very high Lead
Over The Limits
- Mercury
- Cadmium
- Thallium
In my body

After being informed about
Keshe Teachings in April
For 3 months
I spend 8-10 hours every
day listening workshops

With my Husband we have
Taken The Following Steps
• We have Produced
variety of Ganses and
• Nano Material first

• When I Learned the Healing
ability of Gans Water I have
Sta rted consuming CO2 Gans
water about 3-5 ml every
• Occasionally I have also
added 1 ml CuO2 and CH3
gans ivaterinto my drinking

• In parallel to this I have
also started Using CO2
Gans Water Patches on
different parts of my body.
• Again I have used CuO2
and CH3 Gans Water
Patches on different parts
of my body.

• At the beginning I was just
experimenting without
any systematics.
• Trying to understand the

For My General Health I was making
weekly or monthly frequency Health
I was more concentrated in my lungs
and gall bladder and digestive system.
I have noticed a drastic change in my
heavy metal test in positive .

The improvement was due to
Gans Water and Gans Water Patches
Therefore I wanted to share this
I know how difficult it is to
eliminate heavy metal from the
body and How Harmful it is

• I have applied various Detox programs
• I have even drunk Bentonite
• I have used Foot Detox my be more
than 100 times in the last 3-4 years
• I have also used Spiritual Total Body
cleanse programs for more than 6
I could not get this rapid and good

Please notice the
improvements in the
Lead- Mercury- Cadmium -
and Thallium values in the
following, After Gans Water
use test results

Before Gans Water and Gans Water Patch
(Heavy Metal) Analysis Report Card
Name: GUNAY APAK Sex: Female Age: 69
Figure: Standard body weight (157 cm, 56 kg) Testing Time: 2015-06-13 14:11
Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Results
Lead 0,052-0,643 1,015 ++
Mercury 0,015-0,336 0,423 +
Cadmium 0,527-1,523 1,536 +
Chromium 0,176-1,183 0,601 -
Arsenic 0,123-0,621 0,526 -
Antimony 0,162-0,412 0,381 -
Thallium 0,182-0,669 +
Reference Standard: Normal (-) Mildly Abnormal (+)
Moderately Abnormal (++) Severely Abnormal (+++)

After Gans Water and Gans Water Patch
(Heavy Metal) Analysis Report Card
Name: GUNAY APAK Sex: Female Age: 70
Figure: Standard body weight (163 cm, 56 kg) Testing Time: 2016-08-31 11:48
Actual Testing Results
Testing Item Normal Range Actual Measurement Value Testing Results
Lead 0,052-0,643 0,702 +
Mercury 0,015-0,336 0,235 -
Cadmium 0,527-1,523 1,012 -
Chromium 0,176-1,183 0,901 -
Arsenic 0,123-0,621 0,287 -
Antimony 0,162-0,412 0,375 -
Thallium 0,182-0,229 -
Reference Standard: Normal (-) Mildly Abnormal (+)
Moderately Abnormal (++) Severely Abnormal (+++)

Please note this cleaning
method is:
• without any cost
• without any side effects
• Easy to use
Enjoy the Cleaning

We Thank To Mr. M. Keshe and
Keshe Foundation Members for
supplying the knowledge Freely
and Willingly
Apply it
You will get the benefit

Drastic Cure for Flu
Josef Seifried - Mon November 07th Wolfsberg, Austria
Category: Health

Translated from German:
Yesterday made me fully caught a flu virus. Headache, body aches, fever, and extreme diarrhea. Then I had a drastic cure with Co2 / Zinc-Oxide Liquid plasma today and I am feeling good again.
Under my drastic cure I drink, spray on, inhale and take a full body bath.
Initially the high fluid intake caused the diarrhea be worsened. It just passed through. But today I am almost good again. That is why I have to do some housework today. ;)

Original text:
Gestern hat mich ein Grippevirus voll erwischt. Kopfweh, Gliederschmerzen, Fieber, und extremer Durchfall. Habe dann eine Rosskur mit Co2/Zink-Oxyd Liquid Plasma gemacht und heute geht es mir schon wieder gut.
Unter Rosskur meine Ich Trinken, Spray zum, Inhalieren und ein Vollbad.
Anfänglich hat sich durch die hohe Flüssigkeitsaufnahme der Durchfall verschlimmert. Das ist nur so durchmarschiert. Aber heute wieder fast gut. Deswegen habe ich mich heute vor der Hausarbeit etwas drücken können ;)

Testimonials in using plasma for health
Codarcea Vasile - Mon November 07th Targu Mures
Category: Health

Testimonials in using plasma
On brief about me. My name is Codarcea Vasile, I`m 47 and live in the suburb of Targu Mures. About one year ago, more exactly in 2015, November, on a forum I gave by chance on a movie about Mr. Keshe, namely about Keshe Foundation
( Is a movie translated in Romanian language.
Then everything started, I`ve found movies on YouTube, made by Foundation, and through them I found movies with Mr. Kakasi Sandor, where he present in both languages Romanian and Hungarian, the teachings that came from the parent Foundation, namely from KFSSI. These fascinated me so much that I began to build in the simplest way, I experienced with nanomaterials, I started doing Ganses that they were slowly but surely, using the classical method with connection between the plates from saline solution. At that time I understood the message of Mr. Keshe, namely to spread the knowledge to other people. I made a new Facebook account (before I deleted the old one in August, cause I found it irrelevant and it steal too much time from other constructive activities) and I started to follow the evolution of studies groups, with my average knowledge in English, Romanian and Hungarian, watching the work of knowledge seekers and I progressing slowly. The problem that I encountered in my discussions with other people, was their skepticism against plasma energy and its use for health, food, energy, transportation and not least for space travel.
After an accident suffered by my wife, when she burnt his left hand with boiling water at her job, where her colleagues exclaimed that the 2-3 degree burn will not heal better in a month, especially cause there were involved the knuckles. I brought her home from work, and with tears in my eyes, I was reading the suffering that she had. I had read before how we can quickly make a plasma unit that relieves pain fast, unit that today we call health patches. I quickly grabbed gloves and some gauze from a first aid kit, I searched a bag with zipper and then I soaked the gauze in a little Gans and in water Gans of CO2-ZnO, and gave her to put them on burning. It was a shock not only for my wife but for me also, seeing red and swollen hand full of blisters formed by burning, as the pain went away in about 5-7 minutes. Later being occupied in the room, I heard the water running from the tap in the kitchen, and I went quickly to see what was happening. My wife was washing dishes with hot water. Asking her how can do this, it calmed me saying she feels no pain, and the dishes have to be washed anyway. I checked her hand and saw that all of the affected redness disappeared, basically the skin has the same color as in other parts of the body, inflammation gone, remaining only the formed blisters filled with fluid. In the days that followed I saw in less than a week, her hand was healed without having to miss from her job.
What happened after this experience was that I no longer was afraid to talk to people, even to the skeptics, I knew for sure that plasma exists, I no longer had any doubt. And as yet I had no Magrav and how I kept talking to people and explaining the many applications and benefits that we can get from the wonderful technology of plasma, and because I was looking for people who can work as a team to develop this wonderful technology, who do you think were the most receptive? Sufferers, affected by diseases, afflictions and having different pains. I knew Mr. Keshe does not encourage the use and development of health applications by those who were not doctors, they could apply to a separate private teaching for doctors conducted by the Foundation. But I met people suffering, who did not have possibilities in many ways.
I built health pens, health patches, and we shared to many people who needed them, using liquid plasma of CO2-ZnO (in the first phase). Everything I did was my own responsibility, I knew I`ll not fail, only the effects are different from person to person, depending on the spiritual state of each and how clever I could combine the effects of these Ganses.
A childhood friend aged 82, who is basically like a father to me, he uses health patches with CO2-ZnO-CH3 from June 2016. His problem is wear of his hip joints. He could move only very small distances due to the pain. After about a week when we met he told me that so much could not walk for several years, and now can walk and feels just little pain, and that pain is bearable. I asked him how long use these packages, telling me that he practically never leaves them. For about two months he consume plasma water from CO2-ZnO Gans, he`s full of vigor and enjoys high mobility, walking long distances, can enjoy old age and the free time it has available!
An another special case viewed from an particular angle, is of a woman of 62 years who use health patches for about two months, two at a time, one with CO2-ZnO-CH3 and a few drops of CuO2 (plasma water from CuO2 Gans); this is because the in the patches appear crop of mold and CuO2 not let this happen in these conditions in the patches, and the second patch containing plasma water from Gans CO2. I would like to say that in these patches I add approx. 1 ml from the other Ganses outside of the CuO2. Due to the rheumatic pain in lower limbs the woman was forced to use a cane in order to walk even short distances. The problem is that because of financial problems she was forced to work in Germany, taking care of some elderly people. After beginning to use these packages, which we have built in an interesting way, I use some towels like those which are used for dishwasher, these are approx. 8-10 mm thick and are porous, for which I imagined that they remain wet on the inside with plasma water and very little Gans, they having more power than those used before when we used absorbent material of cotton gauze. After about a month lady came back into the country, and her son was left without a word when he saw his mother came up to the 4th floor in a short time and without using the cane, although he was very skeptical when his mother said that he had received a gift from me, and that had effect from very first use.
Today at about three months after her first encounter with plasma, she helps those aged persons using plasma water, I will write in detail in another testimonial if you like. Lady is full of vitality, walking peaceful without any pain, and can work feeling happy changes in her life, but the same she never leave those patches, nor the ˝magic˝ water energized by CO2 that she consumes.
Another case about a month ago, a person of 72 years, and I quote from the posting on the Keshe Studies Group Romania: Testimonial! With deep emotion, almost in tears I received news today. A very sick man of 72 years with prostate cancer in the last stage. He could not move alone, basically have to be helped to go to the outdoor bathroom, he living in rural area. Almost unbearable pain. I do not know if you know this phrase ˝Can you take him home, we no longer have what to do, administrate him morphine 3 times a day... he no longer lives more than approx. 3 months˝ (I do not want to comment on this part). His granddaughter received from me three health patches with CO2-ZnO Gans (one), ZnO (second), and the third had the composition of CO2-ZnO-CH3 (I did not want to use CuO2, exactly because for genital area it is not recommended). She went to her uncle and with her minimal knowledge practically explained her uncle (as she could) what these are. You realize when you are in that state, with no hope, which was the uncle reaction! He began to use the two ZnO-CH3- CO2 patches and that of CO2 (I tried to make it as pure as possible). After about 10 days I received this information: The man walk alone to the toilet, he has appetite, even cravings sometimes. The pains were reduced, practically is another man, he has joy of life, listen music, watch TV and explain everyone how much good his granddaughter did with those patches!
I wanted to share this to you because so it is appropriate. From next week, that person will switch to plasma water consumption, and at the appropriate time we will make a secondly pack of analyzes, and this evidence we will report to mother Foundation, namely to KFSSI. I am happy, IT WORKS great! Have courage, love and help among you.
Thanks Keshe Foundation and all workers of well. Plasma and Peace be with you !
PS. The patient recently received only one dose and a half of morphine a day !
We received news that the sick person is given chamomile tea, and I think it was a shock to family the changes that took sick person, they expect to relieve pain and nothing more. We cannot know exactly intentions of the 2nd degree relatives, that if they must inherit everything if patient dies. I think for a few days, he had not been given anything more, because as his niece says he receives teas and morphine, and his health deteriorates. I can say with regret that decision remains theirs, those who take care of him.
I apologize that I have not listened, Mr. Keshe, when you said that these are doctors affairs, but when I see people suffering, and it is so easy to help them using plasma energies, I cannot refuse them, conscience do not let me. Please judge me cause your advice from Foundation will be useful, even admonitions. Thanks for these gifts, and I wish that Universal peace to be fulfilled, the planet Earth has suffered enough !
Vasile Codarcea

(Translated from Romanian language by Kate Tiss)


Empfehlung bei der Verwendung von Plasma Pads. Kurz über mich. Mein Name ist Codarcea Vasile, bin ich 47 und lebe im Vorort von Targu Mures in Transsilvanien. Vor etwa einem Jahr, genauer im November des Jahres 2015, auf einem Forum, das ich zufällig in einem Film über Mr. Keshe gegeben habe, nämlich über die Keshe Foundation ( Ist ein Film in rumänischer Sprache übersetzt. Dann begann alles, ich habe Filme auf YouTube gefunden die von der Foundation gemacht wurden und durch sie fand ich Filme mit Mr. Kakasi Kakasi Sándor, wo er in beiden Sprachen Rumänisch und Ungarisch, die Lehren, die von der Eltern-Stiftung präsentierte, nämlich von der KFSSI .
Diese faszinierten mich so sehr, dass ich anfing, in einfachster Weise zu bauen, ich experimentierte mit Nanomaterialien, ich begann Gang sorten, langsam aber sicher herzustellen, mit der klassischen Methode mit Verbindung zwischen den Platten in salzhaltiger Lösung.
Damals verstand ich die Botschaft von Herrn Keshe, nämlich das Wissen auf andere Menschen zu übertragen.
Ich habe ein neues Facebook-Konto erstellt (bevor ich das alte im August löschte, weil ich es irrelevant fand und es zu viel Zeit von anderen konstruktiven Aktivitäten einnahm) und ich begann, die Evolution von Studiengruppen mit meinem durchschnittlichen Kenntnissen in Englisch, Rumänisch und Ungarisch zu beobachten, ich beobachtete die Arbeit der Wissensucher wie sie langsame Vortschritte machten.
Das Problem, das ich bei meinen Gesprächen mit anderen Menschen erlebt habe, war ihre Skepsis gegenüber Plasmaenergie und deren Verwendung für Gesundheit, Nahrung, Energie, Transport und nicht zuletzt für Raumfahrt. Nach einem Unfall erlid meine Frau, als sie sich ihre linke Hand mit kochendem Wasser auf ihrer Arbeit verbrannt hatte, wo ihre Kollegen riefen, dass Sie 2-3 Grades Verbrennung hatte und es nicht in einem Monat heilen würde, insbesondere weil die Ursache bei den Knöcheln lag. Ich brachte sie nach Hause von der Arbeit, und mit Tränen in den Augen, las ich das Leiden, das sie hatte. Ich hatte zuvorher gelesen, wie wir schnell einen Plasma-Verband herstellen können der die Schmerzen schnell lindern tut, den Verband nennen wir heute Plasma Pads oder Patches. Ich schnappte mir schnell Handschuhe und einige Mullbinden aus einem Erste-Hilfe-Koffer, ich suchte eine Tüte mit Reißverschluss(Zip Beutel) und dann tränkte ich die Mullbinde in etwas Gans und in Gans Wasser von CO2-ZnO, und gab es Ihr um es auf die Brandwunde zu packen. Es war ein Schock, nicht für meine Frau sondern für mich, man sah eine rote und geschwollene Hand voll von Blasen gebildet durch die Verbrennung, während der Schmerz in 5-7 Minuten verblasste. Später verließ ich den Raum, ich hörte das Wasser aus dem Wasserhahn in der Küche laufen, und ich ging schnell dahin um zu sehen was passiert war. Meine Frau hat Geschirr gespült mit heißem Wasser. Ich fragte sie, wie kannst du das? Sie beruhigte mich und sagte, sie fühlt keine Schmerzen und das Geschirr muss sowieso gewaschen werden. Ich überprüfte ihre Hand und sah, dass alle betroffenen Rötungen verschwundenwaren, im Grunde hatte die Haut die gleiche Farbe wie an anderen Stellen des Körpers, die Entzündung war weg, es blieb nur die gebildeten Blasen mit Flüssigkeit gefüllt. In den darauffolgenden Tagen sah ich in weniger als einer Woche, dass ihre Hand geheilt wurde, ohne fehlen zu müssen bei der Arbeit. Was nach dieser Erfahrung geschah, war, dass ich nicht mehr Angst hatte, mit Leuten zu sprechen, auch den Skeptikern, ich wusste sicher, dass Plasma existiert, ich hatte keinen Zweifel mehr. Und noch hatte ich kein Magrav und wie ich immer mit Menschen redete und die vielen Anwendungen und Vorteile erklärte, die wir von der wunderbaren Technologie des Plasmas bekommen können, und weil ich nach Leuten suchte, die als Team arbeiten können, um diese wunderbare Technologie zu entwickeln , Wer sind Ihrer Meinung nach die empfänglichsten?Leidende, betroffen durch Krankheiten, Trübsal und mit verschiedenen Schmerz.Ich wusste, dass Herr Keshe keine ermutigung bei der benutzung und Entwicklung von Heilanwendungen von denjenigen die keine Doktoren sind hat, dies würde seperat in den Schulungen für Doktoren in der Stiftung ablaufen.Aber ich traf leidene Menschen, die keine Möglichkeit haben diese Wege zu beschreiten. Ich baute Heil Stifte, Heil Pads, und wir verteielten es an viele Menschen, die es gebraucht haben,gefüllt mit flüssigem Plasma von CO2-ZnO (in der ersten Phase).Alles, was ich tat, war meine eigene Verantwortung, ich wusste, ich werde nicht versagen, nur die Auswirkungen unterscheiden sich von Person zu Person, je nach dem spirituellen Zustand jedes einzelnen und wie clever ich die Auswirkungen dieser Ganses kombinieren könnte. Ein Kindheits Freund im Alter von 82 Jahren, welcher im Grunde wie ein Vater für mich ist, verwendete ab Juni 2016 Gesundheitspads mit CO2-ZnO-CH3.Sein Problem ist der Verschleiß seiner Hüftgelenke.Er konnte sich nur sehr kleine Distanzen bewegen vor Schmerzen.Nach etwa einer Woche, als wir uns trafen, sagte er mir, dass er seit mehrern Jahren nicht mehr so weit gehen könne, und jetzt kann er gehen und fühlt nur wenig Schmerzen und dass die Schmerzen erträglich sind.Ich fragte ihn, wie lange er diese Pakete verwendet hat? Er sagte mir, das er sie praktisch niemals weggelegt hatte.Seit etwa zwei Monate konsumierte er Plasma-Wasser von CO2-ZnO Gans, er ist voller Energie und genießt hohe Mobilität, läuft weite Wege, und genießt das Alter und die Freizeit die er zur verfügung hat! Ein weiterer Sonderfall, der aus einem bestimmten Blickwinkel betrachtet werden kann, ist eine Frau von 62 Jahren, die zwei Monate lang Heil Pads einsetzte,zwei zur gleichen Zeit, eines mit CO2-ZnO-CH3 und einige Tropfen CuO2 (Plasma-Wasser aus CuO2 Gans) ); es wird benötigt, damit die Pads nicht Schimmeln und CuO2 lässt dies nicht zu, wenn es im richtigen Verhältniss steht und das zweite Pad beinhaltet Plasma-Wasser von CO2 Gans. Ich würde sagen, dass ich in diesen Pads ca. 1 ml von den anderen Gans Sorten hinzugefügt habe,außer das CuO2. Wegen des rheumatischen Schmerzes in den unteren Gliedmaßen war die Frau gezwungen, einen Stock zu benutzen, um auch kurze Wege zu gehen. Das Problem ist, dass sie wegen finanzieller Probleme gezwungen war, in Deutschland zu arbeiten und sich um ältere Menschen zu kümmern. Nachdem ich angefangen habe, diese Pakete, die wir auf interessante Weise gebaut haben, zu benutzen, benutze ich einige Handtücher, die wie für das Abtrocknes des Geschirrs verwendet hatten. 8-10 mm dick und sind durchlässig, so stellte ich mir vor, dass sie innen nass mit Plasma Wasser bleiben und sehr wenig Gans brauchen um mehr Kraftzu haben als die aufsaugenden Mullbinden die wir vorher verwendet haben. Nach etwa einem Monat kam die Dame wieder in die Stadt und ihr Sohn fand keine Worte, als er sah, dass seine Mutter in die 4. Etage in kurzer Zeit und ohne Verwendung des Stocks herauf kam, obwohl er sehr skeptisch, als seine Mutter sagte Sie hätte ein Geschenk von mir erhalten und das hatte Wirkung vom allerersten Gebrauch an. Heute, etwa drei Monate nach ihrer ersten Begegnung mit Plasma, hilft sie älteren Personen, Plasmawasser zu benutzen, ich würde im Detail andere Resultate aufschreiben, wenn ihr wollt. Die Dame ist voller Vitalität, spaziert friedvoll ohne jegliche Schmerzen, und kann gefühlvoll, glücklich arbeiten durch die veränderung in ihrem Leben, aber sie selbst sagt, das sie nie wieder die Pads weglegen würde oder das ˝magische˝ Wasser, das durch CO2 energetisiert wird, das sie konsumiert. Ein weiterer Fall vor etwa einem Monat, eine Person von 72 Jahren, und ich zitiere aus der Keshe Studies Group Rumänien: Empfehlung! Mit tiefer Emotion, fast den Tränen nahe erhielt ich heute Nachrichten. Ein sehr kranker Mann von 72 Jahren mit Prostatakrebs in der letzten Stufe. Er konnte sich nicht allein bewegen, ihm musste grundsätzlich geholfen werden aus dem Badezimmer heraus zu kommen, er lebt im ländlichen Raum. Fast unerträgliche Schmerzen. Ich weiß nicht, ob Sie diesen Satz ˝Kannst du ihn nach Hause nehmen, wir können uns nicht mehr länger kümmern, verabreicht ihn Morphium 3 mal am Tag ... er lebt nicht länger als ca. 3 Monate˝ (Ich werde mich zu diesem Kommentar nicht äußern). Seine Enkelin erhielt von mir drei Heilpads mit CO2-ZnO Gans (eins), ZnO (zweites), und das dritte hatte die Zusammensetzung von CO2-ZnO-CH3 (ich wollte nicht CuO2 verwenden, weil für den Genitalbereich es ist nicht empfohlen). Sie ging zu ihrem Onkel und mit ihrem minimalen Wissen erklärte sie ihrem Onkel praktisch (wie sie konnte), was diese sind. Sie erkennen, wenn Sie in diesem Zustand, ohne Hoffnung sind, wie die Reaktion des Onkels war! Er begann, die beiden ZnO-CH3-CO2-Patches und die von CO2 zu benutzen (ich versuchte es so rein wie möglich zu machen). Nach etwa 10 Tagen erhielt ich diese Information: Der Mann ging allein auf die Toilette, er hat Appetit, sogar Heißhunger manchmal. Die Schmerzen wurden weniger, praktisch ist er ein anderer Mann, er hat Lebensfreude, hört Musik, schaut fern und erklärt, wie viel Gutes seine Enkelin mit diesen Pads gemacht hat! Ich wollte dies mit euch teilen, weil es so zweckmäßig ist. Ab nächste Woche wird diese Person auf den Plasmawasser konsumieren umsteigen, und zu gegebener Zeit werden wir eine zweite Reihe von Analysen durchführen, und diese Beweise werden wir der Mutterstiftung, nämlich KFSSI, mitteilen. Ich bin glücklich, es funktioniert super! Habe Mut, Liebe und Helft euch untereinander. Danke Keshe Stiftung und allen Arbeitern und deren Quellen. Plasma und Frieden seien mit euch!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Der Patient erhielt vor kurzem nur 1 1/2 Dosen Morphium pro Tag !!!
Wir erhielten die Nachricht, daß die kranke Person Kamillentee genommen hat und ich denke es war ein Schock für die Familie zu sehen wie die kranke Person sich verändert hat, sie rechneten mit Schmerzlinderung und nicht mehr.
Wir können nicht genau die Absichten der Verwandten des zweiten Grades kennen, wenn sie alles erben müssen, wenn der Patient stirbt.
Ich denke, für ein paar Tage, konnten wir nicht mehr für ihn geben, denn wie seine Nichte sagt, er bekam Tees und Morphium, und seine Gesundheit verschlechtert sich.
Ich kann mit Bedauern sagen, dass die Entscheidung bei denen bleibt, die auf ihn aufpassen.

Ich entschuldige mich, dass ich nicht zugehört habe, Herr Keshe, als Sie gesagt haben, dass dies Ärztliche entscheidungen sind, aber wenn ich Menschen leiden sehe und es ist so einfach zu helfen, mit der Plasma Energien, kann ich es nicht ablehnen, mein Gewissen erlaubt es mir nicht.
Bitte verurteile mich, denn dein Rat von der Stiftung wird nützlich sein, sogar Ermahnungen.
Vielen Dank für diese Geschenke, und ich wünsche das universeller Frieden uns erfüllt, der Planet Erde hat genug gelitten!

Vasile Codarcea
(Übersetzt von der Rumänischen Sprache durch Kate Tiss
ins Englische von Kakasi Sándor
Und ins deutsche von Stefan Herkner)


3 noiembrie 2016
Testimoniale în utilizarea plasmei
Pe scurt despre mine.
Mă numesc Codarcea Vasile, am 47 ani, și locuiesc în suburbia orașului Târgu Mureș
Acum aproximativ un an, mai exact în luna noiembrie 2015, pe un forum am dat întâmplător de un link al unui film despre dl. Keshe și anume Fundația Keshe. ( Prezentarea este un film subtitrat în limba româna. Atunci a început totul, am găsit videouri pe YouTube făcute de fundație, iar printre ele am găsit și filme înregistrate de dl. Kakasi Sandor, unde dânsul prezenta atât în limba româna cât și limba maghiară învățăturile ce veneau de la fundația mamă K.F.S.S.I. Acestea m-au fascinat atât de tare încât am început să construiesc în modul cel mai simplu, am experimentat nanomateriale, am început să fac gansuri, care se făceau încet și sigur folosind metoda clasica cu legături între plăcuțele din soluția salină. Pe atunci am înțeles un mesaj al domnului Keshe, și anume de a răspândi cunoașterea și altor oameni. Mi-am făcut din nou cont Facebook (înainte îl ștersesem în luna august pentru că o găseam irelevanta și îmi fura prea mult timp din alte activități mai constructive) și am început sa urmăresc evoluția grupurilor de studii, cu cunoștințe medii în limba engleza, limba română cât și în limba maghiară, urmăream lucrul căutătorilor cunoașterii, și progresam încet.
Problema de care m-am lovit în discuțiile mele cu alți oameni, a fost scepticismul lor față de energia plasmatică, de întrebuințări ca: sănătate , alimentație, energie, transport și nu în ultimul rând călătoria în spațiu.
După un accident suferit de nevasta mea și anume s-a ars la mâna stânga stropindu-se cu apa clocotită s-a întâmplat la munca, unde colegele ei au exclamat că acea arsură de gradul 2-3 nu se va vindeca bine într-o lună, mai ales ca a fost implicate și încheieturile degetelor. Am adus-o acasă de la serviciu, cu lacrimi în ochi citeam suferința durerilor ce o avea. Citisem înainte de cum putem face rapid o unitate plasmatica care alină durerea foarte rapid, și anume ce numim azi pachetele de sănătate. Am luat repede mânușile și puțin tifon dintr-o trusă de prim ajutor, am căutat o pungă cu fermoar și după aceea am îmbibat-o în puțin gans și apa gansului de CO2-ZnO, și le-am dat să le pună pe arsură. A fost un șoc nu doar nevestei mele ci cât și mie, sa văd mâna umflată roșie și plină de bășicile formate de arsură, cum durerea a dispărut în aproximativ 5-7 minute. Mai târziu fiind ocupat în camera am auzit apa curgând la robinetul din bucătărie, și am ieșit rapid să vad ce se întâmpla. Nevasta mea spăla vasele cu apa calda. Întrebând-o cum poate face acest lucru, ea m-a liniștit că nu simte nici o durere iar vasele trebuiau spălate oricum. Am verificat mâna ei și am văzut că toată roșeața de pe locul afectat dispăruse, practic pielea avea aceeași culoare ca și în alte părți ale corpului, inflamația dispăruse rămânând doar bășicile formate pline cu lichid. În zilele ce au urmat am văzut cum în mai puțin de o săptămână, mâna ei s-a vindecat fără să trebuiască sa lipsească de la lucru.
Ce s-a întâmplat după acesta experiență, a fost ca nu-mi mai era teama să vorbesc cu oamenii, chiar și cu cei sceptici, știam sigur că plasma exista, nu mai aveam nici un dubiu.
Cum încă nu aveam un Magrav și cum tot vorbeam cu oamenii și explicându-le multiplele aplicații și beneficii ce le putem obține de pe urma minunatei tehnologii plasmatice, pentru că căutam oameni cu care sa pot lucra în echipă să dezvoltam aceasta minunata tehnologie, ce credeți cine erau cei mai receptivi? Cei suferinzi, afectați de boli, diferite afecțiuni, și având diferite dureri. Știam că dl. Keshe nu încuraja folosirea și dezvoltarea aplicațiilor de sănătate de către ce nu erau medici, ei puteau aplica separat la un studio efectuat medicilor de fundație. Dar am întâlnit oameni suferinzi, și care nu aveau posibilități în multe privințe.
Am construit pixuri de sănătate, pachete de sănătate, și le-am împărțit multor oameni care aveau nevoie de acestea, utilizând apa plasmatica a CO2-ZnO ( în prima faza). Tot ceea ce am făcut a fost pe propria răspundere, știam ca nu dau greș doar efectele sunt diferite de la persoană la persoană, depinzând de starea spirituală a fiecăruia și de cât de dibaci puteam combina efectele acestor gansuri.
Un prieten din copilărie în vârsta de 82 de ani, practic i-mi este ca un tată, folosește pachete de sănătate cu CO2-ZnO-CH3 din luna Iunie 2016. Problema lui fiind uzura articulațiilor în șold. Nu se putea deplasa doar pe distanțe foarte mici din cauza durerilor. După cam o săptămâna când ne-am întâlnit el mi-a explicat că atât de mult nu s-a putut plimba de câțiva ani, și că poate umbla și că simte doar putina durere, adică durerea este suportabilă. Am întrebat cât timp utilizează aceste pachete, el spunându-mi că el nu se desparte practic niciodată de ele. Cam de două luni consumă și apă plasmatică de pe gansul de CO2-ZnO, este plin de vigoare și se bucura de o mobilitate mare, plimbându-se pe distante mari, se poate bucura de bătrânețe și timpul liber pe care îl are la dispoziție!
Un alt caz deosebit privit dintr-un unghi aparte, este al unei femei de 62 de ani care de aproximativ 2 luni folosește pachete de sănătate, câte doua simultan , unul cu CO2-ZnO-CH3 și cu câteva picături de CuO2 (apa plasmatica de pe gansul de CuO2), asta pentru că la folosirea pachetelor apar culturi de mucegai, iar CuO2 nu lasă să se producă în aceste condiții în pachetele respective, iar al doilea pachet conținând apa plasmatică de pe gansul de CO2. Aș dori sa precizez ca în aceste plasturi adaug și cca. 1 ml din gansurile respective în afara de cel de CuO2. Femeia din cauza durerilor reumatice în membrele inferioare era nevoită sa folosească baston pentru a putea umbla chiar și pe distante mici. Problema este următoarea: din cauza problemelor financiare ea a fost nevoită să lucreze în Germania, îngrijind niște persoane în vârsta. După ce a început sa folosească aceste pachete care sunt construite într-un mod interesant, eu folosesc niște lavete din acelea ce se folosesc la spălat vase, sânt de cca. 8-10 mm grosime sânt poroase, drept pentru care mi-am imaginat că ele rămânând ude pe interior cu apa plasmatica de gansuri și foarte puțin gans, ele având o putere sporită față de cele folosite înainte, când utilizam materiale absorbante din tifon de bumbac. După cam o lună doamna a venit în țara iar fiul dânsei a rămas fără un cuvânt când și-a văzut mama urcând până la etajul 4 într-un timp scurt și fără sa utilizeze bastonul, cu toate ca el a fost foarte sceptic, când mama lui i-a spus ce dar primise de la mine și că a avut efect de la prima utilizare.
Astăzi după aproximativ trei luni de la întâlnirea ei cu plasma, ajută acele persoane în vârsta folosind apa plasmatica, voi scrie detaliat într-un alt testimonial dacă doriți.
Doamna, este plină de vitalitate, se plimbă liniștita fără dureri, și poate munci simțindu-se fericită de schimbările din viața ei, dar la fel, nu se desparte de plasturii aceia niciodată, și nici de apa ˝magică", energizată de CO2 pe care o consumă.
Un alt caz de aproximativ o lună, o persoană de 72 de ani, citez de pe postarea de pe grupul de studii Keshe România ( Testimonial! Cu adâncă emoție, aproape în lacrimi am primit azi vești. Bolnav: bărbat de 72 de ani, cu cancer de prostată în ultimul stadiu. Dânsul nu se putea deplasa singur, practic trebuie ajutat să meargă la toaleta exterioara locuind în mediu rural. Dureri aproape insuportabile. Nu știu dacă cunoașteți aceasta frază ˝Puteți să-l duceți acasă, nu mai avem ce să-i facem, să-i administrați morfină de 3 ori pe zi... mai are de trăit cca. 3 luni˝ (nu comentez aceasta parte). Nepoata dânsului a primit de la mine 3 pachete de sănătate cu gans de CO2-ZnO (unul), ZnO ( al doilea) ,iar al treilea avea în compoziție : CO2-ZnO-CH3 ( u am vrut sa folosesc CuO2 exact pentru în zona organelor genitale nu se recomandă). Dânsa a plecat la unchiul ei, iar cu minimele cunoștințe, practic a explicat unchiului ei (cum a putut), ce sunt acestea. Vă dați seama când ești în stadiul acela, fără nici o speranță, care a fost reacția unchiului! A început să folosească cele doua pachete CO2-ZnO-CH3 respectiv cel de CO2(m-am străduit sa fie cât mai pur). După cca. 10 zile am primit informația: Bărbatul MERGE SINGUR, și LA TOALETĂ, are pofta de mâncare, chiar poftește uneori. Durerile s-au redus, practic este un alt om, are chef de viață, ascultă muzică, se uită la televizor și explică tuturor că ce mult bine i-a făcut nepoata ei cu acele pungulițe! ~ Am vrut să va împărtășesc acestea vouă pentru că așa se cade. De săptămâna viitoare, persoana în cauza va trece la consumul de apă plasmatică, iar la timpul oportun vom face al doilea rând de analize, iar aceste dovezi le vom raporta Fundației mamă Keshe Fundation Space Ship Institute. Sunt fericit, FUNCȚIONEAZĂ de minune. Aveți curaj, iubiți-vă și ajutați-vă. :D Mulțumesc Fundației Keshe și tuturor lucrătorilor de bine. Plasma și Pacea sa fie cu voi!!!!!!!!!! PS. Bolnavul de curând primește doar o doza și jumătate de Morfina pe zi!!! ”
Am primit noi vești, și doar atât că persoanei bolnave i se dau ceaiuri de mușețel, și cred eu. a fost un șoc pentru familie schimbările pe care le-a avut persoana bolnavă, că ei se așteptau să-i aline durerile și nu mai mult. Nu putem știi cu exactitate intențiile rudelor de gradul 2, asta în cazul în care ei trebuie sa moștenească tot ce are bolnavul în cazul în care decedează. Cred ca la câteva zile nu i s-a mai administrat nimic, pentru că după cum spune nepoata lui, primește ceaiuri și morfină iar sănătatea lui se deteriorează. Cu regret pot să spun că decizia rămâne a lor, a celor care-l îngrijesc.

Îmi cer iertare că nu v-am ascultat, domnule Keshe, când ați spus că acestea sunt treburile medicilor, dar când văd oameni suferinzi, și este atât de simplu să-i ajuți folosind energiile plasmatice, încât nu pot să-i refuz, conștiința nu mă lasă. Vă rog să mă judecați dumneavoastră, sfaturile primite de la fundație îmi vor fi de folos, chiar și mustrările. Mulțumesc pentru aceste daruri, și-mi doresc ca pacea Universala să se îndeplinească, planeta Pământ a suferit destul!!
Codarcea Vasile

lip accident
Mark M Erb - Fri October 28th Alexandria, VA US
Category: Health

4 year old bashed bottom teeth into lip. Wife pulled lip off teeth. Gave him sip of CO2 gans water. He asked for more of the CO2 GANS water. He cured his lip within 10 minutes.