Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Pain Free with Pain Pen
Linda M. Miller - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Dear Dr. Presser,

I am in shock. Day 4. The last two mornings I’ve awakened PAIN FREE. Getting out of bed is, well–a pain.

Yesterday, the pain slipped back, so I used the Pen again.

Today, my spine is not hurting at all. This is unbelievable. Arthritis from neck to tailbone, including hip/spine congenital malformation–now relieved of all pain.

I actually trimmed two small trees and did a bit of yard clean-up this morning and now sit here perusing the web, without the agony that typically follows any exercise.

I’m ready to cry I’m so happy.

A specific spinal issue has been plaguing me for forty years and arthritis has begun to prevent any sort of heavy exercise–I’m 67 physically. I’m 35 otherwise.

I plan to revert physically. Hahahaa. You never know . . . .

I look forward to receiving the pain pad, too!

Thank you, a thousand times. And, a thousand blessings upon you and the Keshe Foundation.


Linda M. Miller

P.S. I elected to not tell my husband of my purchase.

When I originally spoke to him about Mr. Keshe and his teachings, the words out of his mouth were, “Do Not Buy Any of That.” Well, OK then.

I continued to read and research. I told my husband about the Pen this morning. He has a pacemaker and will not be able to use it. (Not true – just keep it away from his pacemaker). But, after hearing about my success he’s thinking about the fellows at his tennis club who suffer from various tennis strains and injuries.

Now, that’s a switch. May 30, 2016

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I am astonished at the results!!! Pain Pen for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carol James - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Had my Pain Pen for 2 days now. I am astonished at the results!!!
As a long term recipient of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)...30 yrs... I have been left with sore back/knees/wrists with little movement and limited ability to physical activity.
Always on the lookout for alternative help as opposed to pharma drugs hence the Pain Pen. Had almost instant results on my wrists being able to move them with no soreness.
Knees/back are responding also... Now using for 1 minute each on several places around these areas... I am in absolute gratitude!!!
Carol James July 13, 2016

Pain Pen on the foot reflexology point for the neck
Mary - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Due to a certain procedure one and a half years ago, I have a constantly painful spot on one wing of the Atlas, the top vertebra the skull sits on.
As it is not advisable to use the Pain Pen near the brain, I could only apply it lower on the spine for a few days, without much change.
After reading one of the testimonials I started to use it on the foot reflexology point for the neck, which happens to be on the big toe.
After just two applications there was quite a lot of improvement, and after the third, all on the same day, even more relief.
Boy, do I love my Pen!
Mary October 18, 2016

One for me, one for a friend (Pain Pen)
Jane-R Lightner - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

I ordered a Pain Pen and Pain Pad, and received both what a pleasant surprise!!! I am
I gave my Pain Pen to a very needy friend, unable to purchase at this time; she is constantly calling me expressing gratitude...she loves it!
I now need to replace my Pain Pen; I really need it, so, I am purchasing two (2) just in case another needy friend makes herself known, I will have one to give away.
Thank you so very much for being available!
Jane-R Lightner
Thank you, again!!!! November 4, 2016

On pain killers for 35 years, now relieved!
Mary - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Dear Richard, I purchased a Pain Pen for my husband and wish to tell you how he is doing.
He has suffered from a back injury for the past 35 years and has lived on pain killers, codeine phosphate and tramadol for many years. Within minutes of using the Pen he had relief. I have waited until now to write to you as I wanted to make sure that it continued. Although he still takes the pain killers he is only taking half the amount he was previously.
I also have noticed a difference in his moods; when he uses the Pen, he is much calmer and nicer to be around.
I have knee problems, not bad enough to take pain killers but painful just the same but when I use the Pain Pen, the pain is gone within minutes.
I am so happy and grateful to Mr Keshe and his team for producing this wonderful technology, also yourself, Richard, for marketing it.
Thank you all, I am looking forward to purchasing the power units when they are available and I can drive my car without feeling guilty and heating and lighting my home in winter without having to worry about bills.
Kind Regards
Mary October 23, 2016

Pain gone in minutes
Mary - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Hello Richard, another success story for the Pain Pen. My daughter-in-law and son came to visit last weekend. She has a problem with her knees and is waiting for an operation. I gave her the pain pen to try and within minutes her pain was gone, my son also tried it; he has a back problem and it was also gone within minutes.
My own knees are so much better I hardly need the Pen, now, and I have also started walking my dog for longer. Also, I started to practice my tai chi and qigong again.
Have a beautiful and loving day.
Mary November 4, 2016

Tooth nerve has stopped aching
Wendy - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Many thanks for your wonderful work. I am using the pain pen slowly but am having changes in my mouth from drinking the overnight water - a very loose tooth has tightened up and the nerve has stopped aching.
Wendy August 15, 2016

Restless leg syndrome
Anielle - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Hi Richard,
I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome for some years. I have never had any relief and as any sufferer knows, it makes going to sleep at night very, very difficult. However, my first application was to use the Pen on those areas of my leg that were in pain and to my amazement, it vanished. I have kept using the Pen at night on my legs and so far it has not returned.
I am now using it on other areas, especially the feet and hands and, in particular, I focus on those "sore" points which have slowly diminished in intensity. So, I am very happy with it.
I have noticed that with time I can feel the energy being emitted from the tip of the Pen. Regards,
Anielle July 31st, 2016

Thank you for providing me with the Pain Pen
Philip Branagh - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Dear Dr Presser,
I would like to thank you for providing me with the Pain Pen and I would like to thank Mr Keshe and all the wonderful people that worked on the tech.
I have been suffering with quite severe pain of the left knee for a couple of years now.
Last year I had to go into hospital for a knee arthroscopy, cleaning out the fragments and meniscus in my knee joint.
I thankfully received the Pain Pen a few weeks ago, I think, and though I have not been religious with the instructions, I have applied the Pen to my knee and I have also occasionally placed the Pen in a glass of water overnight and consumed the water in the morning.
I have also suffered from severe depression and PTSD for years and in the last few weeks the pain has significantly subsided, sometimes to no pain at all, and I have picked up energy that I never thought possible, undertaking 22 push ups per day and walking 10,000 steps per day from pretty much no exercise whatsoever. I am 50 years old, obese and I really need to get fit. Thank you for your service.
Thank you and kind regards to all at the Foundation.
Philip Branagh September 9, 2016

No more back pain
Patricia Fadeff - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

I gave it (Pain Pen) to my 89 year old uncle for his back pain. He said it worked and he has no more back pain and gave it back to me today. I have not had the chance to experiment with it myself as yet.
Patricia Fadeff August 26, 2016