Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Restless leg syndrome
Anielle - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Hi Richard,
I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome for some years. I have never had any relief and as any sufferer knows, it makes going to sleep at night very, very difficult. However, my first application was to use the Pen on those areas of my leg that were in pain and to my amazement, it vanished. I have kept using the Pen at night on my legs and so far it has not returned.
I am now using it on other areas, especially the feet and hands and, in particular, I focus on those "sore" points which have slowly diminished in intensity. So, I am very happy with it.
I have noticed that with time I can feel the energy being emitted from the tip of the Pen. Regards,
Anielle July 31st, 2016

Thank you for providing me with the Pain Pen
Philip Branagh - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

Dear Dr Presser,
I would like to thank you for providing me with the Pain Pen and I would like to thank Mr Keshe and all the wonderful people that worked on the tech.
I have been suffering with quite severe pain of the left knee for a couple of years now.
Last year I had to go into hospital for a knee arthroscopy, cleaning out the fragments and meniscus in my knee joint.
I thankfully received the Pain Pen a few weeks ago, I think, and though I have not been religious with the instructions, I have applied the Pen to my knee and I have also occasionally placed the Pen in a glass of water overnight and consumed the water in the morning.
I have also suffered from severe depression and PTSD for years and in the last few weeks the pain has significantly subsided, sometimes to no pain at all, and I have picked up energy that I never thought possible, undertaking 22 push ups per day and walking 10,000 steps per day from pretty much no exercise whatsoever. I am 50 years old, obese and I really need to get fit. Thank you for your service.
Thank you and kind regards to all at the Foundation.
Philip Branagh September 9, 2016

No more back pain
Patricia Fadeff - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

I gave it (Pain Pen) to my 89 year old uncle for his back pain. He said it worked and he has no more back pain and gave it back to me today. I have not had the chance to experiment with it myself as yet.
Patricia Fadeff August 26, 2016

I am happy to recommend the Pain Pen to friends
John Lee - Wed November 16th Australia
Category: Health

I received the Pain Pen a week ago and so far have been having positive results. My wife has also been using it and is very impressed with the subsidence of some chronic pains. It seems to be most effective with joint pains. It is sufficiently effective that I am happy to recommend it to friends, knowing that they will experience relief.
Regards and thanks
John Lee Australia October 10, 2016

Love that Pen!
Nancy Hitchcock - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

The Pain Pen is already performing beautifully! It has erased the pain in my arthritic hands and knee; it has eased the discomfort in my gallbladder; it has faded an age spot on my
thigh all in less than a week! Next, I plan to drink water treated with the Pen to see how that helps the cells within! I also feel calmer around it and have lovingly found a nice spot to rest it when I am not using it! I am not usually so careful with inanimate objects! Love that Pen!
Nancy Hitchcock June 11, 2016

I applied it for 1 minute and the pain was gone!
Jerry - Wed November 16th -
Category: Health

The Pain Pen I just got from you recently, I tested on my friend who had painful shoulder. I applied it for 1 minute and the pain was gone! Another friend had a chronic pain in the back of his neck for many years and he noticed only a slight improvement. I think he would have to use it more often.
Best regards,
Jerry June 17, 2016

Burn accident
Rick Harris - Wed November 09th Tigard, Oregon, USA
Category: Health

June 29, 2016

So here is a testimonial for you yesterday around lunch time my wife accidentally touched the burner of the stove Gotta Love glass top stoves when I got home by 4 o´clock I found her with her fingers soaking in ice water when I saw her fingers I could see they were right at the verge of blistering so what I did I grabbed a small bowl and added liquid plasma of CO2 I took the ice water away from her and had her put her fingers in the liquid plasma then I went to my workbench and made up a pain patch with just paper towel in a ziplock baggie I made 3 baggies 2 of CO2 liquid plasma and--one H3 liquid plasma I then use double-sided tape and stacked as a tree together putting the H3 baggie in the center I asked her to keep her fingers on the baggie as often as she could although she found more relief with the liquid Plasma in the bowl and she added an ice cube she had her fingers in the water for about four hours off and on but then she found relief with the plastic baggies wrapped around her fingers this morning when she woke up she had very little discomfort on her fingertips and you can obviously see there´s no blistering she feels there is a slight film over her fingers with no sensitivity at all she was impressed and she woke up early this morning just to let me know and sent me the picture so I could share with you guys it´s not a good picture but her pinky and ring finger you can definitely see where the skin was affected
I love being able to help my wife and it makes me feel good to take any discomfort away from her thank you mr. Keshe, Caroline and the Keshe foundation, for giving us the opportunity to open our minds to this new technology thank you thank you very much.

Thrombophlebitis and Blood Cloting Treatment With Liquid Plasma Water and Frequency
Günay Apak - Wed November 09th Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Health

November 6th, 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

Thrombophlebitis and Blood Cloting Treatment With Liquid Plasma Water and Frequency
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Eva Birgitte Krarup Møller - Wed November 09th Norway
Category: Health

I've tried to learn to read before, but have not been successful. I began to follow the public teachings at Keshe Foundation and learned a lot about how the mind works and plasma. I learned how to make Gans, pain pens and pads. I asked my teacher for a statement (in English). This is was what she wrote: "Eva has studied at GIV from 17/8 2015 to 1/2 2016. When she started at GIV she was not able to read and write. She was tested on a computer program called Aski Raski. It showed that she could not read words with two letters. Eva showed to be a quick learner. After approximately eight lessons, she was able to read and understand what she had read. She could also write phonetic words. She had a good progression. A test named "Arbeid med ord 7. trinn" showed that she could read 170 words per minute. Normal reading speed is about 100 - 200 words per minute. She also had 100% correct answers when it came to reading comprehension." The thing there was in my house of the Keshe foundation technology, during the period I spend learning to read and write; was Gans, pain pens and pads. And in the last month of this period I had built and set up two Magravs-Power units. I am convinced that Mr.Keshe's teaching and the plasma has made it possible for me to get over this obstacle. <3 Thanks to Mr. Keshe, Carolina, the Keshe family and a wonderful language teacher <3

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Headache gone in 10 minutes
Peter Salocher - Tue November 08th Grainbrunn, Austria
Category: Health

September 20, 2015 ·

Headache Gone in 10 Minutes

Two days ago I had a lecture. When I showed the Health patch and asked if somebody have pain somehow, a man stood up and said that he has terrible headache, he thought it comes from his spine. I gave him the one that I have brought with me and instructed him, that this now is his personal pain relief patch, that he should not to give it to others.

He had it for about 10 Min on his Neck, and then suddenly he sprang up and said,
˝It is incredible, all of my pain has gone!˝

After that I could also observe, that the whole atmosphere within the room did change. Very good experience.