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Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Gardening


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Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Thu October 27th Loma, Togo
Category: Health

The way we use plasma technology to treate AIDS, we are in process.

Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Wed October 26th Lomé,Togo
Category: Energy

We have connected two magrav together and we get 95% reduction automaticaly

Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Wed October 26th Loma, Togo
Category: Gardening

We have achieve the way that we can see with our eyes the seeds of plasma

Paul YATOUTE Maguiman - Wed October 26th Loma, Togo
Category: Health

The way we use plasma technology to treate AIDS ,we are in process

Fire burning
josef seifried - Tue October 25th Austria
Category: Health

Today i burn my left hand hardly, I was on working in the plasma akademy on fire nano coating the coils for the preparing to the comming workshop. I spray my Hand with co2 LP and Harald works with the pen. I have no pain from the start.. while working with the Pen i feel a cooling effect. i see it build a big bubble. i get a co2 and ch3 dipped tissue on it. put a latex glove over it. 2hours later my skin was 100% fixed. Normaly i have a very big burn bubble. THX Mehran to share this knowledge. I love you all.

Heel healing process
Stefano Baldassari - Mon October 24th Ancona, Italy
Category: Health

Hi people i want to report to you this fact.
I soffer since....i guess 6 or 7 years ago of heel pain.....strong pain. So strong that at a certain point i was lame almost all day long from the morning when i touched the ground with my foot to the time i went to sleep.
It reached its peak like 1 and half year ago when i began to use plasma technology. Following the little hints Mr.Keshe gave day by day into the workshops i am now able even to run kilometers without any pain at the moment nor the day after.
This is what i have done step by is a long process that requires dedication to your own condition, perseverance and patience.
First of all i tried with some coated wire. I was just putting the system near the heel where i felt pain to relief the pain.
This was just for the first few weeks almost every day some minute a day.
Than i began to use compostion of Co2 gans and ZnO from different batches puttind the bottles around the foot. This seemed to work at the beginnig but at the same time the pain i felt in some case during the day was increasing. This increase of pain was due to the fact that o clearly felt that inside the body was adjusting because i can even feel nerve and mussle tissue moving around the area all the very little shocks and a current flow if some kind passing trough the heel and the plant of the foot.
I passed several month in wich i alternated the use of the pain pen and the Ganses...i test different things and more or less all i could feel in the long run were contributing to the reprosessing of the heel.
During this period i still could not walk very well..was still feeling the pain even though truly not so heavy like before.
Than one day i decided to push a little bit more and go for a run even if i was aware that it probably would hurt me alot.
In fact it did :) At the same time i did this on purpose to increase the charge on the Gans because my understanding was that as the request by any kind of system increase than the plasma would respond back increasing its own field strenght too for the recovery.
In fact i think that was the turning point because since than things are going better and better. I added to my own "therapy" regular running and even mobility exercises and stretchings to the heel.
Now i can say i walk without pain. Still i have to warm up a little bit before running and i still have a little background pain when i do certain movements by its very much better.
Another thing i added lately is that i try to send to the point the right feeling.
This is a technique i am developing day by day. It is like putting the attention on your inner feeling, than create the emotion of fullfillment or wellness from inside and than send directly this feeling to the part i need to restore. You have to try this yourself to understand how much all this can improve your condition for the better.
Hope this report can help someone else in the process of recovery of some of its own injuries.

Keshe device box removed my wife's tumour :)
Pawel Braszka - Sat October 22nd Corby UK
Category: Health

My wife had a scan by the end of August 2016 where 5.5 cm tumour has been found on her left ovary by usg scan. In middle of September I have finished construction of box ( device has been presented by Mr Keshe ). After 3 session my wife noticed bleeding of dark blood in different manner as always that occurs with no pain at all, plus her behaviour has change as well in very peaceful and full of love and comprehension . After 4th ( 30 min session ) we want to Poland to do again test it was about 03 october 2016 to the same doctor and same appliance. My wife was crying walking out from doctor there was tumour at all and both ovary where in perfect shape and condition :) to conform that we done parallel test in UK with the same beautiful result NO TUMOUR at all :). I want to say thank you to Mr Keshe and his wife Caroline for leading me to do certain steps in so soft amazing beautiful way. I love you all

Fractured Rib Healed with CO2 GANS
Ross martin - Thu October 20th Narrogin, Western Australia
Category: Health

Recently I was carrying a heavy weight and ran into a door frame but thought nothing of the incident until the evening when my rib cage and on my left side started to feel extremely painful.

The pain increased during the night and I was unable to get any get any sleep that night. For the next two days over the weekend there were no doctors available, so with the help of a KS pain pen which reduced the pain significantly, I was unable to last out a until visiting a doctor on the following Monday. After an x-ray he said that I had fractured a rib but not a punctured lung - he and prescribed strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, and also warning me to keep trying to breathe normally otherwise my left lung would be in danger of collapsing.

After taking these tablets I found that breathing was still almost impossible - then I recalled that I had read that Mr. Keshe had broken a some ribs in an accident and he was able to remedy the situation by using plasma are technology which promoted healing so fast that it amazed the medical profession. I made up a CO2 pain pad and using adhesive tape stuck it over the painful area – immediately the agony subsided and I was able to take shallow breaths - although in doing so it was still painful. I removed the patch at night but wore it continuously during the day.

The problem healed rapidly to my surprise and after a week I was back to 80% normal breathing. After two weeks experienced only a slight pain, as it was virtually healed, and I was only using the pain pad intermittently. I did not get a follow up x-ray as the first one did not show the fracture clearly due to it being a “green’ break & the outer surface of the rib being still intact, thus a “before and after” document was not achievable.

I owe this success story to the Keshe plasma technology and am indebted to Mr. Keshe & his team for such an extraordinarily fast recovery beyond the reach of normal medical methods.

CO2 PLASMA water appears to correct NEUROLOGY and nerve damage
Kenneth Colassi - Mon October 03rd Hollis, NH
Category: Health

SUBJECT: 55yo male with 25+ years advanced developed osteo spinal arthritis

PROGNOSIS: impaired vertebrae grade 3 arthritis, sciatica, disc degeneration disease, disc ruptures, severe damaged neurology to hand nerves thumb index finger buzzing, lumbar ringing achine, cervical spine herniations, brain fog and blurry vision. Wakes up everyday (if able to sleep) brutalized by devastating immobility stiffness, sharp pain radiculopathy, burning, aching, crimped, shrinked and tight spine... miserable end of life condition that subject has had to wrestle with daily since 2008 when it surfaced.

BACKGROUND: subject played alongside professional grade ice hockey players for 18 years year round since 1998 while injured but the nerve damage and damaged brain and nerve neurology throughout head neck spine was crippling making him imprisoned at home fending home immobility 7x24.

NOTES: last time played ice hockey was one year ago but the neurological and nerve damage is such that it has cornered subject to couch

ACTION PLAN: created pure CO2 GANS and ZNo2 GANS for using the plasma water

APPLICATION: after 6 failed health cups and 6 pain pens that just were not strong enough subject began only 10 days ago to drink 5ml CO2 plasma water 1ml CUO plasma water and 1ml ch3 plasma water but even that was not strong enough though some internal changes had begun with positive physiological affects. Subject decided to do something more aggressive... subject used the following item listed on ebay

TESTIMONIAL: subject suffering from 27 years of developed grade 3 spinal arthritis, disc degeneration disease, brain fog from nerve damage, fatigue induced by neurological nerve damage to the spinal chord and facet joint nerve roots reaching up into the brain and waking up brutalized and totaled from neurology stiffness including hijack of good feelings sought relief as follows: prayed holy prayers over this bottle with healing intention by holy spirit closed eyes and sprayed fine mist (not enough to drip/run) across forehead hair line and sides of hair line sprayed fine mist on back of neck sprayed fine mist on spine from neck to tail and left right sides and center of lumbar this water will absorb into your skin and go where it wants to go and begin the correction process, it is a correcting healing miraculous gift from M.T Keshe who is such a gentleman THANK YOU DOCTOR KESHE for your mercy and compassion

TESTIMONIAL RESULTS subject following day is up and about continuing stretches and physical therapy with 60% better ease immobility markedly reduced little pain but most range of motions are improved by 70% pain has been reduced markedly at least 50% second day of treatment showed increase on improvement of neurology and radiculopathy subject feels confident to become fit for workplace for sedentary work and sports in future

TESTIMONIAL SIDE AFFECTS it needs to be understood this is a correcting technology made by the creator of the universe subject used before bed and had trouble sleeping from restless limb joint syndrome for couple hours... this only indicates that correction is taking place... ADVISED to use in morning instead at beginning of day when subject attempts daily activeness great to use in conjunction for enabling easier physical therapy will report back in 30 days but it seems I am back on the corrected road and will be using the plasma water spray every morning and hopes to be strengthening my body back on competitive ice playing hockey thursday Just tonight my lower lumbar started ringing buzzing with neurological pain making sitting and watching TV miserable... sprayed some CO2 gans plasma water on my lower lumbar and after 15 mins I was up and about again. MIRACULOUS !!!!!!!!

Mr. KESHE is such a gentleman... what a wonderful man... thank you dear sir for your mercy and compassion. Literally the hand of HEAVEN.