Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Cataracts reduced by 70% and Fingernails improved by 80%
Lynn and Paul Schmaltz - Tue September 20th Montana, USA
Category: Health

I just had to show you this. Paul has been using the eye drop formula given by Mr. Keshe using liquid plasma of CO2, CH3, and ZnO in the appropriate proportion with the addition of olive oil.

Yesterday he walked in to show me something about movies on the cable service and stood there and read the fine print. The use of the drops was for cataracts which he says now are more than 70% less than when he started He has not been able to read print this fine without glasses for at least twelve years. He shakes the drops before using them to mix the plasma fields with the olive oil sitting on top. Then he puts a couple of drops in each eye 3 times a day. The excess that doesn't stay in the eye is rubbed around the eye.

He has also been using the drops on a small skin cancer on his head and his fingernails. His fingernails have been horrible for years (perhaps because of anti-rejection drugs for kidney transplant). His nails are improving; the nails with ridges and cracking are about 80% better.

Lynn and Paul Schmaltz

Dog Bitten by Paralytic Tick
Cleve Kumnick - Tue September 20th Mount Tamborine, Qld. Australia
Category: Health

A Gans/Plasma success. My dog should probably be dead or at least paralysed and very sick. Went for a walk with her 3 days ago. After about a kilometer she suddenly sat down and then lay down. Sure enough I found a Paralytic Tick. Full and bloated. Must have got it 3 days before that on a walk through a local rainforest.

Previous experience with these parasites is that the dog will generally worsen for another day after removal. Difficulty in breathing, unable to stand, and even with vet treatment often enough death. Well she's been drinking CO2 and a bit of CUO gans water for a while. I removed the Tick. Got her home and sprayed her, her bedding with CO2. Put all 8 pain pads I have under her bedding. She's definitely been quieter. But always got up for her meals, followed me around about half as much as usual. Generally not bad. Went for a short walk yesterday and .. "NO Worries"

Today she appears to be fully recovered, back to being a "busy body" running around, etc.
Thank you all who help develop this wonderful technology

Message of a Soul
Peter Salocher - Mon September 19th Rome
Category: Spiritual

The Conference of the Universal Council in Rome

Coming back from the Conference, I wanted to report the news, but couldn't do so, because of a Hacker attack on Facebook. So I was occupied the whole day preventing bad things to happen. So I thought maybe then, its better not to report much.

But one thing I must share, it is very precious to me, and I want it to share with the whole world and in a way it encompasses the essence of what we experienced in Rome. It was a 22 hours giving and sharing day by day. When I came back I felt a little bit dizzy, but doesn't matter, in my soul I felt stronger as ever before.

The last day Mr. Keshe asked me about my Gold reactors and said I could have become a very rich man. I answered, that my treasure is in the heaven, up stairs, and that I don ́t need much. More money, more problems. I still think that was the only right answer to give.

For me, I discovered the mystery of life, its the giving. Universe is a giver, the sun is a giver the creator and his partner are givers, plasma is a giver and I think we can understand the plasma only from this point of view. We heard Mr. Keshe many times speaking of that.
But how many grasped it?

I believe Mr. Keshe is the strongest man in the world maybe in universe. I want to become as strong as him. He is my perfect example. There was a Bulgarian Master, Omraam Micael Ivanhov, he always said: "Search for the strongest example, your very best Idol and try to become like him“, this would be very beneficial for your soul.

So now I know, which road I have to take, its the way of giving. In a way its not new to me i always tried to live that way. But thanks to Mr. Keshe my giving will become stronger as ever. A way of giving so that your left hand (the taker) does not know what the right hand (the giver) gives. Not looking what comes back, but looking what goes out from you and knowing that you will get more only in order to be able to give more.

We have been educated in a very mad system that exist since thousand of years and doesn't match the way the Universe works. It was a man made prison. We must learn from childhood how to be able to take, how to get a good job that brings us good income how to use your elbows to get a good place,how to be the first. We know nothing else than taking and fighting and have become a very bad species with never ending wars and suffering.

Mr. Keshe came to free us, but we have to go out of that prison by our self. The way is our giving. The greed can only end if we make a complete 180 degree turn.

I remember Mr. Keshe saying, right before the Washington event, that his greatest fear is that man will stop sharing, if they have all they need. And I made myself a promise, that this will not happened as long as I live. I am not alone and believe many others felt the same way, so it would be better say, this will not happen as long as WE live. Because WE are already one.

So our only concern and our only fear shall now be, that we have not given enough. Its not important what others say about us, it is only important, that in the end, we can stand the judgement of our own soul.

So all becomes very easy, we want to learn more about plasma, we just give, we want to become strong, we just give. And the good thing is, we do not even have to learn something new, everything we need is already within us. We can give a smile, a helping hand, we can give knowledge, we can help the good things in others to face the daylight, we can comfort, our presence can uplift and we can even use our words and our voice to elevate the soul. We are in a upward going torus, and there is no end. Only we our selves can stop the process.

We discussed in Rome about the world situation and that even if we are in the millions, compared to the world population, we are very rare, and one dear soul said, maybe we are just the gans of humanity. I found this very appropriate so in changing our self we will change the whole planet. So let us give the way we have never done before, lets give as if it would be the last opportunity to do so, lets be so contagious that we may infect each and every one, lets celebrate the real life.

This was the experience that I wanted to share with you and what I think is most important to know if we work with the plasma, or better the other way round if the plasma decides to work with us.

The only problem now will be, that others has no more excuse now, they can not say anymore they didn't know what to do. They have read my words and they have to act.

With all my Love,
Message of a Soul

Gans environment processed a swollen and red hand after a bee sting
Pia Larsen - Fri September 16th Denmark
Category: Health

I got a sting from a bee or wasp on the wrist and my whole hand swollen and got red .. Really big and it didn't look good - tried with suger but it just got bigger. This night before my sleep, I prayed to my ganses for assistance without placing a painpatch .. Since I had not yet bought the plastic bags and syringe to transfer the CO2 liquid. I am in the in the beginning process with my new CO2, CH3 and CuO ganses made from the red Himalya salt from the description in Aleks setup pictures. I could feel it in the morning actually that the progress worked very strong and quick ..even I had not the patch on. I could have tried this advice I got with the onion, but I already felt a process in my feelings and hand with the ganses was working really strong ..even I didn't were in physically touch with the ganses. The other years I had a sting from a bee it takes about 6 days to even get rid of the the swollen condition and more than 8 days to get rid o f the pain from this swollen condition. In the morning I prayed and communicated to my ganses and asked them to interfere ..felt much better but the hand still looked bad.. I live in a small place and are close to to my ganses. I had a really good night sleep and rest ( not normal for this condition with pain) and during the next day it was like a really strong progress for the hand - it got better and better every single hour!! I had never withness such a quick progress contrary the last times I had a bee or wasp sting .. Now the hand is absolutely fresh and healed ....and I can use it with full strength... After 14 hours. Thank you deeply Mr. Keshe not only today, but since I've met you and all your teachings .. And thank you to Caroline, The Team and all who is participating and working with The Spaceship Institute and foundation. Love and Peace Pia

Cuco Esperansa - Sat September 03rd Los Angeles , CA.
Category: Health

Having Kept Up With The Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshops Since September Of Last Year ; About seven Months Ago I began To make Ganse Without Naoh Because It Appeared Too Dangerous To Work With. I began To Use the Pens In The Healing Process On Myself Family And Friends . As Time Passed There Was An Accumulation Of Results Which Proved Them To Work in accordance to what Mr Keshe And Several Other Testimonials Indicated . I only added a Circular Movement Of The Technique Which Comes From Energy Healing Techniques I had Learned Prior To The Keshe Experience . It Amplified The Results . Later The Liquid Gans Came To Life And I Added That To My Use . I Had Back Pains Every Morning An My Dr Said I May Have Prostate Cancer . I Began To Use The Liquid Gans Beginning With Two Drops Per Liter ; Then Two Drops Per Glass ; And Knowing I was Not Using NAOH , I felt Safe Using More . I also Bathed With A Tablespoon of Gans in My Tub Of Water . It Would Refresh Me Every Morning ; Take The Aches And Pains,Sharpen My Mind, And Calm It Too ...In Days Of Rush I Began Putting The Liquid Gans All Over My Body After baths . Letting It Soak Through The Day . Three Months Later I Have No Pains I Am Able To Be Physically More Active.Much Has Changed ; I have Been able To Resist Heat And Cold More Easily . Have Higher Resistance To Becoming Ill , I think Faster and Clearer . I Know Keshes Limits Of Uses Are different ; But Being In Charge Of My Own Body To Get It Healed ; I Actually feel Ten Years Younger An Wiser ...I Give Many Thanks To Everyone Involve In Making This Happen ...I Keep Moving Along And As Keshe Says . The Sky Has No Limits ...

Email to request food station photos
Paul and Lynn Schmaltz - Tue August 09th Montana, USA
Category: Food

the email address to request the food station photos referred to in the food station testimonial is

Cuco Esperansa - Thu July 14th Pheonix ,AZ. U.S.A.
Category: Health

Mr Keshe ;
After Using Liquid Gans On Myself And letting My Friends Know Of Its Effects ; We Found That When Applying Liquid Gans To Outer Skin , The Plasma Field Travels Through The Body Affecting The Inner Being As Would The Pen Or The Gans Pads . I Speak Of Co2 Cuo2 And Ch3 Made Without Caustic ... One Of My Friends Gave It To Her Daughter Who Was Dependent On Drugs ; Who Wanted To Get Of Drugs , By Rubing Liquid Gans ( 3 parts Co2/ZnO , 1 part Cuo2 , And 1part Ch3 ) . The Next Day Her Daughter Became Calmer , Logical , And Active ...Now They Are Working Together To Stableize Her Daughter And On The Way To Recovery . Now This Is A Major Break Through Them And Gans Research Too ...I Have studied all your lectures since September/October 2015 , made and given away over 100 pens , Learned a whole lot ....and now passing out little bottles of liquid gans . I Made A Video in Spanish On You Tube ; You Gave Us The Go Ahead Back Then , Many People have healed ....Your gift to us is God Given ...
My People and I Send You Many Thanks
Tlazocamatli Ipalnemoani Ometeotl
Cuco Esperansa

Health problem, vuris infection with high body temperature
Atanas Bozhinov - Mon June 13th Bulgaria
Category: Health

ВАЖНО!!! Революция в лечението на вирусни заболявания със съпътстваща висока температура!
Висока температура в следствие на остра вирусна инфекция. Диагноза на доктор.
История на заболяването:
Вдигнах 41 градуса температура без други оплаквания, като гърло или хрема.
Температурата успява да се свали до 37.4 след няколко часа потене и прием на течности, аналгини, парацетамоли.
Тази температура от 37.4 не успява да се свали и така се поддъжа 6-7 часа.
След това се повтаря процеса на вдигане на температура и пак с потене за 1 час се сваля на 37.3-4.
Както знаем тази температура е признак, че вируса не е преминал.
На втория ден решаваме да тестваме следния подход по технологиите на Кеше:
Температурата точно преди теста беше 37.4 градуса.
Взех две лечебни писалки за болка на Кеше в ръцете си.
Легнах на леглото така, че едната ръка да може да виси от леглото.
За мъжете писалките се държат по следния начин, в дясната ръка писалката се хваща нормално от горе и се потапя върха на писалката в 10% солен разтвор или морска вода. Съда беше с около 1 литър от водата. В лявата ръка лечебната писалка за болка се държеше за върха на писалката, а не нормално от горе на писалката.
След 2-3 минути престой аз разбрах, че няма температура вече, и спрях да се потя и станах и ми беше ясно , че се излекувах.
Измерих си температурата, беше 36.6!

Същият тест беше направен на 2 годишният ми племенник също с 37.5 температура. И резултатът беше също изчезване на високата температура.
Същият тест беше направен и за моята приятелка с болки в корема. Но писалките бяха държани по обратния начин. Резултатът беше минаване на болките за няколко минути пак.

Благодаря на Кеше и хората около него, които ни учат на тази технология.

IMPORTANT!!! Revoulution in healing viruse infection with symptoms of high temperature!
High temperature with couse of virus infection. Doctors diagnose.
History of the desiase.
My body rises the temperature to 41 degrees without other complaint like pain in troath or noasea.
The temperature i was managed to lower only to 37.4 after treatment with paracetaemol, analgin, high volume ot drinking water, and sweating.
This 37.4 degrees my body was keeping for 6-7 hours. And after these hour the temp raises again, and i managed againt to lower it to 37.4.
We know this 37.4 is not good.
On the next day we decide to try Keshe technology with Health Pens #KesheHelathPen #KeshePainPen.
The temperature just before the test was 37.4.
I took two Keshe health pens made by me in both my hands.
Then lie on the bed with one hand touching the floor. The right hand i was hanging the health pen on top of the pen with the tip dipped in sea water/can be used and 10% salt water also/. The left hand i was hanging the pen on the tip of the pen.
After 2-3 minutes of staying in this possition i feeling the healing process and my condition was like healthy person. Then i get up and measure the body temperature and she was 36.6 degrees!

The same test was made for my nephew also with 37.5 temp. And the result was the same.
The same test was made for stomach pain to my girlfriend and the result was the same. But the pens was handed opposide way because of the flow of energy for womans.

BIG THANKS to Keshe and people around him, which teach us this technology!

Cup of Life
James Courrtade - Sat May 21st Alto, Michigan
Category: Health

A friend and I followed the Keshe instructions to make CO2, CuO, and CH3 GANS. We were careful to make the GANS properly. Then we nanocoated a copper plate and inserted the GANS and nano copper plate in a double wall cup. Others who have created such a cup, filled it with water, and let it stand for twenty minutes to a half hour have stated that within an hour after consumption they felt the positive effects of the plasma. We placed our water-filled cup in a refrigerator and left it overnight and had no such experience. In fact, it made us feel tired. We are curious as to what others have experienced and are looking for advice as to what we might have done incorrectly. If you have made such a cup, please tell us what you experienced.
James & Wayne


Health Testimonial & Various
Yazmin Sanchez - Tue May 17th Sugar Land, USA
Category: Health

First of all, we want to give thanks to my friends, Linda & Heather who introduce to Mr Keshe teachings and Mr. Keshe and Carolina who works for the love to the human being and all of beings in this earth. We as a family (Victoy my little son, Alfonso, and I) created this science project that bring us peace, love, health & fun to our family. I decided to use the Balance/Pen to reduce the high blood pressure from my husband who has been treated by his physician and has been dealing with the high blood pressure for several months. We recorded the first time a blood pressure before the Balance Pen and medicine 143/91 Heart Rate 88, After using Balance Pen 132/92 Heart Rate 84. The construction of the Balance Pen broungth to this family a unity, a feeling of togetherness, also my little son has been more loving and the first he using gave me a lot of kisses. I received the benefit to recover my menstruation that I missed by almost 2 months, and was the less painful menstrual period. We used now as over the counter medicine for several pains, knee pain, back pain and for my mom to bring back his memory using the phone Technic, when I call to my mom I keep the cell in the same hand to hold the cell and the pen. We share with a friend who got a muscular pain and the pain was reduce almost to zero. We used to bring peace in the places we go as daycare for my son, and to connect more with nature. My mood has been improving a lot and my emotions has been stabilize my husband could experience immediately that benefit. Also some insects that where in the house has gone there are just a few. Thank you Mr. Keshe, the team of the Foundation and again friends, Linda who make this knowledge accessible to us, also I want to thank my husband Alfonso who without his help this device could be possible. Love and Peace to all.