Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Car setup
Tom Sallas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Vehicles

I have had this set up on the car now for a few months...nano coated wires wrapped to the battery connections and C02 Gans strapped to the top of the battery. the car doesn't do a lot of milage...more or less just up and down the mountain every other day, so she doesn't get pushed hard very often. i can't say that i have noticed reduced fuel consumption, but she is definitely feeling lighter, smoother and for an old car is feeling quite responsive....C02 in the gas tank next...i love plasma!

I have achieved over unity with my device
Gordon J Irving - Tue January 12th
Category: Energy

Proof of power reduction from ~ 107W to 34 W after 10 days of conditioning! Thank you M.T.Keshe. Blessings for everyone.




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