Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Skin problems
Atanas Bozhinov - Fri February 05th Plovdiv
Category: Health

My girlfriend just made her self wounds on the skin. After treatment with my health pen with co2 gans pack and cu gans pack, she does not feel pain in the scars. The treatment was 3 times with 3-4 minutes. Usually skin scratches are painful and last longer than now. But with this treatment the pain was gone. She even touch the skin and still no pain. Thank you Keshe family!

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Co2 gans water for the plants
Maarten Udema - Fri February 05th Baarn, the Netherlands
Category: Gardening

We are getting very impressed when we use Co2 Gans water on our plants! The cat grass is a nice example of how plants like it. We buy it once a month so we know how it grows. This one with gans water is seriously bigger then we ones we fed with normal water. Cut the straw inside the bottle about 10 cm from the bottom. Put gans water in the bottle, about 10%. Fill up the botyle with normal water. When it is finished about 10 cm will remain. Fill it up again with normal water. Let it mix for a couple of hours and use again. Repeat this process again and again.

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Elementary school staff and parents experience pain pen
Darsi Ramirez - Fri February 05th San Diego, CA. USA
Category: Health

I work as as speech pathologist at an inner city elementary school. I have used my version of the 'pain pen' on teachers and parents with a 99% success rate. Issues ranged from sciatica, shoulder, knee and tendinitis among others. Pain ranged on a scale of 1-10 from 3 to 9. I now know the look in someone's eye when the pain they have experienced for years is gone in 5 minutes. It's a beautiful thing. I plan on sharing. One love.

Sudden Recovery for Bone problem
Umut Duman - Mon February 01st St Petersburg, Russia
Category: Health

Yesterday night while sleeping, my wife woke me and said our daughter has hurt his shoulder when little fight with her brother. She said she had similar situation with his brother recent years. (Few years ago we had situation with his brother and had to get him to hospital and with injection and fixing his shoulder to put back the correct position.) So i said lets wait and see untill this morning if she is not ok then you take her to hospital. So morning we had a breakfast i noticed my daughter is not there at the table normally she never misses breakfasts and asked my wife where she is she said she was lying at another room and she cant move his right arm at all. I checked by visiting the room and she was so. I had an idea to try nano health pens recently got from KF philiphines. I used few minutes down and up on the arm and shoulder which pains. I noticed she had some relief sighs. I stopped that point after going little while. Also i used some time at opposite arm. Maybe its not needed but i though this can balance better. I used actually two nanohealth pens connected parallel to increase the effect. I am not sure if its needed or not but i tried that way. She said pain is gone after few minutes. But i wanted to make sure she was ok. Her pain was not so easy looking. And then i put the keshe pain aid pad under the aching arm. While i was dealing with her. When i had touched mistakenly the arm she become nearly crying an d said painful and very stress. So i become sure she was really feeling pain. She was lying there like that. Then i went to another room opened my pc and started thinking. I was really expecting she and her mother soon to go hospital should i call ambulance or taxi? This was what i was thinking. And my wife told about 5-10 minutes later she says she is ok she feels no more pain. I did not believe much and said ok, her mother speaking, anyway if she says so. And my daughter after a while came near to my room was hanging with same arm which was aching 15 minutes ago and whole during last night could not sleep for this reason. She was hanging on the bathroom handle and playing happyly with it and looking at me. I got little schock and felt a good suprise as it was certain proof pens and pad worked nicely. My wife was little supicious about it now she knows it works. This technology saved me certainly time and money and created peace and hope in my family. Thank you all for sharing this knowledge.


One Planet, One Race, One Nation
Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute - Thu January 28th Dubai
Category: Technology

Keshe Foundation presents "One Planet, One Race, One Nation."

"No knowledge has been dispersed so beautifully, so balanced, across the planet, ever...across the planet and maybe in the universe..." MT Keshe

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Good Magravs stacker results
- Wed January 27th
Category: Energy

I am submitting my results to you here to illustrate my good results for the stacker. Thank you kindly for your generosity in sharing the knowledge.

(Name witheld by request)

First signs that CO2 pad can make you younger?
Libby - Wed January 20th
Category: Health

Here is a remarkable story from Jackie using the health pad

"Ok here goes I really didnt want to share this but my friend told me I need to do it for science lol so here goes, this is in regards to pain pads experience directed to woman, I wear my pain pad all the time it gives me energy pain relief and less hungry or tho that is not what I need it is still keeping me in balance, but what I have noticed and also a friend with the same experience is having our menstrual cycle one in which both of us has not had for about 5 years, is anyone else having this symptom, one thing which is interesting is that in my mind I would still prefer to have this compared to hot flashes, so maybe it is giving me what I need lol ???? "


And the energy consumption keeps going down
- Wed January 20th Germany
Category: Energy

And the energy consumption keeps going down.

Pain in rheumatic knee gone in 5 minutes
The Spiritual Physicist - Tue January 12th
Category: Health

The pen was used on the rheumatic knee pain and the pain was gone in about 1-5 minutes after 2 months of being there. The resin Matrix is infused with a superconducting powder and turmeric etc. 

Source: YouTube

The 'magic' pen is working
Stephen - Tue January 12th
Category: Health

Comments from health practitioners that i gave the health pens to:

Hey Stephen, Bernadette here. I've been using your 'magic pen' and I actually think it's working. I haven't changed anything else yet the pain I've had for months now has decreased, I reckon by half. Yay! Thank you. I'll keep going with it.

I gave the pen that you made to a dear friend and she asked me to thank you... She said that she feels pure love coming from it...

The pen you made is just beautiful - I love it!! Been using mine every day - they almost speak to me!! And wearing the pendant every day hung from gorgeous beads that I have... It's changing me - affecting how I think ... Subtle shifts going on ... Changing my relationship to food .