Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Plasma energy in my car
Fransje Bik - Mon June 05th France
Category: Vehicles

Hi free energy friends!

Since the end of september 2016 I have made in my car 2 CO2 Gans balls. After some days I noticed already a more economic use of my car. The longer it is in my car, the more economic. I drive on Highways now 300-400 km more and on second roads 200-300 km more.

In Germany, in October 2015 I was involved in an accident on the highway. Cars were bump into other cars, next-in front and behind me and I thought: "I do not want that my car breaks down" and from that moment my car took me over "danced" through all the broken cars, it was as a dream and about 300 m later I noticed that the impossible is possible.

Thank you plasma energy!


Tubes unit Dr. Rodrigo
Pim Catry - Mon May 08th Belgium
Category: Health

From "Keshe Tubes Unit" Dr.Rodrigo.pdf

My experience in the “soul portal” unit, and after the sit in it:

I try to sit in the unit one hour a day.
The first 2 weeks i felt tingling in the breast & basin zone. A cold flow around me. Felt as sit in cocoon.
I was aware of a happy sensation in my body, a soft flow of surrender. Happy with what is at that moment.
Pulsation feeling in the head at the beginning of the sit in. Head move a little. Go away after 5 minutes.
Could fall in deep sleep.

If I focus on a part of my body: p.e. on the heart: I feel so much love in me and it expands a lot around me.
More flow of ideas how to teach and what to teach.
Emotion change if I focus on it, its go in a transition flow. I focus on feeling happy and it is felt quite immediately. Just happy to be.

Normally if I go walking maximum 3 km. I come home with pain. Now I walk the same distance without pain. The walking is more smooth.
After 10 days the field felt lighter, the merrier. I sit in whith a big smile. The smile just appear on my face. Feel more one with the unity soup. More in acceptance in the moment.

Have more awareness of my dreams in the morning.
My sister told me she felt something what was never felt before. A new tingling.

This report will have a follow up in a few months.
Wish you all to feel in peace, joy and happiness if you want it.
- Pim

Various Testimonials From Using Plasma Energy Station
Lynn Schmaltz - Sun May 07th Red Lodge, Montana USA
Category: Health

From Lynn and Paul at

Youtube: 1st Montana workshop1

Tommy Lee: 0504-2017 712-432-1085 818447# recorded call.

My name is Tommy Lee (TL); it is your right to educate yourself in health and medical knowledge to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family. You are the one responsible for your health in using Miracle II products and plasma energy products. In order to make decisions in all health matters you must educate yourself. The views, advice and suggestions by are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance. If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes in your own body in order to help your body heal itself.
TL: Tonight we are we are talking about how to use the plasma water and plasma energy. The guy in Florida and Pat will be on in a few minutes. We are starting a little early for those on the east coast, so we can get their questions answered and find out what they would like to know about the product.
TL: on this call we talk about Miracle II soap if you want to look it up on the internet. It was invented by Clayton Tedeton ( in 1979. The soap contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, charcoal and energized water. The soap has a high pH of 9.4. It will alkalize and clean up your body so your body can heal itself. The last two months we have been talking about plasma energy stations that Lynn and Paul (see Keshe Foundation Testimonies on the internet).
TL: for the last 2 weeks Mr. Keshe has given a protocol for using the plasma water of CO2 and ZnO for cancer and diabetes. Diabetes has a different formula than the cancer formula. We have been using the energy stations made by Lynn and Paul in Montana. We are excited about it and we’ve learned quite a bit about. They send you 16 vials that contain plasma water that you can put on the outside or inside of a clear plastic tub to "plasmerize' (plasmify) your water. Once the water is plasmerized it makes the Miracle II soap 6 times stronger. You can take the water and make healing pads and pain pads. Let me unmute some people and see if anyone has a testimony. Does anyone have testimony about using the pads?
 1 Paul and Lynn will be putting up a website and going 'full bore' with the plasma energy stations. It's going to change the pricing structure considerably so if anyone is on the fence they will want to order now. Up till now with the donation of $45 for the unit and shipping Paul and Lynn are making about 4 cents an hour. As soon as their prices increase and they have the website up they will be full time with Plasma Energy Solutions and will be contributing 30% back to Keshe Foundation on every sale. The donation on the units from now until May 10th is $45 plus handling and shipping of $15, USA only. After the website is up they will have the capability to take online donations and mail pads made from the energy station water for people outside the USA to use. After May 10th the donation is $90 plus handling and shipping of $15. When the website goes up the pricing structure will change again. Thank you to all of you are using your energy stations and giving us feedback!
Grace: I used the pad week before last. I made some pads for someone that wanted some and then I made some extra ones. I had a back ache on the right side above the sciatica nerves. I put the pads on and wore them for 3 days and the pain disappeared gradually and finally just left.
TL: that is nothing to take lightly; I have other friends with sciatica. How many pads did you use?
Grace: I used 3 in the back where the pain was and 1 in the front on my stomach and made a ‘sandwich’ out of the pain. I have a spray bottle with ‘plasmerized’ water in it and I took 3 paper towels and sprayed them until they got wet. Then I hung them out to air dry. When they were dry I made 3 pads the same size and one small one. I put the 3 in one plastic bag and cut off the zip lock slider on the bag and folded it and taped it shut. I did the same thing with the smaller pad. I just put it on my back. It was almost like it was magnetic because it adhered to my skin on the front and the back. Anyway that is what I did; I just wore them. I took off on the third day but the pain was gone before the third.
Q: so the pads stayed ‘adhered’ for 3 days without taping them to you? Grace: Yes, I put the pad above the sciatic area under my underwear and I slept with the pads on. I had another experience. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and sometimes he has insomnia and cannot sleep. The containers that Lynn sent the vials in I decided when I was reading about the plasma energy would also be ‘plasmerized.’ She had the vials in a thick sticky paper so they wouldn’t move. On top of that she had some foam paper on both side and then it was in bubble wrap and then surrounded with cardboard and then it was all in a container. So I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t be ‘plasmerized.’ I took the sticky sheet on the mattress pad where my husband sleeps. And he hadn’t slept for about 3 days. I didn’t tell him about it because I didn’t want to run the risk of him doubting it. He got in bed and slept like a baby; he has been sleeping ever since. It is just a blessing.
TL: Lynn and Paul ship the vials out in a container. They charge for the vials and for the shipping. They suggest that you con go to Youtube and type in 1st Montana Workshop 1st Montana Workshop - Introduction to Keshe ... - YouTube … Oct 26, 2016 ... Retired Veterinarian Paul Schmaltz presents introduction to Keshe Foundation Plasma Technology and his personal success with different Paul and wife, Lynn show different Keshe Foundation plasma technology health applications they have both made.
TL: watch the video; it’s about 2 hours long. After you watch the video you get an understanding of what this technology is all about. It does have magnetic properties. What they have done is they have taken gans that include vitamins, minerals, herbs, meals and made a gans of it. Gans is ‘gas in a nano state. They have put the water from the gans in the vials and that carries the plasma energy of all the gans they have made. Since I have been involved I started making gans of various products.
TL: Paul is a retired veterinarian and they sell the vials of plasma water from the various gans Paul has made. The plasma energy has unlimited potential. They made the gans of 21 meals, vitamins, minerals. I’ve added 6 more vials to my station to the original 16.
Q: could you put too much stuff that would counteract each other?
TL: no. When you make it in a gans forms the body accepts what it will accept. It is in a plasma state and your body only accepts what it needs from the plasma state. When we eat food our stomach acid breaks it down. When we make gans of food, vitamins or herbs we use a caustic to break it down just like our stomachs do with food. I add equal parts of caustic soda that causes a
reaction. You have to be carefully and wear gloves and goggles when I stir it all up every day to break it down. Once it breaks down I have to rinse all the caustic soda out of the gans. Now one you have rinsed it, you want to do this rinsing to get the caustic soda out and bring this down to a 7 pH. Once it is at 7, then the gans powder goes in jars that water is added to. Then the water is used in the vials for the energy station (the gans powder always stays in the vials and will last for many, many of our lifetimes). The body will use the plasma energy it needs out of the vials.
TL: you will notice when you drink plasma energy water it quenches your thirst and is almost like drinking clustered water for those of you familiar with that. It is very smooth and very delicious; it quenches your thirst. Let me have Bob and Helen in Florida tell you how the plasma water has benefited them and their animals.
Bob: This is Bob and Helen in Indiantown Florida. We have Bill listening to the call. We were skeptical about the water and once I saw what it did to plants that were nearly dead it changed my whole way of thinking about it. We got an energy station and we drink it everyday. I make 3 gallons a day for our animals and ourselves. I make another 150 gallons for gardening and animals. It will get your chickens laying eggs again and bring your plants back when they are half dead. It has made us feel better. It’s amazing. It’s hard to put into words; it nothing real strong…it just happens.
Q: how long do you leave water in with the gans?
Bob: whatever you are trying to charge up will be charged over night. I take gallon water jugs and put ¼ gallon of the plasma water and then top it off with my reverse osmosis water. We charge it up over night and we make coffee, tea, and drink the water. Tommy is right that it satisfies you; where you would normally drink two glasses of water, one glass will satisfy you. It is smooth and delicious and tastes like a fine water. It quenches your thirst. It’s hard to put all this in word.
Grace Adams: I had a question for you. They have the requirements for drinking water are eight 8oz cups a day. I am wondering since this water is so satisfying so does that change the amount I need to drink?
Bob: I think you are going to drink more because it is so satisfying.
TL: I don’t think you can get ‘drunk’ on water and there is no limit.
P: I am not a person who typically likes to drink water. But I start in the morning drinking plasma water. I don’t feel bloated. I work 12 hour shifts and I can see the difference. I’m not a person who typically likes water, but this water tastes good.
Q: I have problems with my eyes; I have a detached retina and floaters in my eyes. I read that recommend using the drops for eyes made with the plasma water and olive oil and just using the olive oil off the top. Could you elaborate?
TL: he has taken the eyesight formula that Mr. Keshe put together and all you have to do is add oil. I don’t personally like the olive oil and I use cold compressed castor oil. Castor oil has healing properties. Before I met Lynn and Paul I was using the cold compressed castor oil. Pam will tell you what the castor oil did for her eyes. I used this with the eye formula. Use the formula that fits you the best. Do you want to tell them what this water and castor oil has done for your eyes?
Pam: I have used the castor oil in my eye for quite some time. I would put it in my eyes. I put some castor oil on my finger and rub it over my eyes and some gets in my eyes. My eyesight has improved tremendously and I can read the numbers on the cell phone without readying glasses. I
haven’t had glasses for driving for awhile. It improved my eyesight. Ladies, it made my eyelashes grow.
TL: tell them what the ‘plasmerized’ water and soap have done.
Pam: every since I started using the Miracle II soap I love soaking in the tub in ¼ cup of soap. When you told me about the plasma charging the soap, I did that. The first time I took another soak after the bottles of soap I had were plasma charged soap, I felt this immediately. In 20 minutes I had more ‘gunk’ in the water than I had in 45 minutes with the Miracle II soap. The Miracle II soap always pulls gunk out of my body, but when I charged it with the plasma water it ramped it up several notches. I could not get over it and I only used 1/8th cup. After 45 minutes I could hardly see my hand in the water.
TL: The Miracle II soap added to the bath water pulls the toxins out of the body.
Pam: I put plasma water in a glass quart jar the last time I soaked. I put the jar in the tub while it was filling. The soap was charged and I wanted to charge the water. What happened I put the jar where it would just touch the thighs on the inside of my legs? I pulled it away several times to see if what I was feeling was real. I could feel the plasma energy going up and down my legs into my feet. I could feel that energy running up and down my legs. When I put the jar out of the way I could still feel it a little bit but when I put the jar back where my legs barely touched it, it was just amazing. The sensation was from my hips all the way down to my ankles. I always stay in the tub for 45 minutes to an hour. I want a good cleansing and I want it to pull out everything that it can. When I got out I pulled the jar over to the side and I could still feel the energy pulsing in my legs. I have never felt anything like that before. It was incredibly relaxing.
Q: did you have a lid on the jar and you submerged it under water?
Pam: I had it right where the thighs form on the upper legs. My legs were barely touching and the sensation started immediately and went up and down my legs. Now it did not go to my upper body. I was from my hip to my foot the whole time I had the charged bottled in there. I could feel the sensation of the plasma energy in my legs and it was absolutely relaxing and calming. At one point it was so incredible that it was almost too much with the sensation and energy going up my legs. I told my husband this was just incredible. The water was already ‘plasmerized.’ Now I went to our artesian well and I filled 5 five-gallon containers. I made a bunch more of the pads and taped them to the outside of the 5 gallon jugs. Like Lynn says, you make the pads of different thickness. So I put the thicker pad on one side, the thinner on the other and she said they work between the two pads to charge the water when you put a set on each jug. Now I have some other 4 other gallons charging in my utility water. I have a jar of plasma water in the bottom of my Berkey filter charging it. I have two Berkey filters, one is a small one we got years ago and then I have a 4.5 gallon one. We have plasma water all over the place. We never want for plasma charged water.
Pam: I watered my Ivy on the front porch and the leaves on the ivy are huge. I hope you understand that I am not a person to exaggerate. That thing is going crazy. I took cuttings and added plasma water to it. That is the healthiest looking ivy and it’s not even in dirt; it’s just rooting in the water. I spray the flowers, my body, the sheets and pillowcases with it and I can honestly tell a difference. For me personally and I don’t know what it does for anyone else, it’s very relaxing and it takes the edge off. If any of you have the feeling like if your organs feel like they are on high alert…this calms all the organs down. It is really amazing.
TL: this call is being recorded. The number is 712-432-1085 818447# pin. Does anyone else have a testimony? John, are these answering your question?
John: has anyone put a gallon in the bath water?
TL: I put a gallon in my bath water. It does feel pretty strong. I got crushed when I was 18 and since I have been making the gans of different products I found out that trying to make gans of colostrums. The colostrums gans almost felt like too much energy and I can feel energy coming up to my back.
Pam: that is exactly how I felt.
TL: it is giving off energy and it’s not dangerous or lethal energy. I know it is there. You guide it where you want it. John, another thing about this technology is that it is controlled by your intention. Whatever intent you want, the intention for your eyes, you can write that on a bottle and pour the ‘plasmerized’ water in it and only use that water for your eyes. It works by your intention.
TL: I see Lara on the call. Laura has neuropathy.
Lara: I have neuropathy and it will be 5 weeks since I have been on the plasma water. The first week I sprayed my socks because it was still cold here. I felt the difference with my socks on and then I started spraying my body and feet during the day. At night I would spray my feet and use magnesium oil and I was able to sleep through the night the first week without the needle pins that wake me up at night. Now I sleep through the night without any pain and in the beginning it was 40 to 50% improved and now it’s hard to tell. I don’t really feel it any more. It’s probably 70% to 80% better. I don’t even notice it anymore. It’s amazing. It’s difficult to deal with neuropathy. I have tried everything; I’ve tried every type of oil—you name it. It never corrected the problem as well as this water. The intention makes a big difference.
Lara: I didn’t understand how all this worked in the beginning. I read all the material Lynn sent in the beginning when I ordered the plasma energy station. I read that if you have the flu to pull the CO2 water to rectify flu viruses within a couple of days. I read it over and I’ll have to remember this when people are sick. My husband had been sick for a couple of weeks and I gave him the plain water. I didn’t have the intention of the CO2 water. I have a friend with bad mosquito bites all over. We have really bad mosquitoes now because of the flooding and standing water. It’s epidemic here in northern Nevada. I had given her some water but I know she wasn’t taking it religiously or using the intention. She looked terrible, like she was sick with the flu with all the mosquito venom running through her body. I told her to go home and told her to drink 3 to 5 big glasses of water and say CO2, CO2, CO2 do the intention of that while drinking the water. I saw her and the mosquito bites were drying up and were 60% better than they were the day before and she felt much better and wasn’t feeling sick and lethargic. Just drinking the water with the CO2 intention made a big difference.
TL: so we have learned two things tonight. By saying the intention CO2, CO2, CO2 you have the intention and the water in your body and that is correcting everything. You have heard about Pam telling about putting the water in her bath water. The plasma energy is so strong it almost makes you feel like you can’t take any more. It works on your intention. If you have Miracle II soap you can spray the body and it kills the body odor and the mosquitoes can’t smell her.
Lara: I will give her some of the Miracle II soap.
TL: We have learned a lot tonight and this call is being recorded for everyone to playback to your friends. There is no limit for this product. I poured one gallon of the plasma water in my tub. I make 2 gallons every day morning and night. I make sure I have extra on top of the station that I have charging and I have 2 gallons in the station, 2 on top and 2 waiting to be plasmerized.
TL: Pat, would you tell them how to ‘“plasmerize’’ your sheets?
Pat: I let the laundry run and wash the clothes as I normally do. When the rinse cycle I stop the machine and put in 1 cup of plasma water. I always have a couple of gallons ahead because I’m 5
giving it away right and left. I let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. And then I let it finish the cycle. If it is for pillow cases and I hang them out to dry the first time. After that I just put them in the dryer from then on. I use this for myself and I’ve been taking it to the home of the Alzheimer’s patient. This week the caretaker who is a friend of mine cornered me and asked me why it was after I visited the gentleman remembers everything. I told her I was doing something and she said I knew it! I told her about the water and had her come and visit to see the station. And she is going to buy her own.
Pat: We have another testimonial. She has dogs and it is costing her a lot of money to have them groomed and cared for. One has a tumor and she was told it would be about a thousand dollars to take it off. Then there is another four hundred to clean the teeth. The other dog has a fungus on his feet. She has spent a fortune over the years trying to fix his feet and he chews at them constantly. They bleed and it’s a mess. I gave her 5 gallons of the water this week and I told her to keep a gallon for the dogs and put it in their water, on their skin, on the feet of the one and the tumor of it. I told her the price of it was that she had to tell me how they were doing. One gallon was for the elderly man with the Alzheimer’s and the rest was for her to use. She has done all his laundry with the charged water and notices he is remembering things. Charlie is not chewing his feet for the first time in 8 years and he’s 10 years old. Molly’s tumor is going away. Now is a believer and she is going to order a station for her grandchildren who live out of state because one them has acne. I explained to her that it will help. So, just wash your clothes in it and keep making more water.
TL: put the plasma water in your liquid detergent and it makes it 4 to 5 times stronger and you can wash with the plasma detergent and you can add to bleach and make it stronger. It makes the products safer when they go into the sewer system. You’ve heard it used on plants, animals and people’s bodies. This product has unlimited usage. You can make this in your own home. I am making gans to add to the 16 that I got from Lynn and Paul. Deborah will have a testimony next week because of the extra energy she has.
TL: you can make millions of gallons from this product. The shelf life is one million years; you won’t live that long! You can take the container that the products came in and it still holds the plasma energy even if all the water is gone. Let the purified water sit in the packing container over night and it will ‘plasmerize’ overnight. This is an unlimited product. You can make millions of gallons. I am making ‘fertilizer’ with rabbit manure, bat iguana, worm castings and blackstrap molasses. I have chickens and I mad a gans of their pellets so when they drink the water they have the gans of the pellets.
Pat: let me add something to that. Times may not be easy. You can even make gans of dog and cat food. Lynn and Paul have done this. You could do it for horses. So we need to think of our animals.
Grace: when will you be distributing your vials that you are making?
Tommy: I’ll make healing pads out of the gans I make and then you can put the plasma water on the napkins and then put the water in a vial and put it on your energy station.
Pat: when you get the gans from someone you want to know the heart of the person who is making it. It took me a long time to find Paul and Lynn –they are really good people and so is Tommy. We have to be careful not to expose ourselves to people with mal-intent.
Q: you had a nebulizer and somehow you put the plasma water in it and it gave you a ton of energy. Is it a long process for you to explain that? 6
Tommy: No, it is very simple. Before we found out about plasma energy and plasma water, I was using Miracle II Neutralizer to breathe in my lungs. In this area people were coming down with flu and viruses or they are running chem trails in the area. I added the plasma water in my soap and it made my soap 6 xs stronger. I even had Garth, and many of you know him, measure it and he said it made the soap 6X stronger. I started adding the plasma distilled water to the neutralizer liquid and WOW! It gives you energy. You add ‘plasmerized’ distilled water to the neutralizer. It gives you energy and everything that has been ‘plasmerized’ is used by your body. Don’t use the Neutralizer liquid and not the gel. Use 2 to 3 teaspoons plasma water in the neutralizer liquid and add it to the nebulizer. Tell your people that have lung problems. This will blow people away with what it will do with the lungs and their body.
TL: what about Grace’s friend from Baker, Louisiana, what condition do you have?
B: I’m ready to try this out.
Grace: Would you elaborate on diabetes for him?
TL: send me an email at Lynn sent information on diabetes and cancer. It’s a different formula for diabetes than cancer. I have people who were taking the Miracle II soap internally and it would knock out diabetes. It would clean up their bodies so the bodies could heal itself.
Dennis: I’m enjoying the water; I love the taste and I have daily fruits with it. I got 3 stations and I have a lot of water that I am doing so I can move them around and use it on the plants outside. When I got new tee shirts and briefs and I washed them in the water in the last rinse and then put them on the station for a couple of days. I like the taste of it. It changes everything. I made hot tea with it and it’s great.
Pat: it’s amazing how it smoothes everything out.
Grace: we cannot put the plasma towels in the dryer but you are hot water in your tea? Why is that?
Pat: the first time I put plasma water on the laundry I air dry it; after that when I wash the laundry I dry it in the dryer. I make my coffee with the water. It tastes better and I drink less coffee. It’s so smooth; it’s lovely.
TL: you have to remember this word: gans—gas in a nano state. The water is finer, smoother and cleaner. When you add heat to it, it makes your tea and coffee taste better. We have learned a lot tonight about using the water and saying the intention. Lara brought up saying CO2. I think if take the ‘plasmerized’ water and hold it in your mouth and say to yourself the CO2, CO2, CO2 intention it works. I worked with Lloyd Mears who could check the vibrational frequency and he would have you say your intention 7 times to absorb the frequency of the intention. It is the same with ‘plasmerized’ water. We can take the water and while you drink it say CO2, CO2 nine times and see what it does. If you have a problem with emotion say "Zinc" 9 times. See what that does.
TL: if you want to find out about cancer and diabetes I will send you an email and we can get you on Lynn’s email list where she will send information. She does transcribing of some of the Keshe Foundation workshops. Pat introduced me to Lynn and Bob and the rest of us were introduced to her. We have been having fun learning how to use this ‘plasmerized’ water. I hope, John, what we have said has helped you.
John: can you take the gans water and put it in eye cups and put in your eyes?
TL: I would say yes; if you were to take distilled water with plasma water in it and hold it over you and speak your intention, it will help. Your intention will be met whatever you speak comes into being.
TL: we have another woman who was very skeptical about the plasma water. I had her say a prayer God, show me how you want me to use this ‘plasmerized’ water so I can have my own testimony. Now she is the perfect pie dough maker! She makes perfect pie dough using plasmerized water.
Pat: we never expected that! Now do we have to go to Michigan for the pie?
TL: no—Wisconsin. It is your intention and whatever you speak comes into existence. It is the same with Miracle II soap which has prayer intention in it. I met Mr. Tedeton and prayer is always the first ingredient of the Miracle II soap. God we ask that you put your healing energy into this product. I tell people to do this when they get their soap: God we ask that you put your healing energy into this product for my body.
Q: when you make this you can use a tote for your station?
TL: use whatever you like; we just heard from Dennis and he has 3 energy stations.
Pat: size doesn’t matter but make sure your container is as clear as you can get it because for some reason the gans don’t want to transmit through opaque containers.
Grace: do you put the plasma in the purified water and the distilled water? What is the difference?
Tommy: when you use distilled water you use it for Miracle II soap, neutralizer, gel, and eye products. Always use distilled water because it doesn’t have minerals in it. Purified is for drinking, bathing and personal use on the outside of your body. But don’t use it in your eyes or on cuts. Use the spring water for the drinking and bathing.
Pat: distilled has removed the minerals that we might not want to introduce to our eyes because that will burn.
Tommy: distilled water has no taste, no minerals and no toxins. It is cooked water that doesn’t know who it is; when you put it with plasma water then it knows who it is.
Pam: Lynn said she puts her vials on the outside of the container. But she said the plasma energy will radiate up to 30 feet in a room. Would we benefit from having the vials on the outside of a crystal clear container? It will not only ‘plasmerize’ the water that is in it, but it will radiate energy out in the room.
Pat: it doesn’t matter if it is inside or outside; you don’t ‘contain’ the plasma water. Just don’t use opaque containers. I can feel the energy 2 rooms away.
TL: put plasma water and hang in zip lock backs to keep the flies and mosquitoes away. Your whole room has plasma in it and it’s radiating into your room and into the refrigerator if you keep some there. You can breathe the air from you energy station.
Q: the man who was talking about the floaters in his eyes? I have made that and I am going to start using it. Lynn gave us the recipe (from Mr. Keshe).
Tommy: neutralizer is mild, suds less detergent and helps with the eyes. People have said it helps with glaucoma and cataracts. The plasma water makes the gel and soap much stronger.
Grace: the person talking about the reverse osmosis water. Would you elaborate on reverse osmosis? .
Tommy: I can elaborate; reverse osmosis wastes a lot of water to make your water clean. The system runs water through filters. I made my own filter out of PVC pipe; reverse osmosis is very expensive. You can get the Berkeys are much easier to use and do a better job of purifying the water. If you put the vials in there and some plasma water the whole filter is ‘plasmerized’ and it will stay that way. Once your container is ‘plasmerized’ all you have to do is add water to and wait overnight and it’s ‘plasmerized.’
Pat: you don’t ever need to open the vials. Keep the vials closed.
TL: there are people on the internet and you can go to plasma expo on you tube and see what people have done. They have made pads, wrist and ankles pads and they are having a ball. There are a ton of videos to watch and some are 3 to 4 hours long. One woman had figs that were the size of tennis balls.
TL: if you have alkaline water you can set the machine at 8.5 and sometimes the alkalinity will go down. If you add plasma water to it then it will hold the pH. I had a lady stop by and she brags about her Kanga water. I told her the pH starts dropping and I told her if she added the plasma water to it, it would hold. She asked how long and I told her she wouldn’t live as long as it would continue to hold. It will hold forever. It makes alkaline water consistent. It makes anything you have consistent, stronger and better. You are using a nano state of gans the particles become invisible but this is what makes everything stronger and better.
Pat: Tommy said he would not put prescription drugs next to his energy station.
TL: Lynn said the plasma water will knock out the GMO state of the seeds.
Pat: she been doing this for almost two years and she has been transcribing for a year; sometimes the documents are 40 or 50 pages long.
Dennis: you have to put the 16 vials on the station?
TL: yes, and I have added 6 more vials. You don’t have to put 8 on one container and 8 on another container. Paul made a gans of his medicines in case there was ever a problem with delivery.
Grace: can you overdose on the plasma energy?
TL: no; you can’t overdose on a plasma state. It comes into your body in the water. There are millions of ways to absorb the water through drinking and bathing in the water. Thank you Pam and Lara for what you have shared with us. I am making the gans of alfalfa for my birds and they are drinking the plasma water of it.
Pat: are your chickens drinking more water now that it is plasma water?
TL: I have gone from a 22 oz bottle to a quart bottle for them to drink. They are still spitting out eggs. I am going to try to make a gans of wild honey and egg yolks. Lara how are you doing with your gans?
Lara: really well.
TL: don’t use the pH tester until you start cleaning it up.
Lara: the lye made a difference; the black seeds, the green tea are doing well. I may re-do the tumeric.
TL: which lye did you get?
Lara: I got the stronger and not the food grade. It’s breaking the black seed down now. I just got it at the tractor supply store. I’ll send you a picture of it.
TL: you use this with rubber gloves and goggles and you only have to stir it once a day.
Lara: where did you get the vials?
TL: I got them on eBay. Any other question about the Miracle II soap or the plasma water?
Lita: I like the water. When I first started for awhile I couldn’t seem to get enough of it. That has slowed down now.
TL: does anyone else have questions? 903-216-9091 or 903-5977873 are my phone numbers if you want to order any Miracle II soap.
Note from Lynn: We have used Miracle II soap for years and it’s as good as Tommy Lee says!


Why Im Here
Justin D. Smith - Sun May 07th Detroit, Michigan
Category: Health

Im Justin Smith from Michigan USA.

A few years ago I started to research everything I could get my hands on about helping my child deal with what I believe were absolutely the side effects of the common USA required immunizations for public schooling. There were some very alarming and immediate symptoms that could not be ignored as coincidental. I found out a great deal about what many people do not know is lurking within these injection vials. The symptoms and know additives were enough to set me into motion to finding a solution, that's when I found the Keshe Foundation.

I read testimonial after testimonial. I downloaded every video I could get my hands on, on how to produce the materials. I practiced nano coating until I was sure I had the best I was able to produce as the four main Gans and start trials on my own with out sharing anything with anyone for over a year. I was in a belief that I was doing something that the general public isnt going to accept and also felt that the US government would eventually ban as its based on a self sustainable abundance for humanity and far beyond just people.

I created gans anyway, and made as many different style spinning reactors as I could until I found what felt to be extremly useful and simple to replicate. I searched local stores to find what I could teach with in any environment as long as its somewhat similar to where I was living at that time. I immediately devoted a vast majority of my free time looking into how I can help advance whats being given out and how to spread it and share it with anyone and everyone who may wish to learn. The soul reason why I knew I had to be part of this to me was simple.

After learning everything I could, I tested CO2 and Zno2 Liquid Plasma on myself, then eventually my child whom went from perfectly normal before shots to having too many problems medically to list, and for sake of his privacy will not do so.

I will say that ALL ailments were eliminated.

I got the health and well being back of my only begotten son. I cannot even begin to convey what that means to me. I hold the value of his life so dear to my heart and for this I am so grateful to first off Mr. Keshe, Caroline and the entire Keshe Foundation for more than words will ever describe.

We all have so much to gain by what you are giving to all of us. Thank you for bringing this to us so we can all be part of this together. Our world finally has a chance at becoming one big huge open family, and so many are ready to be this change as one, we just needed the platform built on a solid foundation.

Thank you.


Cu-Gans stops growing of trees
Guenther Blum - Thu April 06th Fussach, 6972, AUSTRIA
Category: Gardening

3 small walnut trees tested. left = original (no gans used), middle one with Cu-ganswater and right with a Cu-ganswater ring.
Tested by Guenther B.


Pain Relief
Julian Mark House - Fri March 31st Bremerton, WA
Category: Health

I strained my right shoulder last week and meant to report that my pain pad effectively corrected the pain permanently in one application.


Kyste dissous
Louis Goulet - Thu March 30th Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides, Kébec, Canada
Category: Health

J'ai utilisé une compresse (patche) en l'appliquant sur le scrotum pendant plusieurs semaines, la nuit, parfois le jour, car il y avait un kyste sur un testicule depuis quelques années, puis il s'est dissout. Formidable! Merci beaucoup M. Keshe. Et depuis, je fabrique quelques compresses en les offrant à certaines personnes de mon entourage. Les connaissances offertes par M. Keshe sont en lien avec mes lectures spirituelles. Quand j'ai comprit que l'on se basait sur les lois naturelles de la pesanteur (gravité) et des affinités (magnétique), je me suis tout de suite investi pour comprendre et je veux acquérir encore plus de conviction en joignant cette technologie avec la spiritualité sans religion. Par ailleurs, je demande à l'équipe qui diffuse la notion que tous les hommes sont égaux, de réviser leurs sources car si vous voulez, il me fera plaisir de vous partager des connaissances pour apporter plus de clarté dans ces propos que je juge très importants. Merci encore à M. Keshe, à M. Buensoz, à M. Brézillon, à Mme Myriam, des gens formidables. Louis Goulet

Machine Translation:

I used a patch on the scrotum for several weeks, at night, sometimes in the day, because there was a cyst on a testicle for a few years, then it dissolved. Great! Thank you very much, Mr. Keshe. And since then, I make some compresses by offering them to some people around me. The knowledge offered by Mr. Keshe is related to my spiritual readings. When I realized that the natural laws of gravity and (magnetic) affinities were based, I immediately invested myself in understanding and I want to acquire even more conviction by joining this technology with Spirituality without religion. I also ask the team that disseminates the notion that all men are equal, to revise their sources because if you want, I will be pleased to share knowledge to bring more clarity in these remarks that I consider very Important. Thanks again to Mr Keshe, Mr Buensoz, Mr Brézillon, Mrs Myriam, and great people. Louis Goulet


Nagelbettentzündung dicker Zeh links
Leo Dusemund - Tue March 28th Trier
Category: Health

Vor zwei Wochen wachte ich auf und hatte starke Schmerzen im dicken Zeh, dieser war vom Nagelende ca. 1 cm rot und dick angeschwollen. Täglich stellte ich einige Minuten einen selbst gefertigten Health-Pen auf das Nagelbett, danach bestrich ich die entzündete Fläche mit CO2-Gans (nicht Wasser) wartete bis es getrocknet war und zog die Socke darüber. Außerdem trinke ich seit über fünf Monaten jeden Tag CO2-Ganswasser ein Glas über den Tag verteilt. Die Schwellung ging schon am ersten Tag zurück die Entzündung mit Schmerz wurde weniger. Jetzt nach über zwei Wochen ist die Entzündung so gut wie weg. Jetzt erscheint beim nachwachsendem Nagel eine dunkle rotbraune Stelle, werde noch einige Tage die Gansbehandlung zur Sicherheit fortsetzen. Fazit bei mir hilft es

Machine Translation:

Two weeks ago I woke up and had severe pain in the thick toe, which was about 1 cm red and thick swollen from the nail end. Every day, I placed a self-made health pen on the nail bed for several minutes, then I covered the inflamed area with CO2 GANS (not water) waiting until it was dried and pulled the sock over it. In addition, for over five months every day I drink CO2 GANS water a glass spread throughout the day. The swelling went back the first day the inflammation with pain was less. Now after two weeks the inflammation is as good as gone. Now a dark red-brown spot appears on the nail, and the Gans treatment for a few days will continue for safety. Conclusion with me is that it helps.


Magrav Power
Alan Wei - Thu March 02nd Taichung,Taiwan
Category: Energy

While I built a MPU, I just set two capacitors with 30 leaps-coil ,and test the DC voltage from the Grid-plug (unplugged).
The power consumption reduced 200W.


Producción Gans sin sal
Luis Alfredo Arce Guerra - Fri February 24th Planeta tierra
Category: Health

Conectando las placas, sumergirlas en su totalidad 9días, recoger lavando con pincel, en nuevo recipiente, dejar reposar 24h, transcurridas, (pellizcar toquetear) el recipiente con el fin de soltar lo adherido, dejar otras 24h en reposo, preparar otro contenedor, preparar tres filtros uno dentro del otro en un embudo, llenar el embudo con agua destilada con el fin de lavar y sellar los poros agitar suavemente tapando con un dedo la salida del embudo, soltar el dedo y voltear el embudo suavemente vaciando el mismo , volver a llenar el embudo, esta vez dejando se vacie por si mismo, ya preparado filtrar el plasma solo el plasma 3 veces, con el mismo filtro, o buscar la manera de que solo quede el plasma Nota: si se prepara digamos una botella con 8cm de Co2-5cm de Zin-3cm Ch3-2cm Cuo2, se puede preparar un parche con los filtros resultantes, otra nota no cortar el plasma, hasta controlar su estavilidad, con esto quiero decir no añadir agua destilada durante el proceso, ni perfumes etc, que no sea plasma, otra nota: se le puede añadir pl calcio 1cm, pl 1cm etc. Devido a su finura es energia asi que lo mismo va como viene, con esto quiero decir que siempre esta cargado de energia sea sulla o la coja del entorno. Sin mas salud sin miedo que la genetica es residuo. PD: yo tengo mi plasma cabreado a si que cuidado.

(English translation) Connect the plates, submerge them in full 9 days, pick up washing with a brush, in a new container, allow to rest 24h, elapsed, (pinch to touch) the container in order to release the adhered, leave another 24h at rest, prepare another container, prepare Fill the funnel with distilled water in order to wash and seal the pores gently shake the finger off the funnel with one finger, release the finger and flip the funnel gently emptying the same, Fill the funnel, this time leaving it to empty by itself, already prepared to filter the plasma only the plasma 3 times, with the same filter, or look for the way that only the plasma remains Note: if you prepare say a bottle with 8cm Co2-5cm of Zin-3cm Ch3-2cm Cuo2, you can prepare a patch with the resulting filters, another note does not cut the plasma, until controlling its stability, by this I mean do not add distilled water during the process, nor perfumes etc, Other than plasma, another note: you can add pl calcium 1cm, pl 1cm etc. Due to its fineness is energy so the same goes as it comes, by this I mean that is always loaded with energy is sulla or the lame environment. Without more health without fear that the genetics is residue. PS: I have my plasma pissed off if I care.