Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Pain pad
Don Johnson - Wed May 04th Dresden, oh, usa
Category: Health

Pain pad took painter,s back pain away

Plasma water erasing Sun Spots on Skin
Whitney Fisher - Sun May 01st Philipsburg, Montana
Category: Health

Even though I do not have a "before" picture, I thought I would share, because it is truly AMAZING! The spot on my hand has been there for years and a lot darker. About two weeks ago, I let plasma water sit on the spot one time. I noticed about a week ago part of it looked like a crack in the skin where you can see the pinker layers below. Today I started looking at it and this sun spot HAS become lighter, indeed almost imperceptible.

The plasma water was a mixture from CO2, ZnO, CuO and CH3 in a very small amount.

Therefore, I will do a test now with a larger darker spot on my face and we will see in a couple weeks!

In appreciation to Mr. Keshe and everyone working so diligently to bring in a new era in human history! Thank you!

Health issue treatment with Gans Pad
Thierry Begré - Thu April 07th Zürich, Switzerland
Category: Health

I am so grateful for the support I receive from the Keshe foundation members all around the world. I found finally a way to treat my chronic back pain. I am using the GaNS pads for a few weeks now and I can clearly feel the pain relief. We have Magrav Units and Co2 Pads in every corner of our house so the whole family is benefitting. Thank you!

Atanas Bozhinov - Tue April 05th Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Category: Health

One friend to my father had problem with his left knee. The problem was that he can`t use the knee to move. Nor even to move in any angle. He had the problem for about 10 days. I gave him couple of patches. One patch /plastic zip bag with CO2 gans in a paper/, other patch with CuO gans in a paper, and one patch bag with a little nanocoated copper wire about 7-8 cm. long, just twisted in a circle with both ends twisted to themself. He placed all this bags on top of the knee. After 15 min. he reported that he feel big heat there. After 1 hour he started to walk and move the knee a little. After 2 hours he started to move in the room without walking stick. We left him to make a rest. In the next day he call us. He told me that he feel heat in the knee until 5 hour, after that he sleep. And in the next day he feel much much better that previuos day. Most of the pain was gone. Very little pain compared to the previous days was observed from him. So this technology is working in very fast way. Thank you Keshe family and all supporters who are engaged with this technology!

Rotational car unit
Chris - Tue February 23rd Austria, Steyr
Category: Vehicles

I have made here an interesting experience with my 7 year old diesel car (Ford Galaxy). I about 2 months ago built the "rotating Car Unit" and, 3 weeks ago 2 crumbs CO² goose in the tank in my car. (Presumably, the goose has the Diesel never reached, because I have not Fuelled more ...) I drive so about every 14 days times the same distance (176 km away. The route consists of roads, highways, local areas.) From on-board computer the route is calculated that I can still go to this tank. Since the tank to approximately 75% was empty, this value is relatively accurate. So I write to me on the value at the departure and upon arrival. I had been amazed. The value upon arrival was higher than at the exit! Namely, a 34 km More. That means this ride would have no fuel comsumption! On the contrary, it would be even added fuel. My car usage 6 liters per 100km. This means there are added about 2 liters. The driving experience has also changed. In the way that I need more brakes or I must continue to look into the future to achieve the same procedure as before. Pretty cool !!! ;-) My theory this would be: The rotating stuffed with goose table tennis ball can be seen as a flywheel, similar to Stefan Marinov explains in his books. Only that is not as Iron forms the mass but the plasma field is created that ...

Editor note: Rest of text cut off.

Health or Pain Pen
Mark Hazlewood - Tue February 23rd Orlando, Florida
Category: Various

Unusual X-Files occurrence with a Health Pen As per my last post with the health pens I'm having great success with using them in combination with my Magnetic Pulsar. To recap I was feeling sick all day the other day & used the Magnetic Pulsar with the health pen attached by putting it into my belly button for 20 mins & was amazed that suddenly I felt perfectly fine. Then I gave my pen to my mother who is in her 80's & barely able to move in pain & told her to do the same with her pulsar. All her pain throughout her entire body went away in 1 hour & 20 mins of using it. (She has the old style Pulsar that has a slower pulse). Ok, so I left that pen with my mom & built a new one. I had it built when I realized I had forgotten to put something in it so I broke open the the side of the pen you touch yourself with & put the ashes in. I had saved some blessed ashes from a fire ceremony from a spiritual retreat I attended earlier last year. The Satguru that headed the retreat & blessed the ashes is hundreds of years old & can move his body at will from place to place. He is not an ascended being he's a descended being that arrived in this plane fully enlightened because he heard the calling from others who wanted help in ascending. He is not very well known, doesn't have a large following, only has a couple retreats a year at this time, and only works with people that he knows are serious about their ascension. He also says most of the people he works with now he has helped prior in past lives. Ok here's what happened. I put the ashes in the pen. I took some clear silicon to seal it up. I was looking at the silicon & wondering how I was going to get the silicon to flatten out on top when it dried so it would not dry jagged and be uncomfortable on my skin. Then I saw what I guess is sort of a miracle. There were 3 straight wires right behind the silicon I just squeezed from a tube over them. Suddenly there was a tiny electric spark that came from one of the wires that went into the silicon! After seeing that I was mesmerized looking for it to possibly happen again. The pen was not connected to the Magnetic Pulsar at the time. Then I watched as the silicon changed shape into a perfect dome then stopped moving. This dome shape is the most comfortable possible shape the silicon could have dried into. I placed it in front of a fan & it stayed that way until fully dried. All I can think about this incident that played out in front of me is the plasma definitely has consciousness & possibly more so because of the blessed ashes. I don't know.

Co2 pad miracle
Alper Tetiko - Thu February 18th Idyllwild, CA
Category: Health

we have just survived the impossible car accident , a car hit us by flipping and gaining velocity on our mountain road, i pulled the driver out (i have a first aid certificate)from an upside down car, gave her first check up, she was and us miraculously ok, just couple of scratches. I have my pocked co2 pad all the time with me....the other car driver the lady in her mercedes was unconscious and not drunk i don't think, haven't smelled anything, i have survived many other accidents.. this time I really have thought that was it, just couple of hours a go. i used the pad on her i rubbed the pad gently on her cheeks, on both ways the road was stopped, (you know how it is in the usa, we were being recorded every second i hope we can see it on somewhere) i rubbed it on her face by saying love you r ok just wake up, she gained consciousness after that and I continued being lovely, she was very confused at that moment, i said to her we survived and she smiled at me..i have asked people to help nobody came out of their car... i have thought both cars were going to blow up. Local sheriff department was so fast to response he is one in a million kind, gave us a lift very friendly, fire department, ambulance service, they were great, i cracked them up softly we end up laughing and making jokes. Is this not a clear message to me. Me and my wife had some issues, well.. i have had many issues lot of thinking..which i was taking them so seriously, none of them matters know, this was hopefully my last dramatic lesson. None of that matters but peace, i am doing everything to came to Dubai, it's just nothing but peace, i am going to see you and be very pleasant but maybe I can't stop my self to hug you:) Renan is such an inspiration, I admire him, i felt like an hero today, he needs to know please and i am going to let him know as well of course:)

Magrav coil and gans production testimonial
Lori Schimke - Wed February 17th United States
Category: Gardening

It took me since October when I first discovered Keshe foundation online. The first video I watched live on Youtube was the Ambassidors meeting. I couldn’t stop watching new seminars and blueprint teachings since. I have muddled through with the little spare time I had. It took me 2 ½ months. With lots of thanks to my boyfriend for all his help. But I did it. Back to working with making some gans. Hoping to get a better setup going with the copper brillo pads. All nano coated now and ready to go.

I love gans water. I had cut off all my celery and it only had a couple small shoot coming out. I watered them with 1 tsp gans of co2 and 1 liter water mix. I watered them about a week ago and then forgot to water them again. I went in tonight expected to dead or dying plants. Now they are taller than when I trimmed the mature plants. I was shocked. This is so great.

I had cut all my celery plants off and they only had a couple shoots growing. I had watched a video on one of the fb group sites and found out about the gans water. I took 1 tsp of c02 gans water (final rinse water of my gans (4th rinse) to 1 liter of water. I water the shoots once about 6 days ago. Then I forgot to water them again. I went in expecting to find dead or shriveled up plants and wow, they are taller than when I harvested them. This stuff is awesome.

Lots of love.


CO2 pad used to pull toxins from dog
Maddie Gregory - Tue February 16th Marblehead, MA USA
Category: Health

My sweet little dog is a scavenger and dug up an aluminum pie plate from under the snow and carried it home to play. Unfortunately I forgot to retrieve it from her. She did not play later in the day, and went to bed early. This morning when I awoke, she was on the bed looking miserable, sad, spiky hair, and lethargic. As she yawned I noticed her tongue and gums were bright flaming red, as well as her ears. I immediately got my new CO2 pad (paper towel with CO2 Water sprinkled on it and inserted into a plastic zip lock bag). I petted and massaged her with it, as she rolled around loving it. Her head, her ears, her back and belly, all over. After 5 minutes she got up and wanted to play. I was tossing her toys and she was happily running around. I noticed her tongue and gums were still red, but she was happy. After another 10 or 15 minutes, I was getting her prepared for our walk and noticed her tongue, mouth and ears were no longer red but the natural flesh color again. Amazingly simple and effective solutions with Keshe technology. Thank you Mr. Keshe!

Using the health patches from GaNS I made
Ray Bourgeois - Tue February 16th Missouri US 65807
Category: Health

I had residual pain and by now many arthritic deposits on my right shoulder. Accident and surgery 9 years ago. Having recently started making several GaNS, and ordering some 4mil 4x6 inch plastic bags, I used one by adding a large unbleached coffee filter, doubled it over, put it in the pouch and then put a small amount of CO2 GaNS and Zinc GaNS into it. The bag was still flat, Put it inside a quart ziplock bag to insure no leaks, and stuffed it all into a sock. So I put this health pouch under my right shoulder. It was instantly cooling and relaxing, and then started warming up. I was so calmed by this that I fell almost instantly asleep. Two hours later, I woke up and stretched my right arm... there was NO restrictions to any movements in my right shoulder, with maybe 14 or more bones and tendons seemed to move back into place all around my shoulder area and make popping sounds. 9 years and now NO pain in my shoulder area and it is freely moving in every direction. Just Incredible. Thanks you Mr Keshe for this application of our new technology, and for the understanding of what had occurred. He had mentioned during one of the lectures that there could be a conversion of the calcium deposits to potassium, and that the body could then use(remove) the deposits. From my experiential observance of what happened for me.. that perfectly answered what I am now living the result of. Amazing, no more popping sounds or feelings in my right shoulder, total freedom of movement, and now pain. PERFECT!! Thank you for this amazing improvement to my health and well being. Ray