Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Co2 Gans water on our plants
Maarten Udema - Tue January 12th Netherlands
Category: Food

We are getting very impressed when we use Co2 Gans water on our plants! The cat grass is a nice example of how plants like it. We buy it once a month so we know how it grows. This one with gans water is seriously bigger then we ones we fed with normal water.Cut the straw inside the bottle about 10 cm from the bottom. Put gans water in the bottle, about 10%. Fill up the bottle with normal water. When it is finished about 10 cm will remain. Fill it up again with normal water. Let it mix for a couple of hours and use again. Repeat this process again and again.No difference in the cat's eating behavior but when we are making Co2 health pads she likes sitting on them.


Tomatoes in the garden for the first time
Tom Salas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Food

We have not managed to grow healthy tomatoes before, but after about 6 weeks of receiving energised water they are looking good. The plant with the Gans tube was struggling and looked like it was fading away, but after 1 week with the tube is feeling much better.

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This bill is from last month
Robert Stubblefield - Tue January 12th
Category: Energy

The reading of 47822 is from 01/02. The reading of 47986 is from 01/07 at about the same time (22 minutes apart). That means I was using an average of 2.875 kilowatts per hour last month (November). Right now (December)I am using 1.366 kilowatts per hour. My savings from using the plasma technology is 1.515 Kilowatts per hour. We turned the electric heater on and stopped burning fire in the fireplace around Christmas too. The electric heater was cheaper. Can you believe it??? Thank you Mehran Keshe and his crew.

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Car setup
Tom Sallas - Tue January 12th United States
Category: Vehicles

I have had this set up on the car now for a few months...nano coated wires wrapped to the battery connections and C02 Gans strapped to the top of the battery. the car doesn't do a lot of milage...more or less just up and down the mountain every other day, so she doesn't get pushed hard very often. i can't say that i have noticed reduced fuel consumption, but she is definitely feeling lighter, smoother and for an old car is feeling quite responsive....C02 in the gas tank next...i love plasma!

I have achieved over unity with my device
Gordon J Irving - Tue January 12th
Category: Energy

Proof of power reduction from ~ 107W to 34 W after 10 days of conditioning! Thank you M.T.Keshe. Blessings for everyone.

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