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Martha J Hart - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Another update on the pain-pads: I have been taking pain pills now for about three years, and even with them I only sleep about 4 hrs. Last night I went to sleep with the bigger pad and choose not to take my pills. I had the best sleep I have had in years, although my cat woke me up at 4am I did not feel tired, I felt rested: I only wish now that I also took this on vacation: Thank You Jackie Power Ausich you rock:

Jan 28 2016:
Just a little update on the pain pads someone gave me: I have had lower back pain and pain in my hips for years. I have had many shots in both my hips and my lower back only to give me slight relief. I wore the pads everyday that I was on vacation, I walked, up and down stairs and rode a bus for 12 hrs home. Now when I have ridden a bus that long I can hardley move, my feet swell and I am in so much pain. I am telling you I was tired but I did not have any of the past issues: I love the pads, will someone please send me info on how to make them??? I would love to start doing it soon, again thank you I believe:

Jan 15 2016:
Good Morning: I received my Pain Pads from Jackie Power Ausich and here's an interesting little tid bit: I had a sinus headache all day, could not get rid of it: When I took the pads out of the envelope and removed the pads and set them right by me my nose started to clear and within 15 minutes my headache was gone. I took one pad out and wore it for about three hours and my energy began to change, I felt a warmness from my lower back all the way down both legs and the pain in my lower back began to ease. I believe: I will let you know more later: I am going on vacation and will be traveling by car I will not be on-line until I return on the 26th of Jan. Love and Light to all: Keep up the good work:

Corine P. - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Beautiful visual example of how the plasma field interacts with us: 
Susi Glas posted this two images, first one is a regular kirlian picture and second one was made 15 minutes later AND with a health pad under his hand. 

Linkes Bild normale Kirlian Fotografie - 15- Min später wurde zweite Bild mit Healpat unter der Hand auf der Scan Auflage gemacht !!!!! 

Thank you for sharing Susi.

n/a - Fri February 12th n/a
Category: Health

Take the red pill. l have been drinking nothing but the structured water produced by our 'Canon' for my water for 6 daze.
l have been gans coated from the inside out. l can feel the plasma in my blood, charged, flowing up and re-arranging my brain. l can feel things 'moving' in my head. Mega more alert. Taking on pure chi energy, shoulder and back pain for years, gone.

When l started, l went for 4 days on only 2 light snacks. Impossible for me.l'm a diabetic of the hypoglycemic nature. If l miss a meal, l get bad headaches, long time. This probably is not advised, but l've done much worse over the years.Switched my internal power supply from dirty AC to smooth, clean, balanced, DC. 

Have an alchemically altered gans type solutionat the bottom with the crystals, isolated completely from the water, physically.

This wasn't exactly planned, just happened. Mr. K. said this technology would supply all the nutrients we need to survive, he is right!
Mr. Keshe has discovered the secret alchemists have been looking for, for centuries! 

l let my 83 yr. old diabetic friend drink 2 glass's on Sat.. His sugars usually read 270 and up and has to take his meds. On Wed., his readings have stabilized at 130 and below with no need to take his meds. He feels great, after just 2 glass's, 4 days ago.

l feel 20 yrs younger. 

Bless you Mr. K. and all the seekers who have worked with such grace and labor to change the world and ourselves,
bring about peace and the end to this prison planet. 
May peace with us

Armand: Our 'Canon' was designed to energize the plasma flowing thru our blood by resturcturing the water. Day 7 and l'm feeling yrs. younger every day. Sags under the eyes, smoothing on their own. didn't even knew l had them till they started disappearing. 
Under further testing and hope to make them available under the Keshe foundation soon, as we set up our teaching and Alchemy center in L.A.. peace
Mike Marko III: Just in case anyone out there doubts Armand Beau's sincerity in his report, you should know that I have spent time with him in person during the period he is reporting on, since the Lab for the Long Beach Local Group is on his property. 

I can tell you that I observed his energy level during these times, and it looked like had consumed several pots of coffee. I've also known him to require food at regular intervals as he used to get visibly uncomfortable if he went too long without eating. During his test of the Canon, this did not occur. Finally, we had gone to Lowe's several times together for supplies while building the Lab. He would, after 10 minutes inside the store, start suffering back pain so badly that he needed to have the shopping cart to lean on to complete the trip. This also disappeared during his "trial" on the water from the Canon. 

He made a Canon for me, and I noticed only mild beneficial results from mine. As a cross-check, I drank two glasses of water treated by his Canon. My energy level soared and was sustained from Noon, and finally returned to normal by 9:30 p.m. last night. The first Canon he made, is so far, unique. Further testing will reveal if it can be (or has) been reproduced. He had two other completed units on the shelf as of yesterday at 5pm. 
Great work Armand Beau.

Belinda Dawson - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Here's my recent experience and testimonial using our health device. It's like a health pen, but doesn't look like one, so for now it's a 'health device'.

My left knee had become weak, painful and wobbly to walk on (a childhood injury revisiting) to where I was becoming concerned. 

On 5th January, soon after we made our first device that included a crystal, I decided it was a good time to relax into the plasma field and work on the issue.

First, I floated the device over the palm of my hand and felt a rush and tingling in my feet, an ankle that had been broken years ago, knee, hands, heart area and brain... where it felt like the left and right hemispheres were merging and in coherence. (I often feel this brain coherence from the Plasma field). 

I felt great peace and love.
It was a beautiful feeling with energy surging throughout the body. My hands were hot and tingling, as were my feet!

The energy field was very strong and palpable.
This energy continued in my body for what seemed like about 20 minutes then subsided. I put the device down to contemplate this extraordinary experience!

After about 5 minutes, I picked up the device again, closed my eyes and went into a meditative state while holding the device to my left injured knee, with the crystal hovering about an inch above my knee.

Suddenly there was a strong, burst of electrical like energy radiating out from my knee and through my leg. Again, the energy moved through the entire body. Shocked, I stood up, with energy still pulsing in my feet. To my amazement, my knee felt very different. It was now strong, not at all weak or wobbly. As I walked and twisted there was no pain and the knee felt completely healed!

1 1/2 hours later, out of curiosity, I again held the device to my palm then to my left knee again. I felt a generalized energy field throughout my body but not nearly as strong as earlier. This was confirmation to me that the plasma field takes what it needs to take and gives what it needs to give, and that it had done its work. Overall I felt renewed and wonderful.

That night I slept the deepest sleep. I awoke after 6 hours, (for me the usual nights sleep is 8 hours or more of broken sleep), feeling completely renewed and energized yet also very peaceful.

This happened almost 3 weeks ago, and still the knee is strong and pain free. It feels completely healthy and renewed!

I use the device every day and find myself with a continued sense of overall well being and health, inner joy and peace. I love the plasma field!

I also have Health Packs taped to the outside of our water purifier so that we're drinking water infused with this Plasma field.

Thank you Mr Keshe!

(The configuration of the device is 4 coils, the outside mag. set closed at the top and the inside grav. set open, the center rod is split at the top, CO2 gans on the tip of the center rod with a quartz crystal point set into the end of the device housing).

Myriam Quaranta - Fri February 12th
Category: Health

Myriam: "This is the kind of testimonial that makes you want to create pain pens for the whole humanity. Many thanks to Marie-France "

Marie-France (first part):
"Hello , I'm giving you some news, because since I use your pain pen, my life has taken a new turn. I use it 3x 10 minutes a day on the reflexology points and I have good news. The pain in the spine has since then halved and I was able to stop two drugs, that didn't help to relieve the pain anymore. My sleep is now more peaceful and restful. I tested the pain pen on my mum who suffers from the same disease and she feels better as well. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon in the beginning of february and he will tell me if a 6th surgery on my spine will be necessary or not. I hope it won't be necessary. Your pen helps me a lot, because now I can walk without a cane again. I don't know how to thank you. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I wish you a wonderful day. See you soon "

(Second part)
"Many thanks to you Myriam Quaranta, because you have put your love inside of this pen . And thanks to all of you who are helping and sharing informations about this wonderful technology. Now my only wish is to be able to produce and spread pens as much as I can. It wasn't able in the beginning, because of a paralysis in my arm, but now it's really different. A wonderfull evening to everyone "

NB Global Plasma:
Myriam has not only made some very beautiful Health pens... she has been given them away, sending them by post to people who were most happy to receive such a gift for free... :) . The testimonial above is the feedback she got form one of those people.

Please go to the weblink to see some of her creative work.

Health test with volt meter
Bosse Brostram - Mon February 08th Gothenburg, Sweden
Category: Energy

I did measure with 2 devices 1 An old one (some 15 years)result was I had range -40 to -120 mV Revers of cables (positive in left hand) was slightly more neg but same range 2 New device (like 2 years) result was I had around +200mV When I tried revers the cables it was the same ... somewhat confusing On normal usage I see the new device as most accurate. In this cas I rather hope the old one is the one to trust :)

Spraying energized water (from CO2 Gans) on windows saves heat
Mary Vu - Mon February 08th Los Angeles, California, USA
Category: Various

Yesterday (February, 5th, 2016), I tried to spray CO2 Gans' water (just the top part of water above the Gans, not the Gans itself) all around inside my windows. To my amazement, it reduced the cold to about 10 degree F !... Outdoor, it was 46 degree F, at 6 am in the morning, in Los Angeles; but inside my duplex felt like 56 degree! And both my husband and I woke up feeling very energetic! It left some slight traces of caustic/and or salt on the windows which we don't mind it at all, considering how much warmer the room for a good night sleep, and we were so well rested! Not sure, if I have to spray it every day or how often though? (Update: today Feb 6, 2016, the second day, I have not sprayed any more on my window, and the duplex still feels warm at about 56 degree. Yeah!!! Thanks Mr. Keshe's technology!) Thanks Tom Salas for teaching me a simple way to make CO2 Gans from sea water (I do not have access to sea water, but I used rainwater and sea salt instead):

and thanks Carolina De Roose the tip of spraying the windows!


Hovering of gans paste in gansball and field detection
Peter Salocher - Fri February 05th Moniholz, Austria
Category: Energy

I have only made a one stacker unit so far an had it for four weeks on the grid. Observed energysavings and the Ganspaste did clime up verticaly. Then i could see that this vitalityweel also react with the magravcoil and the Magravcoil with my hand. Amazing Also i could see that a normal extensionwire must have been coated so far, cause also without Magrav, the energy savings get better and better from day to day.

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Boat propeller almost chopped foot, 21 yrs with pain, now pain free!
Oscar Zozaya Doering - Fri February 05th Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Category: Health

Testimonial: 21 years ago, I lost control of a race boat and propeller almost cut my foot off. Lost many bone parts, all up rise and external ankle tendons cut, nerves cut, 8 reconstructive surgeries and never found a way to get relief for everyday pain. I reject living under pills or drugs. After 20 minutes with the pain pen, I GOT FREE!. Thanks Keshe Team!

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Carunit with 2 stacker
Klaus Baltzer - Fri February 05th Germany
Category: Vehicles

Last November, I clamped 1 CW and 1CCW Nano cooper coils to the battery . On Saturday I hung 2 Stacker to two cigartett-lighter (the ones wich are permantent connected to the battery) drove to the gas-station tank up and resetet my meter from 7.7 liter to 0. After about 120 km on the road 6.4 liters average consumption . I never had seen this before .... then on the highway about 120-130 km/hour ... 230 km ... and still 6.6 liters . Full awesome it works . After about 730 km further 6.7 liter average fuel consumption ! Being an entrepreneur would like to sell magravs to truckingcompanies etc. now. .-D Thanks to Mr. Keshe and all people for their help ..and Peter from the Netherlands for his inspiration !

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