Keshe Foundation Testimonials

Stomach Cancer and Plasma
Marcin - Tue October 30th Poland
Category: Health


My name is Marcin and I am 32 years old. Less than a year ago, in November, two months after the birth of my daughter, my world turned 180 degrees. I learned that I have stomach cancer, a disease that affects people much older than me. I did not give up, I told myself I would win with this disease just for my child and wife. For our family.

The plan was simple, 3 cycles of chemotherapy, removal of the stomach and another 3 cycles of chemo. However, in my case, not everything went according to the plan. In February I was addmitted to the hospital with pulmonary embolism, and while in there got infected with sepsis and had a severe renal failure. Doctors from Intensive Care, did not give me too much chance of survival, they told my wife to prepare for the worst because my condition was critical. I do not remember much from that period, I was awake, but there was no contact with me, I lost consciousness. After less than a month, I left the hospital with muscle atrophy, I could not walk. I rehabilitated for 6 long weeks. Every day I was happy that I could take a step more, in the end I could set aside my zimmer frame and crouches and stand on my feet. The surgery was set for May. I was happy that the cancer-related nightmare will end soon and I will be able to enjoy life again.

However, even this time, not everything went my and doctors' way. During the operation, it turned out that the cancer spread on the peritoneum. The doctor's words after surgery: "You have 3 months, 4 months to live, please organize your home care, you will be fed enterally, because the cancer will close the esophagus again". My world has collapsed. How is it that I will not get to witness my child's first birthday? Pola (is her name) will not remember me? I decided that I would write letters to my beloved daughter so that her mother could read them to her, and later would pass them on to my angel on important occasions. It's hard to describe what I felt then. I broke down, I did not want to fight anymore, because there was no help for me anyway.

The wife did not give up. She looked for help everywhere, and that's how we found Mr. Mirek, a man thanks to whom I now describes my story, 6 months after the surgery. Mirek gave me GANSes, small vials with substances that I had to throw into a bottle of water and drink it. He explained to me that a lot depends on what's in one's head, gave me hope, hope that I will live.

Today, after half a year of drinking GANS water, I can say that I am healthy - this is what the CT scan and the oncologist said, who himself was surprised that the cancer that was to grow quickly and attack other organs disappeared, just like that. I know it's thanks to Mirek and the GANSes I got from him. I am in 2% of patients with stomach cancer who beat it. Now standard checks every 8 weeks, because there is a possibility that the cancer will relapse, but I know that while drinking GANSes this will not happen.

Thanks to them, I lived to see my child's first birthday, I am functioning like a normal healthy guy, I look so good that doctors and nurses who pass me in the hospital corridor are shocked that I look so good, that I'm not in hospice, that I am alive. I sincerely recommend GANSes to all who suffer not only for cancer, I know that thanks to them I live and enjoy this life, and I do not just happen to exist. [medical test results available in the Polish language]


Réacteur plasma
Corine - Sun October 14th France
Category: Vehicles

(English translation)
October 11, 2018 Testimony concerning a reactor. For 15 days I started a small reactor made in China transmitted by Hadile. With the intention being PEACE, I put the CO2 gale waters and AA water. From the start it worked very well. We tested its radiation at 4,300 km (* 1) around its position. It was interesting to see that the revolutions / minutes sometimes went up very quickly then stagnated and in parallel the number of Km traveled increased then stagnated also at times. (We calculated that the radiation had to work in conflict zones where cleaning is necessary, hence the momentary stagnation). When the radiation reached 4,300 km I slowed down the reactor and then extinguished. (We felt very strong vibrations). The next day I put it back on the road and this time it was above Magrav connected to the Magrav and I also plugged my live box on the Magrav. This time the radiation reached 10 000 km (it rose to 90 000 km a few days later when my intention was to extend the peace by amplifying the 4 reactors of Joel We started them at the same time). Since 2 days I have fed the magrav and the reactor of the particular intention on Burkina Faso and all the regions of the earth in conflict. A friend came to know the reactor she found very beautiful with its flying saucer shape. I told him that at times I felt he was going to fly. She wanted to explain to me in detail what is happening in Burkina Faso but at that moment the reactor which turned at more or less 13 000 revolutions / minutes made a very fast jump up (50cm above its position initial) to fall to the ground. A slight smell of warmth emanated from it. Nothing is broken but the ball is blocked. An hour later I tried to turn it on again, it went up to 9 rev / min and then reset to 0. I will test tomorrow but I have the impression that the Magrav does not act either. To be continued. Corine P.
* (1) Tested by Fabienne L.B., therapist and radesthesist.

Le 11 octobre 2018 Témoignage concernant un réacteur. Depuis 15 jours j’ai mis en route un petit réacteur fabriqué en Chine transmis par Hadile. L’intention étant la PAIX, j’ai mis l’eaux de gans de CO2 et l’eau des AA. Dès le démarrage il a fonctionné très bien. Nous avons testé son rayonnement à 4 300 km (*1) autour de sa position.Il était intéressant de voir que les tours/minutes montaient quelquefois très vite puis stagnaient et parallèlement le nombre de Km parcourus augmentaient puis stagnaient également par moments. (Nous avons calculé que le rayonnement devait travailler dans des zones de conflits où un nettoyage est nécessaire, d’où la stagnation momentanée). Lorsque le rayonnement a atteint 4.300 km j’ai ralenti le réacteur puis éteint. (Nous nous sentions dans de très fortes vibrations). Le lendemain je l’ai remis en route et cette fois il était posé au dessus du Magrav branché sur le Magrav et j’ai également branché ma live Box sur le Magrav. Cette fois le rayonnement a atteint 10 000 km (il est monté à 90 000 km quelques jours plus tard lorsque mon intention était d’étendre la paix en amplifiant les 4 réacteurs de Joël. Nous les avons mis en route en même temps). Depuis 2 jours j’ai alimenté le magrav et le réacteur de l’intention particulière sur le Burkina Faso et toutes les régions de la terre en conflit. Une amie est venue faire la connaissance du réacteur qu’elle a trouvé très beau avec sa forme de soucoupe volante. Je lui ai dit que par moment j’avais l’impression qu’il allait s’envoler. Elle a voulu m’expliquer en détail ce qui se passe au Burkina Faso mais à ce moment là le réacteur qui tournait à plus ou moins 13 000 tours/minutes a fait un bond très rapide vers le haut (50cm au-dessus de sa position initiale) pour tomber au sol. Une légère odeur de chauffe s’en dégageait. Rien n’est cassé mais la boule est bloquée. Une heure après j’ai tenté de le rallumer, il est monté à 9 tours/min puis s’est remis à 0. Je testerai demain mais j’ai l’impression que le Magrav n’agit plus non plus. A suivre. Corine P.
*(1) Testé par Fabienne L.B., thérapeute et radesthésiste.

Recent report of Car Magrav Japanese v.1
Hiroyuki Imimi Izumi - Sun January 07th Japan
Category: Vehicles

[Recent report of Car Magrav Japanese v.1]
Today I traveled by 82 km for driving, fuel efficiency was 17.4 km / l, and electricity cost was 6.1 km / kwh. In the past, it was about 11 to 13 km / l for fuel economy. Ever since the new Car Magrav was directly connected to the battery and the body of the car, fuel efficiency has been improved obviously. I am particularly surprised recently that the battery has become sustainable. Because I keep on driving the same car everyday, I know that clearly. Especially, the charge amount of the electricity is reduced(5.6kwh→3.9kwh). But it can run the same mileage or more as before. Recently, I notice the effect of Car Magrav remarkably. If this is the case, the effects of PCU (Plasma Capacitor Unit) to the car can be expected quite considerably.


Fast Leg Healing
Harald Reichi - Wed December 13th Austria
Category: Health

Gans Mix on Fan Motor
Günther Blum - Mon November 13th Austria
Category: Technology

Günther Blum's Gans Rotation pictures and video from April 27 2016:

Plasma relief
Neil Howe - Sun November 12th Australia
Category: Health

On May 30th a coloscopy discovered an adenocarcenoma in my sigmoidal colon. 35 days later I had a 16cm surgical resection of the sigmoidal colon. From June 1st prior to surgery I increased my daily drink of CO2 and ZnO liquid plasma water from 15ml to 60ml of each three times a day. Twice a day I meditated for 30min to 1 hr in a 7 ring dual tube plasma health unit. I also applied CO2/ZnO plasma patchs over the lower stomach, and a second patch is used with CO2/ZnO/CuO often as a sandwich.

After surgery day one, I found I did not need morphine pain killers and only occasionally took the panadol the nurses doled out freely. I tried plasma pain patchs on day 1 on the wounds but the burning feeling was too intense then I thought it might not be wise to use a vasodilator on a fresh cut wound so I used them to relieve back discomfort from laying in the bed. On day 2 the gas discomfort in the empty colon as peristalsis began surging was relieved using a pain pen pointing at the bowel which gently released the gas. In 3 days I was walking without pain, bowels open and working and on solid food so I was released from hospital. Thank god because the hospital food was killing me. (I should point out that in this country there is still a free public health system for low income people. I have not had to pay for any of the tests, CT's, surgery or medical procedure and hospitaliisation. This is how it should be everywhere. Free paid for by your tax.)

I went shopping on day 3 post surgery and began using the plasma pain patchs on my surgical wounds which included a 15 cm cut above the pubic bone which looks like the smile crack in the wall on Dr Who. I did not need any painkillers or use any since leaving the hospital 3 weeks ago. In 7 days post surgery the dressings and steristrips were removed and all wounds had healed without any infection which I attribute to the CO2/ZnO/CuO plasma patch body sandwiched with a CO2/ZnO plasma patch on the other side.

I recently made a batch of plasma patchs to give to other patients. A woman with a full knee reconstruction reported that the combination of the 2 patchs with her knee in between relieved her pain dramatically and surgery healed quicker.

Thank you Mehran you are an angel. I will be distributing plasma pain patchs at a community cancer dispensary and teaching the volunteers about plasma. As for my own condition, I will add a star formation dynamic core reactor around the plasma ring health unit to deal with the condition that evaded the knife.. And in the matter state I continue with a vegetarian diet no sugar or diary or animal proteins, a good mix of medicinal cannabinoids, and the liquid plasma.

Blessings to you Mehran and Caroline,
Neil Howe from Australia

share my experience on feeding myself
Michael - Fri October 27th China
Category: Food

I come from a small study team of plasma technology in China, and my name is Michael.

My purpose is to share my experience on my experience on feeding myself just with plasma fields,
because I've see very big changes in my body since last year. Another reason is that I see many
people is trying to drink Gans water(liquid Gans plasma) which is taken from the top part
of the Ganses to energize themselves, through my sharing I wish they will understand that we don't
need drink it that way, Gans has not to be touching with water, and we don't even need drink water.

One years ago, My body weight is about 85kg, and I'm only 170cm tall. It is not because I'm a lazy man,
in fact I was very busy everyday, I have to run my factory, my business, and I drive 100 miles in average
everyday to meet my customers. Even though I eat a lot of high calorie foods, a lot of fat and meat everyday, I still feel that I've not satisfied sometimes. I even felt tired sometimes after I took a meal.

From exactly one year ago, I start drinking water from my health cup. It's not very effective at first,
and I don't have much feelings. Then I changed the design of my cup several times, from about September of last year, I found out that I'm losing my weight. In about three months, my body weight changed to about 65.
Now I keep my weight about 62~65.

What I've done is that drink water from my cup everyday and took
only very little food for supper. During the daytime when I feel that I want to eat something, I took cookies and cakes too. You know sometimes you don't felt hungry but still want to eat something.

The reason I kept on take suppers is for two reason, one reason is that my mother becomes very worried if I totally eat nothing.
The second the reason is that I found out that if I eat nothing, I'll lose my weight very quickly.
When I sitting on chairs, my butt felt very uncomfortable, because my butt is nearly one skin thick away from my bone.

Another very big change is that I and my families become incapable of eating animals, our body refuse it, if we took animal meat, it brings very bad feelings, very uncomfortable feelings. You know I and my families love to eat animal meat very much before, I can take even a single meal without meat. But now I find out that I'm incapable of eating them, and become very sensitive of foods, drinks. What I thought very delicious things before, now taste not good, sometimes even very bad.

The rest things I want to share is the design of my health cup. I even upgrade the design recently, I use a star formation structure in it, and I find out that it's very effective. My design of health cup has been enlightened by a lot of people, like Douglas, Alex and Arvis Liepa.

I wish more people can be enlightened by my sharing.

Yours Sincerely

My experience with CO2 and ZnO waters
Odor Dumitru - Fri June 23rd Craiova, Romania
Category: Health

I am 65 years old, I had hypertension for 7 years, I was under treatment.
Two months ago I began to consume CO2 and ZnO water in the properties said by Mr. Keshe.

About 1 and a half months I do not need treatment anymore and my body has adapted to life without blood pressure. I think it's my personal plasma. Obviously, we measured the blood pressure in the first month, but now they rarely do it.

I started treatment with plasma for diabetes. The results were not spectacular, but the blood glucose decreased a lot. I'll try again.

Thank you

Results from my Gans
Bethany Johnson - Thu June 22nd Spain
Category: Various

As a student of four years with the Keshe Organisation I have learned from the Public teachings.
I began making Pain pens and then Gans. I made CO2 by obtaining Zinc from a metals scrap yard and Zinc from a Metals company. I sensed the copper needed to be nano-coated by fire and used my gas hob to do the nano-coating. I collected sea water from the Mediterranean. I then watched a video on Youtube and asked for guidance from a Distributor making his own Gans in the USA, because he spoke English! He helped me to understand exactly how to begin. I also had guidance from Rick C with reference to cleaning my Zinc. After quite a few weeks white powder formed at the bottom of the boxes.

I then discovered I had black mold spores in my blood stream from water invasion after heavy rains and decided to make CH3 in one of the boxes and placed rusty iron nails into the water. The white powder turned orange eventually. I washed the Gans some five weeks later in six washes using Distilled water as a Youtube video explained. To test I gave CO2 to a tree in my home and a couple of plants. They did not die but grew many lush leaves when normally during winter time hardly had any leaves at all. The tree continues to thrive and I then began to take 2 inches of CO2 morning and night and added 2 inches of CH3 into a pure cacao chocolate drink each day.
I am now making ZnO Zinc = Emotion and after no powder appearing suddenly a picture has appeared of what looks like a baby in a cocoon, ancient image seen in museums over the years. I now have some pictures but no facility here to show them. I would like someone to tell me if this is normal to have a picture show up in the ZnO Zinc gans ? Or should I just throw it away ? I nano-coated one piece of Zinc with fire although it seemed to weaken the Zinc and fine cracks began to appear whilst doing it. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Plasma Romania study group Testimonials
Barbu Constantin - Thu June 22nd Romania
Category: Health

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 17.02.2017 de la Barbu Constantin si domnul H.I, doamna L.P. din Bucuresti.
,,In cadrul festivalului Body Mind and Spirit desfasurat la Sala Palatului, impreuna cu altI membrI aI grupului nostru de studii, am testat beneficiile Talismanului Magravs, care este compus din nano material, cristal de cuart, mix lichid plasmatic si tepi de brad.
In urma testarii am primit un buletin de analiza din care reiese ca volumul aurei este marit cu 10%, iar primele efecte care apar sunt cele de echilibrare atat emotionala cat si fizica.
In paralel cu persoane specialiste in radiestezie, am masurat acest dispozitiv, care creaza un camp de protectie electromagnetic pana la 2 m in jurul persoanei care il foloseste.
Persoanele care folosesc aceasta aplicatie, se declara multumite de efectele benefice inregistrate ''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe


Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 20.06.2017, de la domnisoara B.A. din Bucuresti, care a parcurs pasii pentru experimentarea creatiilor Magnetice Gravitationale care se gasesc pe site.
,,Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + CuO
O folosesc înainte de aplicarea cremei zilnice, am observat o îmbunătățire a stării tenului meu, pielea nu se mai usucă, este mai curată, orice mică afecțiune (coșuri) care apare este mai rapid vindecata.
Precizez ca am un ten mixt, foarte sensibil cu început de Cuperoza. O voi folosi in continuare, deoarece am observat o diminuare a rosetii specifice Cuperoza.
Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + ZnO
in urma consumului zilnic de apa plasmatica, am simtit o diminuare a stării de oboseala in urma unei perioade de efort prelungit, un plus de energie si reglarea tranzitului intestinal, in perioade stresante sufăr de o ușoară constipație.
Apa plasmatica Gans CO2 + CuO
Folosită in lampa de aromoterapie, calitatea somnului este îmbunătățită.
Ma trezesc odihnita, somnul este profund.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 20.06.2017 de la domnisoara B.A. din Bucuresti care a parcus pasii pentru experimentarea creatiilor Magnetice Gravitationale care se gasesc pe site.
,,Gelul de dus Gans CO2+CuO
Imi lasă pielea curată si o senzație de fresh, am senzația ca pielea este curățata in profunzime.
Testez din luna Aprilie acest produs și pot spune că nu mă mai enervez așa des, pot spune că sunt mai stabilă emoțional''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 12.11.2016, de la doamna R.M. din Bucuresti care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,,Fata mea in dimineata asta a facut bubite de varicela
Si i-am facut un spray cu apa de Gans de CO2, apa de Gans de Plante si apa de Gans CH3.
Sa stii ca le usuca imediat.
Erau pustule pe fata initial si dupa aplicari repetate s-au retras si deja au facut cojite. Cel putin pe fata este totul ok.
Pe corp i-am facut si o lotiune de ulei de tamanu in care am.pus uleiuri esentiale cicatrizante cum sunt cistus, lavanda, tea tree, palmarosa.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 10.23.2016, de la doamna C.I. din Bucuresti, care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,,Ajutor, avem intoxicatie cu ulei esential impus ff mult din amestecul pt dentitie. Si e prea tarziu sa mai vomite.E de aseara de la 11.
Asa a sunat apelul catre acest grup de studii din care fac parte, astfel am primit recomandarea sa folosesc pansamente plasmatice cu Gans C02 pe stomac.
A doua zi bubitele au inceput sa dispara pe rand.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3

Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate…/creatii_plasmatice_magnetic_g…
Testimonial din 12.01.2017, de la doamna R.M din Bucuresti care a participat la atelierele teoretice si practice MGQE.
,, Am o fetita de 6 ani care a capatat o raceala grozava intr-o noapte de iarna. Am aplicat intre saltea si scheletul patului un pansament plasmatic primit in laborator de la un membru al grupului de studii Plasma Romania. Pansamentul este ca cel din imagine si este realizat din apa de Gans CO2, Gans de Plante si nanomaterial. Dimineata fetitei ii trecuse orice simptom de raceala.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3


Sistem Magravs. Aplicatie pentru Sanatate
Testimonial din 18.03.2016 de la Barbu Constantin, doamna L.P si domnisoara C.I.P, realizat la Institul National de Medicina Complementara si Alternativa din Bucuresti.
,,In urma informatiilor puse la dispozitie de mr.Keshe, am reusit impreuna cu alti membrii ai grupului de studii MGQE sa realizam un standard pentru dispozitivele de sananate cunoscute ca Baghete/Pixuri Plasmatice, care au rolul de a echilibra o zona dureroasa.
Testul a fost realizat de domnul manager dr. Corneliu Moldovan care a inregistrat toate datele.
A fost ales un subiect care timp de 5 minute a testat aplicatia, in urma careia am putut cu ajutorul aparaturii de ultima generatie, sa vedem interactiunea campurilor Magnetice Gravitationale.
Testarea scurta a adus o imbunatatire a tuturor parametrilor masurati.
Aplicatia este compusa din 2 spirale in sensuri diferite (18 spire, sarma 1,5 cm) , nano acoperite cu soda, introduse in tub de plastic.''
Multumim Fundatiei Keshe <3